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How to choose the first sex toy: fundamental keys for beginners


What you want to stimulate, with whom you are going to share it (or not), how it is loaded and what its materials are are some of the factors to analyze when buying a sex toy.

Suction cups, vibrators, rings, Chinese balls, anal plugs... the variety of sex toys is so diverse that

choosing the first accessory

can be a difficult task.

What must be taken into account? Is it essential to buy it in person? How do you know if it is a safe element?

For this first experience to be successful, the doctor and sexologist

Romina Barraza


5 fundamental points to

Clarín : go from less to more;

look for options that exploit the senses;

think about which area you want to stimulate;

analyze if it is going to be used alone or with a partner and if it works with batteries or is charged via USB.

Sex toys: what do you want to stimulate?

The human sexuality educator explained that a first step is to determine which area of ​​the body you want to stimulate with that sex toy.

In this sense, she divided these accessories into two large groups: those for

external stimulation

, such as vibrators, suckers or penis masturbators;

or those of

internal stimulation

, such as the stimulators of the P point or the G point.

A first step is to determine which area of ​​the body you want to stimulate with the sex toy.

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A third option, he added, is to opt for something that is not for physical stimuli but to elevate everything related to

fantasies and eroticism


Here, she exemplified, sensory cosmetics, gels, oils, lingerie, masks and costumes could enter.

Sex toys: what to choose, who to use them with and where to buy them

When making this first purchase, another unavoidable step is to stop and think if it will be an element to

share with your partner

or sexual companion, or

in solitude.

That will be key to choosing the toy.

Barraza also recommended taking into account whether they are battery-powered or USB-charged toys.

Also, be attentive to their hygiene and care, as well as their materials.

For the latter, he mentioned that they must be free of phthalates, "make sure they do not have

any toxins

, since it is something that is in contact with internal parts of the body."

"The key is to go from less to more, to adapt to the vibrations or whatever the toy has."

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On the other hand, the doctor (on Instagram, @drabarrazasexualidades) explained that "the key is to go from less to more, to adapt to the vibrations or whatever the toy has."

In this context, she urged, at first, to buy a small and simple one to later go up.

For those who still do not dare to go personally to a sex shop, online stores are an ally.

“Although the ideal is to be able to see, touch, smell and taste, when one is not encouraged, virtual purchases are great.

It would be necessary to look for those that offer advice, “said the specialist.

How to clean a sex toy

Sex toys must be cleaned before and after use


In addition, added Barraza, they should be stored in a cloth bag and not a nylon one, so that they can be ventilated.

Sex toys must be cleaned before and after use.

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Its sanitization, to avoid bacteria and fungi, can be done with water and neutral soap, or with specific products that are easily obtained on the market and that are antibacterial.

On the other hand, the sexologist stressed that if the toy is shared with someone during the sexual encounter, it is essential to use a condom.

Top 5 sex toys and accessories

Choosing what to include or not in a list of sex toys and accessories can be arbitrary, since this

depends on the tastes of each person, their erotic map and what each one generates pleasure

, said the doctor.

Masks, handcuffs and gels are also part of the catalog.

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Beyond this, he mentioned five very varied options that can be added to sex:

  • 1- Vibrating bullets

    : the bullets are for external stimulation and come with different vibrations to avoid getting used to it, since otherwise it is difficult to respond to other stimuli later.

    There are different materials, they are small, easy to wash and store.

    They are sold as clitoral stimulators, but the ideal is to be able to stimulate any part of the body, one's own or the partner's.

  • 2- Any tool that stimulates the senses

    : everything that enhances eroticism: perfumes with pheromones, masks (they block the sense of sight and enhance the rest of the senses), handcuffs, etc.

  • 3- Gels and oils for massages:

    this is what leads us to the pleasure of relaxation, which is like the prelude to erotic or sexual pleasure.

    There are flavored and edible gels, which are used for oral sex.

    Others are for massages with a heat effect and also come to enhance orgasms and erections.

  • 4- Suckers

    : "Clitoral suckers are booming," said the sexologist.

    Most send out air waves, and they come in different sizes and colors.

    The doctor experimented with testing them on other body areas as well: for example, nipples and glans penis.

Vibrating rings can be used alone or with a partner.

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  • 5- Vibrating rings

    : they are silicone rings for people with a penis.

    They have a vibrator that, if it is adjusted upwards, in the case of heterosexual couples, it will stimulate the clitoris of their partner.

    If it is placed downwards, it will stimulate the area of ​​the testicles.

    In the case of male couples, the part of the testicles and the year will also be stimulated.

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