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Do you have a Reese? Tinder decided to launch a dating dictionary for adults, so that they can have a clearer conversation in the dating apps

Tinder, which is probably looking to expand its target audience, or make Tinder a place that is associated with more values ​​besides the top value of the stotz, is launching a "dictionary" of terms from the worlds of emoji and slang, which have developed in the world of online dating, and are used by singles from Generation Z, to to help the divorced in between with the confusion they complain about.

All of this comes after research showed that 62 percent of 18- to 25-year-olds feel they speak a very different language to older singles when it comes to the love language of the dating world.

Sex and relationship expert Georgia Grace agrees, and claims that the "dating dictionary" can help everyone - even those who aren't dating and are in a relationship: "Although the basics of dating haven't really changed, most Gen Zers feel like they're speaking the language Very different from their parents and grandparents when it comes to dating," she said in support of Tinder's venture, which should help everyone understand each other better.

A couple with age gaps (Photo: ShutterStock)

According to the study, the young singles are the ones who coined these new phrases and terms to loosely define their relationship status and they go viral on social media and are shared among their friend groups.

The language is constantly evolving, but with the use of technology you see that it changes even faster - it evolves at such a fast pace that quite a few times when a new concept emerged, the creators of the dictionary turned to their children or young acquaintances to translate a new dating term for them so that they could stay updated on the trends.

SHEEE isn't really worried about the size of the communication problem, since other than rich white older men, most people date more or less their own age, but the terms themselves are pretty amusing.

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A couple with age gaps (Photo: ShutterStock)

For example, the phrase "padding" - which refers to maintaining several backup relationships to soften the blow of the fall if your main relationship doesn't last.

Or "Situationship", a hybrid of the words situation and relationship (English) - which describes the undefined intermediate state, when someone is more than a stalker, but not quite a partner.

Another relatively unknown term "dateview", coined to describe when a date feels more like a job interview (everyone knows exactly what this is).

And new terms that also emerged in 2023, including "Kitten fishing" and "Rizz".

Riz is short for "charisma" - a combination of interest, sexiness, and an irresistible level of allure, and "kitten fishing" is catfishing's more legitimate little sister (total fake identity to "fish" for your romantic prey).

"Kitten fishing refers to actions of beautifying and rounding corners of certain aspects of life,

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