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The road to success in mathematics: the road to matriculation has never been easier - voila! good to know


On Nachalat Yitzhak Street in Tel Aviv there is a unique study center, which is all about the purity of mathematics, where small groups learn and practice mathematics with professional teachers and at a reasonable price

Sagi Shimoni cracked the path to success in mathematics (Photo: Guy Glick)

The mathematical ocean can be intimidating for many students.

This is perhaps one of the most challenging professions that children, teenagers and students face, and in the absence of proper methodology or the ability to teach how to think and speak mathematics, and not just place numbers in formulas, it is no wonder that many find themselves lost.

The problem is that if you missed one step or had difficulty understanding and applying it, you will not be able to move forward.

Like a building, mathematical understanding and knowledge are built in stages.

But what do you do when you need to narrow the gap, and quickly?

What do you do when the matriculation exams are approaching, and the student lacks knowledge, practice or a basic understanding of certain subjects?

Because unlike history, when it comes to trigonometry, algebra and statistics, most parents cannot help the child due to lack of knowledge, time and teaching skills as well.

Some turn to private tutors.

But many of them find that learning one-on-one with a teacher, who they don't always connect with, is lacking.

The child's motivation is not in the sky, as well as his ability to cooperate.

Apart from that, the lesson costs are quite high, and those who have 2 or 3 children who need private tutors are in trouble, it's a financial hole no less big than the weekly shopping in the marketing chains.

The road to success in mathematics goes through Sagi Shimoni

The road to success in mathematics (photo: Sagi Shimoni)

On Nachalat Yitzhak Street in Tel Aviv there is a unique study center, which is all about the purity of mathematics.

Students from 5th to 12th grade come here, and in small groups, with a maximum of 8 students, learn and practice mathematics with professional teachers at reasonable prices. The 7

classrooms at the center are welcoming, spacious and pleasant, but what really attracts the students here are the teaching staff, who understands the difficulties of the students and allows them to get to know the world of mathematics in a new way. The emphasis is on mathematical understanding and thinking, not on learning formulas and placing factors. Here you learn why mathematical calculations are carried out in a certain way, and how to reach the desired result.

Sagi Shimoni, the founder of the center explains, "There are 3 reasons why many students are afraid of mathematics and do not succeed. The first is that they do not understand the teacher. The second is that they do not learn to think mathematically, but only to solve exercises in a very dry and schematic way. And the third reason is, Unfortunately, most teachers do not know how to teach the material. Without understanding why things are done, the children have difficulty solving exercises. They feel that mathematics lacks creativity and passion, when in fact, it is just the opposite, and this is where we begin to teach the children. We enjoy seeing the light in their eyes when they understand and the sense of satisfaction they get when they understand how they reached the correct result, because we are not satisfied with the correct answer, it is important to us that the students know how and why they reached it."

Classes and practices are held at the center throughout the week.

A team of 6 teachers dominates the learning system here and is available to all 500 students of the center also on WhatsApp.

The practice groups meet twice a week (3 times before matriculation), and every year during the Passover holiday, marathons are held, in which they study everything for matriculation according to the focus given that year.

You don't have to come to all the classes and practices.

Those who need reinforcement classes before a test or to deepen and establish knowledge in a specific material, can come here as needed.

Shimoni: "The outstanding advantage of the center is the meeting between the students. Here they do not sit alone in front of a private teacher, but in a small class, with students of their own age. This immediately affects their motivation, because they do not feel alone, and they feed each other with feedback and reinforcements, but above all, they base the dynamics on a common denominator - the desire to succeed and overcome the challenge and fear."

The road to success in mathematics (photo: Sagi Shimoni)

The 100th wall, the wall of successes that is renewed every year,

it is impossible to ignore the 100th wall that is in the center.

This wall is repainted every year.

At the beginning of the year it is empty and naked, but by the end of the year it is filled with the names of all the students who managed to get high marks (above 95).

Shimoni: "We are not looking for the 100, and the students are not striving for it either, because the real challenge is to get them to connect with the profession. When that happens, success comes immediately. Our work with the children is done on the mental side, no less than on the didactic side, and the wall of 100 is just one small thing that allows them to aim high and be proud of themselves. Our real success is that a student approaches tests or exercises with confidence, and even when he doesn't see the result in front of his eyes, he has the knowledge and tools to find the way to the solution, and that's all he needs to succeed".

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