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"Oh, sorry!" Things that no one wants to hear during sex - voila! Sheee


Leanna Hawking was a stooge who asked her to call him "Daddy", and it really turned her off. We thought about it, and there are a few other things women probably don't want to hear in bed

Although "Daddy" is a term that describes a sexy man, as anyone who loves Pedro Pascal knows, and he may even make certain women horny.

On the other hand, there are women for whom the word "daddy" or worse, in Hebrew "abala'" will have exactly the opposite effect.

Although in the annals of sexuality, this nickname can represent male energy, dominance - something that gives a man the feeling that he is the boss in bed, or whataber, and therefore this term is used by women who like to be submissive in sex, or the word "father" somehow reminds them of a horny event.

don't judge

Jana Hawking told in her column about the excruciating experience she had recently when a man tried to make her call him "Daddy" during sex, and how much it turned her off.

"The last time I called someone daddy was when I was about three years old and it was to my real dad. To me, that term has nothing to do with sex."

And now describe this situation to you, only in Hebrew:


Without these laws, the chances of succeeding in the renovation as a good couple are really low,

only this was missing - help for boomers who want to start dating young women

"If your wife has a lover, and it improves your sex like crazy - what's wrong?"

A couple having sex in bed (Photo: ShutterStock, Conrado)

A few more mines to avoid:

oh, sorry

what sorry?

that's scary!

Why don't you scream jock and jump out of bed?

Everything is already ruined anyway if you need to apologize.

When a man says "oh sorry" to you during sex, something bad has definitely happened.

Premature ejaculation, internal ejaculation, torn condom, mandbush, gonorrhea.

Maybe he just got a poke.

In any case, the sex is over, and it stinks.

I don't want to hear the word "sorry" by itself either, and only "Oh!"

does not bode well.

Talk to me in Spanish,

why Spanish?

Because it happened to someone I know.

Basically, operating instructions whose subtext is "what you're doing is not enough for me, I need more stimulation" - we like less.

Especially after we have undressed, we want to feel attractive and satisfied, and any demand that implies that this is not the case is insulting, and therefore unnecessary, especially if there is not enough prior acquaintance.

Operating instructions should be in sync with the relationship, the moment, or with reality - or not at all.

Like the chickpeas.

Say, you waste of equipment in the gym, what kind of question is this?

It doesn't matter why I'm crying, if it's because you're so good, or so bad, or because I got a trigger from one of my daddies from the age of ten - is that how you react when a girl cries?

I can't believe I let you into my house.



Yay your belly is so soft!

With all due respect to Body Positive, I can't believe you just called me fat.

Maybe you meant to compliment, but to the stomach.

In general - before complimenting, or even mentioning a woman's body part, it is advisable to make sure that she likes that part.

No matter how much you admire her curves and your intentions are good, drawing attention to something she may be insecure about will only bring you down.



Sorry, did I moan too loudly for my master's sensitive ears and put him out of his mind?

I'm really, really sorry.

It's so irrelevant.

The neighbors might hear!

Anyway, sorry.

Wait, I'm bringing you rolled up socks that you can shove in my mouth, it won't happen again, because I'm leaving.

By the way, it's after 11:00, so you can complain on the municipality's app and then masturbate alone at home.

"Well, that was fun."

Oh great, thank you very much.

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