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Cristina Kirchner, LIVE: Before the vice president's speech, Rafael Correa told his own story of lawfare


In an act at the CCK, the former president of Ecuador - convicted of corruption and exiled - anticipated the tone that the former president's words will have. Act of the Puebla Group, without Alberto Fernández, absent with notice.

Cristina Kirchner

heads this Tuesday the closing table of the meeting of the

Puebla Group in the CCK

, which was scheduled as a show of support after her conviction last December but which had to be suspended due to her Covid condition.

"Popular will and democracy. From the military party to the judicial party, threats to Democracy", is the title of the presentation that she will share with Evo Morales and Rafael Correa, among others.

It will be a

lawfare symposium

, after her conviction for corruption in the Highway case that she interprets as a "proscription".

The original date of the call was December 19, as a demonstration of support for the vice president, 13 days after the 6-year prison sentence for corruption in public works in Santa Cruz was announced.

However, Cristina contracted Covid and the appointment was first postponed to the time when Argentina won the World Cup and finally to this time.

The appearance of the head of the Senate occurs a day after Alberto Fernández demanded in a forum on human rights the reform of the Judiciary but did not even mention the "proscription", the term with which Christianity crossed out the judicial sentence.

The President organized the meeting

for this Tuesday and on the original date he was going to give the opening talk.


she will be absent

from the CCK, since she visits Governor Jorge Capitanich in Chaco.

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21.03.2023 19:32


Rafael Correa's discomfort with technology

Between jokes and some grumpy snorts, the former president of Ecuador wanted to show a video about the Bribery case.

But he had no luck.

"How many times did we rehearse it. They assured me that it would work. It's a shame, one spends many hours preparing this," lamented Correa.

"In the meantime, I can tell one of my jokes," he feigned.

But the sound returned and his talk returned to normal.

21.03.2023 19:26


Rafael Correa: "If he could have returned to Ecuador, Lasso would never have been president"

Rafael Correa, present at the Puebla Group forum at the CCK.

Rafael Correa passes slides to explain what lawfare is, "the judicialization of politics", a regional strategy.

Thus, he targeted the United States directly.

"I have 51 criminal charges and investigations," he said of his case.

He pointed to a media axis ("by repetition comes conviction") and another judicial one.

He also questioned the complaints and the causes that he faces in his country.

"If I had been able to return to Ecuador, Lasso would never have been president."

21.03.2023 19:17


Now Rafael Correa speaks

The former president of Ecuador greets representatives of Kirchnerism, at the beginning of his speech.

It is one of the most anticipated appearances of the afternoon.

"We suffer ingratitude, there is a lot of human pain. But we would do it again and again," he said.

21.03.2023 19:13


Baltasar Garzón described the sentence against Cristina Kirchner as a "legal aberration"

"The judicial party is a political actor that does not play equally with the other parties because it does not operate with dialogue, contradiction or in a popular election, but with the monopoly of violence that it exercises over its political opponents. They are no longer guarantors of democracy, but those who steal democracy. That is the lawfare," said the Spanish lawyer.

"It is the prostitution of Law."

"That sentence is a legal aberration. There is not even a direct proof in all its pages," he questioned the conviction of Vialidad.

21.03.2023 19:03


Baltazar Garzón's misstep on the role of Carlos Zannini

The Spanish judge and lawyer was wrong when he recalled his collaboration with the Ministry of Justice during the presidency of Cristina Kirchner.

It is that he wanted to greet Zannini, of whom he mistaken the position: he said that he was vice president, when in fact he held the Legal and Technical Secretariat of the Presidency during all the Kirchner governments.

Zannini, who was a vice-presidential candidate in the 2015 elections, only had to laugh in his seat.

21.03.2023 18:57


For a lawyer, Cristina Kirchner's sentence is for "plot" and "macho violence"

Adoration Guamán (left), next to Rafael Correa, in the panel of the Puebla Group in support of Cristina Kirchner.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

The Spanish-Ecuadorian jurist Adoración Guamán explained her interpretation of the corruption conviction against the vice president.

She spoke of "plot" and approached the case from a feminist perspective.

"The institutional structures have been built for and by males, whites and owners of the elites who dispossess our countries," said Guamán.

"Emblematic case of sexist violence," she said about Cristina's situation, in line with the document that the vice president released weeks ago about the attack she suffered on September 1.

In addition, she said that judicial independence was violated.

"The judge is never an instrument of power, but an organ to defend the citizenry. And this is what they forgot," she said of the court that sentenced the former president.

21.03.2023 18:47


"One of the most perverse cases of lawfare", the diagnosis of a Spanish communist deputy

Enrique Santiago (right) laughs with Oscar Parrilli at the meeting of the Puebla Group in support of Cristina Kirchner.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Enrique Santiago, close to Pablo Iglesias and member of the Spanish PC, described the conviction of Cristina Kirchner for corruption in public works in Santa Cruz as "one of the most perverse cases of lawfare." 

"Not only did they seek to separate her from political life, but they also took away her reputation. Something impossible because the Argentine people perfectly recognize her leadership," Santiago closed.

21.03.2023 18:42


Portraits of the audience at the Puebla Group meeting in support of Cristina Kirchner

Mayra Mendoza at the Puebla Group forum in support of Cristina Kirchner.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Eugenio Zaffaroni at the forum of the Puebla Group in support of Cristina Kirchner.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

The Puebla Group forum in support of Cristina Kirchner.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Eduardo Valdés at the Puebla Group forum in support of Cristina Kirchner.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

Roberto Baradel at the Puebla Group forum in support of Cristina Kirchner.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

21.03.2023 18:31


Rafael Correa, a striking figure in troubled times

The former president of Ecuador had already shown himself on Monday with Alberto Fernández.

He is now one of the luxury guests for the Puebla Group talk in support of Cristina Kirchner.

His presence did not go unnoticed, in convulsive hours for diplomatic relations between Argentina and Ecuador after the escape of a former correísta minister convicted of corruption who was in the Argentine Embassy and escaped to Venezuela.

Correa's appearance with Fernández had already sparked a furious response from the current Ecuadorian president, Guillermo Lasso.

And the Argentine President answered him this Tuesday with a strong public letter.

Rafael Correa on the panel of the Puebla Group in support of Cristina Kirchner.

Emmanuel Fernandez

21.03.2023 18:24


Lawfare, persecution and a criticism against Javier Milei

The Spanish-Argentine deputy for Barcelona Gerardo Pisarello was the second speaker at the first table.

He spoke of "persecution" against Cristina Kirchner.

"Because he fought against impunity for the crimes of the dictatorship and to build a popular process," said the former deputy mayor of Barcelona.

The Spanish-Argentine deputy for Barcelona Gerardo Pisarello

Son of a missing father, Pisarello also remembered Antonio Bussi.

"Now the son understands himself with a pathetic character like Milei to take us back to times that should never return," he said about the pre-candidate for president of La Libertad Avanza.

"The fight against lawfare is a global fight. It is a global threat," he pointed out before evoking Che Guevara's sayings to conclude his speech.

21.03.2023 18:15


Cristina Kirchner is expected to speak in an hour 

After the presentation, the first panel of the meeting "Popular will and democracy" begins.

It will last a maximum of one hour.

Then there will be a talk led by Cristina Kirchner along with representatives of the Puebla Group.

21.03.2023 18:14


Standing applause for the Mothers and Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo 

For a minute the standing applause from the guests and public for the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo present continued.

There was also a special mention for Estela de Carlotto, from Abuelas, absent from the CCK.

21.03.2023 18:11


Whistles for Carlos Stornelli

In the exposition of judges and judicial leaders, whistles went up from a sector of the public when Oscar Parrilli mentioned prosecutor Carlos Stornelli.

As he names them behind him, his portrait and charge are projected.

There was also a slight whistle for Eduardo Rosatti and Carlos Rosenkrantz.

"This is the firing squad. It is not divine justice," concluded Parrilli, after criticizing Miguel "Pepín" Rodríguez Simón.

Carlos Stornelli, one of the judicial figures exposed by Oscar Parrilli with the Puebla Group.

Photo Emmanuel Fernandez

21.03.2023 18:08


Now Oscar Parrilli speaks in defense of Cristina Kirchner: he exposes judges

The national senator, applauded by the audience, exposes the judges criticized by Kirchnerism with photos and comments.

Also to the attorney Casal.

They look at him from below Carlos Zannini, Anabel Fernández Sagasti, Mayra Mendoza, Ofelia Fernández and Claudio Lozano, among other leaders of the hard wing of the Frente de Todos.

21.03.2023 18:05


Ernesto Samper blamed Mauricio Macri for the economic crisis in Argentina

The former Colombian president directly criticized Mauricio Macri for the economic problems that afflict Argentina.

He referred critically to the "biggest loan ever given to him by the IMF."

21.03.2023 18:04


A delayed meeting to support Cristina Kirchner

The original appointment was going to take place in mid-December, as a show of support for the vice president for her conviction in the Roads case.

However, a diagnosis of Covid forced it to be postponed.

Despite the three-month delay, the issue of "lawfare" has already prevailed since the beginning of the first table of the meeting.

21.03.2023 18:02


Ernesto Samper pointed against the United States for the situation of Cristina Kirchner

The former president of Colombia referred to the judicial situation of Cristina Kirchner.

He linked it to that of Lula da Silva in Brazil and Rafael Correa in Ecuador.

He blamed the United States, because she "isn't enough with the marines anymore."

He also spoke of a "terrifying alliance" of communication and economic groups.

He defined them as "legal wars."

21.03.2023 17:57


Alberto Fernández, absent at the Puebla Group table

At the beginning there was a mention for Alberto Fernández for his role in the Puebla Group and for the announcement about Argentina in UNASUR.

The President was absent from the table, of which he was going to participate on the original date (before Cristina Kirchner's suspension due to Covid).

He favored a trip to Chaco that he had already scheduled.

In addition, on Monday he spoke at a forum on human rights, but did not mention the "ban" against the vice president.

21.03.2023 17:52


"Judicial harassment of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner", the invitation at the opening table

Puebla group, start.

With Rafael Correa seated at the table and an ovation for Eugenio Zaffaroni, located in the audience, the opening table began.

Marco Enríquez-Ominami, coordinator of the Puebla Group, called to discuss "the judicial harassment of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner," which sparked applause.

21.03.2023 17:48


The suggestive title of the table that Cristina Kirchner will close at the CCK

"Popular will and democracy. From the military party to the judicial party, the threats to Democracy", is the name of the closing table that the vice president will lead this Tuesday.

In keeping with the spirit of the original call last December, the talk promises to deal with lawfare and judicial persecution, labels with which the hard Kirchnerism branded the six-year prison sentence for corruption in public works in Santa Cruz.

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