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Intern at INADI: the comptroller fired a K militant who criticized her management in the Ministry of Women: "Not even in the macrismo did they proceed in this way"


A worker assured that Greta Pena cut her contract - part of a historic agreement with the Argentine LGBT Federation - due to questions raised in the Pride March. They talk about 'political persecution'.

Fer Albornoz (39 years old) is a Kirchner, but first, he says, he is a militant of diversity.

Last week

he accused Greta Pena

, Victoria Donda's successor as INADI controller, for her dismissal from the organization in an act of


and labor persecution

in the Government of Alberto Fernández


Albornoz, who identifies as "non-binary", explained that Pena -once at the top of INADI- asked for the termination of her contract due to the successive criticisms that the Argentine LGBT Federation

-one of the organizing NGOs of the March-

had been making.

of the Pride of Buenos Aires - against her, when she commanded the Undersecretary of Diversity in the Ministry of Women.

"Not even in the macrismo did they proceed in this way

, being I publicly a Kirchnerist," Albornoz said in the Facebook post with which he revealed the unusual situation, one day after receiving

the notice

of termination of the employment relationship.

A week later, he told


, the situation worsened and INADI wants to

interrupt an agreement that it has had with FALGBT for 12 years

, the organization in which Albornoz is a member, to favor others more related to the official.

With an official majority, the FALGBT has a more politically transversal militancy than in other organizations of the third sector.

María Rachid

, who was vice-president of INADI itself during part of Cristina Kirchner's mandate



there as militants for the rights of the gay collective of


and, even at some stage,

of PRO



including Rachid, came out strongly to criticize Pena's decision.

"A non-binary militant of the sexual diversity movement and of spaces of the national and popular movement", as it is presented, Albornoz entered the State

in 2014

to work in SEDRONAR (Secretary of Comprehensive Drug Policies of the Argentine Nation).

In 2020 she requested a pass from INADI (National Institute against Discrimination, Xenophobia and Racism), an organization in which she could combine her state work with militancy.

After working for three years in the LGTB+ Ombudsman, last Tuesday he received a notification from INADI announcing

the end

of the employment relationship.

The contract, the text states, "will be renewed until March 31, 2023 and

will not continue


Albornoz says that the dismissal was

at the "express request"

of Greta Pena, whom she questioned since her time as Undersecretary for Diversity within the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity.

Criticism climbs up to the ministerial leadership (since the

days of Elizabeth Gómez Alcorta

) and reaches the management of Alberto Fernández.


We had the expectation of a different Ministry...

So much


, building, contracts... for nothing? He is responsible for that. Hundreds of officials and workers from that Ministry have resigned and everything remains the same.

Obviously the problem is the President

. And there was no political will to improve anything," he points to the Casa Rosada.

Fer Albornoz publicly denounced Greta Pena for her dismissal from the LGBT Ombudsman.

Facebook photo

In the same sense, the FALGBT pronounced itself through a statement: "We cannot allow

a State that claims to be popular

, which promised its people to 'start with the last ones'

to fire workers for their political participation

or for expressing their opinions. .

In no way is that worthy of democratic institutions.”

Criticism of Greta Pena

Questions to the management of diversity policies come from afar.

The creation of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity had sown optimism, but the reality was harsh.


in the pandemic.

"The organizations had to go out to distribute food, hygiene items, everything,

without help from that Ministry


There are more positions than programs

. 127 strengthening programs for trans people were published in a report last year... That's the policy of a neighborhood, not of a Ministry," says Albornoz.

Greta Pena with Alberto Fernandez.

She is the new director of Inadi.

The objections are also to the supposed favoritism of

shared plans "among friends"


The organization in the crosshairs is

"100% Diversity and Rights"

, the

civil association that Pena founded

more than 13 years ago.

He always had behind the "progressivism of the City of Buenos Aires" and now they are under the

wing of Vilma Ibarra

, Secretary of Legal and Technical of the Nation.

Another critical point is


on diversity issues.

"The two main demands of the movement today are the National Anti-Discrimination Law and the Integral Trans Law. They say they are unfeasible. The Anti-Discrimination Law has already been

approved by Larreta in CABA and the Integral Trans Law was recently approved in Santa Cruz

. How unfeasible are they?" he wonders.

The complaints were felt at the Pride March last November.

Two months later, however, Victoria Donda was ejected from INADI and Pena was promoted as her replacement.

According to Albornoz, paraphrasing Cristina Kirchner, "as

a great prize for an official who does not work

, and as punishment -or perhaps trying to condition- the organizations that denounce it".

In the previous edition, pressure from the national government

had already arrived

, which threatened to withdraw its support for the armed forces from the stage in front of Congress (in 2019, in the last months of Mauricio Macri, there was no stage either).

"They also threatened to take away the space we had on Public TV [a special coverage of their own production on the March], they put a parallel scenario," says Albornoz.

"It was tremendous."

And he launches a comparison with the Buenos Aires Government: "

The City

, which sets the stage in Plaza de Mayo,

never threatened to withdraw anything

, although we often question policies of its political space such as inclusive language."

A compromise in jeopardy

Days after the non-renewal

of the contract was uncovered, INADI notified that it cut the agreement that it had with FALGBT since 2011.

The agreement put workers from the area in the sphere of LGBT+ Defenders.

To them, both the Institute and the Ministry, derived complaints whose responses required coordination

with local and provincial jurisdictions


It was in force with five auditors: Pedro Mouratian (2011-2017), Javier Buján (2015-2017), Claudio Presman (2017-2019), Victoria Donda (2019-2022) and Greta Pena (2023).

Now it can be cut, with a lot of noise in

retaliation more political than for the diversity agenda


From the FALGBT they assured that its members suffer "

situations of pressure and threats

due to the criticisms they made of the management of the Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity."

"We demand the continuity of his designation as a worker and the cessation of all attitudes of harassment and persecution towards the INADI workers and towards the FALGBT", they requested from the Federation.

"We are

dismayed by the irresponsible and arbitrary management

that is being made of an institution as emblematic of the State as INADI," they added.

And they advanced that in the next few days they will file

complaints for discrimination, breach of the duties of a public official and corruption



look too

Which Victoria Donda believes is the reason for the criticism for her new positions in the Province: "They want women to withdraw from public life"

The Argentine ambassador in Italy crossed the writer K Mempo Giardinelli: "Unfortunate that they believe they have the right to stay" in the diplomatic residence

Source: clarin

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