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Safe deposit boxes: how much does it cost to rent one and how many dollars go into it


Prices vary by size and financial institution. What are the requirements to process it?

Historically, the dollar is the

favorite refuge of Argentine savers

due to the instability of the local economy.

There are those who prefer to keep them under the mattress and also those who seek

other alternatives

both inside and outside the banking system.

However, if a

more secure variant is preferred,

safe deposit box


 is one of the most popular services.


value protection options

offered by the different financial entities vary according to the size of the boxes, which is what determines the prices.

The dollar continues to be the preferred refuge for Argentine savers due to the instability of the local economy.



What are the benefits of having a safe deposit box?

A wide variety of goods of economic and/or sentimental value

can be stored inside a safe deposit box

, such as money, jewelry, deeds, property titles, legal documentation, etc. 

One of its main benefits is that they are located inside a vault, which makes them much more secure.

But they also have advantages such as: 

  • Total


    of its content.

    No one has to know what you keep in your safe.

  • The possibility of choosing between

    different branches and sizes of safes

    , according to what the needs are.  

  • Privacy to operate

    from individual cabinets with complete peace of mind.

  • The

    payment is automatic

    , it is debited directly from the account and the contract is also renewed automatically.

  • Flexibility and control of the holder

    who may authorize other people of his choice.

The safe deposit boxes 

have no regulation of any kind

, since it is a contract between private parties.

Although its main function is to provide protection for various assets, it also

helps to minimize possible moments of insecurity

at home or the office and prevents the deterioration of banknotes or documents due to the passage of time.

Safe deposit boxes: what happens in case of theft?

It is highly

unlikely but not impossible


In this sense, both the banking entities and the private companies that provide the value safekeeping service recommend that their clients have basic insurance or contract additional coverage.

Given the confidentiality that surrounds this service, a

closed amount is usually established as insurance

for the assets deposited there.

This amount may vary from one entity to another. 

These safes are located inside a vault, which increases your security.

Photo: Hausler.

What are the requirements to rent a safe deposit box?

In banks, they generally require that the holder be

 over 18 years of age

and have a savings account or a checking account, with a

minimum age of 6 months


However, before it was more accessible for any client to request the rental of a receipt for their securities, but today it has become more complex, since the interested party must belong to priority income segments (for example: Premium, Eminent, Select, Exclusive, etc. depending on the bank) and go through a prior evaluation to gain access.

Among the required documentation they require:

  • Identity document (



  • In the case of being

    employed in a dependency relationship

    : the latest salary receipts or labor certificate.

  • Monotributista or self-employed:

    proof of registration and last payment up to date.

  • Retirees:

    last retirement receipt

  • Student, unemployed, etc.:

    CUIL certificate

The different options offered by financial institutions vary according to the size of the safe deposit boxes.

Photo: File.

How much does it cost to rent a safe and how much money can you save?

When hiring a storage place in a public or private bank, the necessary space for money, documents or valuables must be taken into account.

For reference,

a petty cash box can store up to approximately 3,500 bills


This can vary if the money is heat-sealed or has a lot of use.

The largest ones allow you

to store

documents, such as deeds

, etc.

From there, the cost of renting the safe can be calculated, which depending on the entity

can be monthly, quarterly or annually




Banco Nación

, the small safe (10 x 15 x 60 cm) has a cost of

$3,200.28 per month

, in the case of the medium one (10 x 30 x 60 cm), the value is

$4,498 .53



As for

Banco Ciudad

, the smallest safe deposit box has an

annual cost


$85,000 with VAT included

(approximately $7,083 per month), and the largest of


(approx. $17,833 per month), for the same length of time.

Those who want to become clients of the bank will have them subsidized for 12 months.


In the


 the value of the

annual prices

of the smallest safe (it has a size of 10 x 15 x 60 cm) is


(around $4,730 per month), in the case of the median (20 x 30 x 60) the value is


(about $8,094 per month) and the largest (30 x 60 x 60) costs


(approx. $11,480 per month).


At Banco


a small box (10 x 15 cm x 60) costs, on average with VAT,

$10,185 per quarter

($3,395 per month), while the largest (60 x 60 x 60) pays around




$20,866 per month)

for the same period of time.




the smallest safe deposit boxes cost


per quarter (about $8,405 per month)

 and with VAT included, while the largest ones have a value of up to


 for the same period (around $15,189 monthly).



BBVA, the


 safe deposit boxes

cost $2,236.71 per month

and with VAT included, while the


ones  have a value of up to


 for the same period.


Meanwhile, from the

private company Hausler

, they highlighted that they have greater availability than in the banks of the largest capacity boxes: medium (10 x 30 x 60 cm), large (20 x 30 x 60 cm) and extra large (30 x 30 x 60 cm).

Values ​​start at $8,235 per month, for a small box (10 x 15 x 60 cm).

As highlighted by the company, in addition to the traditional branches in Microcentro, Belgrano, Pilar and the city of Córdoba, they also have automated branches in the Alto Palermo and Unicenter shopping malls and will soon add a new branch in Recoleta.

Regarding the option offered by

robotic branches

, they explained that the client can

operate without human interaction


To make your transactions, you must enter a private shielded space.

There, a robot brings you your safe that, after your movements, will be in charge of removing it and storing it in the corresponding place.


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