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You thought Puck Boy was gone? No - he's just hiding, and right under our noses - voila! Sheee


The classic puck boys of the past now hide under a legitimate cloak of terms like "polyamory", "free love", while polyamorous values ​​say the exact opposite

This is how you will recognize the fuck-boy (SHEEE system)

If you haven't seen the classic fuck boy for a long time, it's not because he disappeared from the world, but because from the moment we learned about his working method, he had to recalculate his route and learn new working methods, which will allow him to continue having sex with as many women or men as possible, and take as many Less responsibility for the results.

Then he discovered the world's best casual sex laundromat - say congratulations, the fuckboy turned polyamorous.

In case it's unclear, the "polyamorous" fuckboy isn't really polyamorous in the way they mean.

He also has no intention of doing polyamory the right way, meaning having multiple deep relationships with honest communication, respect and nurturing.

He just wants to create the illusion of all the above aspects of a relationship, to stick his dick in as many holes as possible, without anyone coming to him with complaints.

The polyamorous freak boy can usually be found on apps, and he won't tell you he's "polyamorous" until the second or third date, when you're more likely to think, "hey, maybe I can give this polyamory thing a chance," to find yourself after A few months in a particularly dubious relocation deal, which includes no commitment at all, even though you never properly agreed on it.

A man with a laptop in bed with his wife sleeping next to him (Photo: ShutterStock)

Once you learn to recognize the polyamorous freak-boy, you'll see him everywhere and you won't be able to ignore him.

He's everywhere all of a sudden.

The type will usually be of average attractiveness, with the vibe of someone who isn't really considered hot, but got a sudden ego boost after moving to Florentine or Carrefour.

As luck would have it, most polyamorous puckboys are straight, but some become bisexual if drugged well enough.

In any case, he paints his nails black to portray himself as more fluid to the environment - on the assumption that when you are fluid the chances of finding yourself in a threesome increase exponentially.

Being consciously and ethically polyamorous or non-monogamous is a way of life that can be fulfilling, liberating and rewarding - if done right.

In real polyamory there is a lot of work that goes into it, like adjusting yourself all the time and looking at yourself and your behaviors.

Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of polyamorous puckboys just discovered the term and latched onto it without really understanding what it meant, either in an attempt to appear more progressive, and/or use it as an excuse for their long-standing crappy behavior, and recently discovered the therapeutic language they could apply to excuse the The injustices of their interpersonal relationships, and in their brazenness they dare to call the horrors they perpetrate "alternative anarchic relationships."

Without these laws, the chances of succeeding in the renovation as a good couple are really low,

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"If your wife has a lover, and it improves your sex like crazy - what's wrong?"

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A haughty man (Photo: ShutterStock)

"We agreed that we would both date other people from the beginning, because we are both poly, or at least I am," says a 27-year-old polyamorous woman. The girls he fucks, and would get angry or upset if I even talked to someone else. It was like he could do whatever he wanted and I was on a leash," she adds.

Polyamory can be worthwhile and fulfilling with the right attitude, compassion and understanding that go with it - words that a polyamorous fuckboy can't grasp because his mind is busy with "what a cannon I am that I fuck as many people as I want - ha ha", but it's really worth it.

We're not saying there isn't an iota of human decency in there - most puckboys probably just suppress whatever complicated feelings they have and therefore act like idiots.

But even that, in all honesty, is no longer an excuse.

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