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Exclusive, with Keanu Reeves: "I would love to take a motorcycle trip through the south of Argentina"


The Matrix actor is a fan of motorcycles, he collects them and even makes them. This Thursday premieres John Wick 4.

Black shirt, black jacket, long hair, slightly graying beard.

Keanu Reeves

is on the other side of the Zoom and it seems that he was on the set of

John Wick 4

-or any of the saga-.

The new installment on the murderer harassed by La Alta Mesa, premieres this Thursday in Argentina, on Friday in the United States.

Tall, he measures 1.86 m, with his long arms he gestures and brings them closer to the camera.

Keanu (pronounced


, which means

cool breeze over the mountains in Hawaiian

; the name Keanu is a derivation of that of an ancestor - his great-uncle, Keaweaheulu -) was born on September 2, 1964 in Beirut, Lebanon.

He was raised there until he was six months old, in Sydney, Australia (until he was 3 years old), in the Upper West of Manhattan, until he was 6 years old, and in Toronto, until he was 21.

"It was the most complicated action movie I've been in in my life," the "Maximum Speed" actor told Clarín.

AP Photo

Keanu writes with his left hand, but in movies he prefers to shoot a gun or perform other actions with his right hand.


John Wick 4

you will see him shooting as it suits him best: if he is driving a car near the Arc de Triomphe, in Paris, whose driver's door has come off, he will have his right hand on the wheel and will shoot, accurately, with the left.

And no, don't look for him on social networks, because he doesn't have them.

With his voice between deep and hoarse, like in the movies, Keanu waves from the Zoom.

“Hello, Pablo”, he pronounces himself correctly, and we try to do the same.

"John Wick, Neo (from 'The Matrix') are fighting for their own personal freedom in some ways, but they're doing it in different ways," says Keanu.

-What can we expect from “John Wick 4”?

-Hmm (looks at the camera, moves his fingers, as if he were preparing something).

We have new characters.

We have Donnie Yen, who plays a friend of John's, but who is also an assassin (blind, just like his character in Rogue One).

We have Scott Adkins, who plays a villain (Killa), Bill Skarsgard, who plays the Marquis, who has all the power of the High Table.

And there's a new manager at the Continental in Osaka, Hiroyuki Sanada and his daughter, Rina Sawayama,” he continues listing and calling the list.

We have Clancy Brown (almost unrecognizable), who is Harbinger.

And there's Shamier Anderson (the Invasion series, as one of the guys after Wick's hunt).

He is a tracker in the world of John Wick.

It's all very... It's a great movie for the big screen.

Pure and lots of action.

He trained 12 weeks.

"I'm a little bit older now, but, you know, with age comes a way that you learn to be more efficient," she laughs.

-And what would you say is the difference, or what makes "John Wick 4" stand out from the previous films in the saga?

-I think the invention of action.

I mean, we have the action of

John Wick

, which has a certain kind of feeling… And I feel that the director, or rather, I know that the director has a vision.

And so the enjoyment of these different types of action sequences are really crazy haha.

And I hope people enjoy them.

I mean, like in

John Wick 2

, it has action, but also humor.

You know, John Wick is fighting for his life, so it's dramatic.

We really put everything we know into this movie.


And do you have any idea how many people John Wick killed in his career?

-No no...


Keanu and director Chad Stahelski, wearing blue ribbons, at the Los Angeles premiere.

The reason?

It was the favorite color of Lance Reddick, of the cast, who died on Friday.


At the Los Angeles premiere of

John Wick 4

Monday night the day before yesterday, Keanu and the director of all four films, Chad Stahelski,

paid tribute to Lance Reddick

, who played Charon (the concierge at the Continental hotel in New York, that among other things the dog has taken care of Wick), in the four

John Wick


Reddick died suddenly on Friday.

He was 60 years old.

All attendees upon arrival at the Chinese Theater were given blue ribbon pins to wear in honor of Reddick.

Blue was the actor's favorite color.

“Lance is a people person, a special artist, a gentleman of grace and dignity,” Keanu said on the red carpet.

“It's really something special, every time he stepped on the set, to see the passion he had for his work.

It is very easy to work with him.

We dedicate the film to his loving memory.

We will miss him very much."

Keanu Reeves poses next to the poster featuring Lance Reddick.

In the saga, he was the concierge at the Continental Hotel in New York.

Reddick was 60 years old.


Reddick was also expected to appear in the upcoming John Wick




starring Ana de Armas and Ian McShane.

-Do you do a lot of physical exercise to be ready for fights, hand-to-hand combat?

-Yes Yes.

I want to tell you, I'm a little bit older now, but, you know, with age comes a way that you learn to be more efficient.

(Laughs) But yeah, there's more action in this movie than in any of the other John Wick movies.

And it was the most complicated action movie I've ever been in in my life.

It's been about 12 weeks of training.

They are new levels of action.

"The enjoyment of these different types of action sequences are really crazy, haha. And I hope people enjoy them," he confided in an exclusive dialogue with Clarín.

Nothing can be compared to Matrix

kung fu training

, because it was so unique and my first time.

But the jiu-jitsu in

John Wick

, which is integrated with judo and gunfights... We never saw anything like it.

Keanu could have been a professional ice hockey player for the Canadian League, but at the age of 17 he dropped out of school to become an actor.

From a geologist father and a costume designer mother (for Alice Cooper, for example) he is also a musician.

He preferably plays bass, like he did in Becky's band.

He was a founding member -and bassist- of Dogstar, between 1991 and 2002, and was invited as the opening act for David Bowie in 1995, at the Hollywood Palladium, where they did a version of Pink


Comfortably Numb .

He also played Bon Jovi shows on their

These Days - Crossroads Tour

that same year in Australia and New Zealand.

Dogstar released one EP and two LPs before disbanding.

With Laurence Fishburne, his castmate from "The Matrix" -not the last one- with whom he worked on three of the "John Wick" ones.

Photo Reuters

-And can you tell me how John differs from Neo (“Matrix”), for example, or from other emblematic characters of your career?

-Yes, sure.

You already know that John Wick is a murderer.

But I think they have a lot in common.

Like if I think about Neo, or Thomas Anderson (his characters, outside or inside the Matrix), or John Constantine (from


) and John Wick, I think they're all fighting for their own personal freedom in some way, you know, but they are doing it in different ways.

I feel like Thomas Anderson is more naive.

John Wick is world-weary, and I think Constantine falls somewhere between the two.

In The Wachowskis'

The Matrix

(1999), Reeves' character Neo must choose between taking a red pill (which will make him see the truth about the simulated reality in which he lives) or a blue pill (which will keep Neo blind about the real world and stuck in his life).

As you will remember, Neo chooses red... just like Reeves.

In "Matrix"

Keanu kept the first red pill he was given on set...

When asked if he ever took anything from the set, I mean, if he stole anything, Keanu was candid.

“It wasn't stolen… The John Wick

wedding ring and watch

, a sword from

47 Ronin: Legend of the Samurai

(perhaps his biggest commercial flop: it didn't even recoup the $175 million investment) and the first red pill that the Wachowskis gave me.”

But money is not a big deal for Keanu.

It is said that he donated 70% of the profits he made for The


(80 of the 114 million dollars: he collected 10 million and 10% of the gross profits) to an NGO dedicated exclusively to the fight against cancer.

"I have very few motorcycle moments in 'John Wick' episode four, but a lot of cars…"

-And in this new movie, do you drive motorcycles again, or not?

-Um, I have a little... I have very few motorcycle moments in chapter four of John Wick, but a lot of cars... (he enthuses).

-I read that you took a motorcycle trip through the south of Argentina and Chile, years ago.

Is it so?

-I would.

I would love to do that.

I haven't, but yeah, that would be something spectacular.

I would love to go to the Atacama (in northern Chile, where, for example, Daniel Craig filmed scenes for

Quantum of Solace

, his second as James Bond) to see the stars.

It was in the mid-80s that he had to learn, in Munich, to get on a motorcycle for the shooting of one of his films.

Since then, motorcycles have become much more than a hobby for him, and he owns a priceless collection of motorcycles.

Keanu is a fan of motorcycles: he collects them at his home in Los Angeles.

Keanu has exclusive models, a replica of the dark green Ducati 998 that he rode as Neo in Matrix Reloaded, a Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10 R, a Yamaha R1, or the exclusive Vyrus 987 C3 V4.


In Hawthorne, Calif.

And he is so passionate about it that he convinced the builder Gard Hollinger to form his own motorcycle company in Los Angeles, where he lives: the Arch Motorcycles Company.

Since 2011, his factory has been in charge of creating high-end, totally exclusive and personalized motorcycles by hand.

Keanu met his future partner while looking for someone to customize his Harley Davidson.

And they turned that HD Dyna Wide Glide into the base of the company's first prototype, which they called KRGT-1, playing with their initials.

With his partner, builder Gard Hollinger, he formed his own motorcycle company in Los Angeles: Arch Motorcycles Company.

The latest model they created is a large-volume motorcycle with a futuristic and innovative design.

The Arch Method 143 is fully customizable and only 23 units have been built starting with a base price of…$140,000.

“Riding a motorcycle is really a great place to think, to feel, to escape.

When I'm not on a motorcycle, I go through withdrawal symptoms, it's not good for my health”, he recently commented in an interview for GQ magazine.

The motorcycles are made to order.

With the Argentine Alejandro Agresti, who directed him in "La casa del lago" (2006), in which he worked with his friend Sandra Bullock.

Photo File Clarín

-You were directed by Alejandro Agresti in “La casa del lago”, along with your friend Sandra Bullock.

What memories do you have of that filming, of that filming?

-Yes, Alejandro was... He was really... passionate.

I mean, you know, he was very kind and generous to me.

I really enjoyed working with him.

And he had a vision.

He fought for the vision of him.

And I have nothing but respect and appreciation for him.

And he says goodbye as kindly as the interview had started.

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Source: clarin

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