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If Dor had spread two days ago, a lot of pain would have been spared for all of us - voila! Sheee


Roi and Li-Yam decided to cry together, Molly and Daniel painted themselves 3 more days, Noya saw Dor without a shirt, and only Yuval decided to separate the sinks. new love

New love (Photo: Network 13)

Episode 3 meets us in the usual place of "new love" at this point - four couples have forced a life together, trying to communicate and deal with the decree for three days, as each fights with himself and his demons.

Meanwhile the women are complaining about the men, and the men are trying to figure out what the hell they want from them.

Yuval doesn't want to keep kosher, Noya doesn't want a lecturing man who demands delicacy from her, Daniel can't be around her like that because it's not believable, and Li-Yam is looking for emotion in Assaf Harofeh in order to allow herself to give in to his demands for romantic contacts before their time.

"Oh, sorry!"

Things no one wants to hear during sex

Did you think the fuck boy was gone?

No - he's just hiding, and right under our noses

she broke the Guinness record with 15,000 piercings, including 3,500 in just... vagina

Touch versus emotion: Lee-Yam and Roy

Assaf Harofeh and Li-Yam embrace the phallus (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Lee-Yam's conflict regarding Assaf the doctor, or as he calls it "every Hebrew mother's dream", is the gap between the words he says and the frozen facial expressions and cold demeanor.

Roy is completely tuned into the physicality of the relationship, and is looking for some sign that will show him that there is more than friendship here, which puts Lee-Yam in a place where she has to justify herself and apologize for not being intimate with him, already in the first days of their acquaintance.

If you think about it from the generic point of view of a sought-after Tel Aviv bachelor, you can understand that he is probably really used to, as he declares, that the "attraction issue" is decided at the very beginning.

If we ignore for a moment what this means about the female pressure to "close a deal", and we will ignore, because it simply boils me, how many self-worth problems of the female sex this one sentence reveals - Roy deals with the physical aspect of the relationship, simply because it serves him as a shortcut to intimacy - And the proof of attraction allows him the confidence he needs to open up.

"You're beautiful today," he tries again, in the morning with the coffee, a gesture that probably makes the girls thank the good Alzamazlan and undress immediately, but Lee-Yam smells a problem here, refuses to enjoy the compliment and sets off on a journey to find the "sensitivity" she was promised, because no You can work on a girl who carries a hyphen in the middle of her name all her life.

She doesn't really suspect that he's lying, but what worries her, and rightly so, is that he only sees the outside.

She defined it perfectly herself - "between the mouth and the vibe, and the emotion, there is no synchronization".

Roy thinks that the right order of things is first sex, then emotion, because that's how he's comfortable.

Lee-Yim continues to stand her ground - first emotion, then sex, because that's how she's comfortable.

For their last date at the ceramics studio, they arrive despondent and in a technical tie.

The production drops the semi-erotic scene from "Ghost" on them to break down the walls between them, and amazingly it works.

Now they both horny the big wet clay phallus together.

Lee-Yam is still trying to handle the situation, but is beginning to give in, and Roy sums up the heated four-play: "I felt a physical approach, but I don't know where it will go from here."

He admits that his biggest fear is that "we'll continue doing what we're doing, and we'll just be good friends."

And to the therapist he explains that he will immediately create an attraction.

And here is a rare glimpse into the classic conflict of the one we call "douche".

The dosh was not created in a vacuum, and it is clear that there is a lot of insecurity in this conduct.

Roy is an excellent example of someone for whom sex is used as a shortcut that whispers his fears of being hurt, rejected, bored.

His formula, which usually works, has created fixed habits and rituals, a sort of little control complex about women, and now he's just stuck there.

The therapist asks him to allow himself to let go of control, and she is of course right, but Li-Yim also needs to do the same for something here to progress.

Just as Roy is afraid to open up emotionally to a girl who won't allow him to touch her, Lee-Yim is also afraid to give himself physically to a person who won't open up to her, because that's how each of them calms their fears.

Of course, in the end it doesn't really matter, because after they both shed tears and decided to stay together for another three days, after there is already "touch" and there is "sensitivity", Lee-Yam will continue to be frustrated because there will not be enough "sensitivity" for her taste, and Roy will continue to feel frustrated because There will be too little "touch" for his liking.

In short - the work has only just begun.

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Dor, Noya the torso, and the endorphins (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Noya and Dor

Noya, who declares that she came for herself and therefore behaves egoistically, is making life difficult for Dor.

Her entrance exams are not easy, she knows that there are few men who can handle them, what's more, she raises the bar every time he approaches.

On the other hand, she doesn't want the man who manages to contain her, because she calls him a "lecturer man".



After the outpouring of a generation meant to melt her and only the pressing, he did not sleep at night because of panic, and when he got up in the morning he found he had no one to talk to.

Noya, with the sensitivity of a doctor from another relationship in the building, is shocked: "What? What happened? I fell asleep straight away," she says while he bothers to make her coffee and she is pampered in the room, refreshed in a set of workout clothes that highlight her curvaceous figure.

Her conversation with Daniel, consumed by guilt, explains Noya best.

She tries to convince Daniel that she is not hurting Molly even though she rejects him repeatedly, and that she must stop thinking that way.

This is the way Noya sees reality - she wants to do what she wants, and let them face it.

This is not a criticism - I am completely with her - to find someone who is able to be with you you have to be real, and also - who has the strength to walk on eggs all day?

"I don't feel like being gentle with him," she announces, and so they go on their last date, whose vibe is exactly that - a definitely last date.

Now do you remember to undress?

Oh really (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Then Dor takes off his shirt.

And I clap my hands and wonder at home - "Hey Dor, are you stupid? Why didn't you take off your shirt when you walked in the door? I didn't understand, why did you save that perfect torso, sorry for the objectification, for the last minute?".

Maybe he was afraid that if he exposed him on the first day she would develop immunity to him?

I don't know, but in any case, the vibe of the last date was immediately replaced by a flirtatious vibe of "Dor, teach me basketball, and I have no problem with you sweating on me", and at the end of it, Noya saw a completely different Dor - not lecturing, self-confident, charming, and above all able to manage with her equal relations.

There is nothing like a delicate balance between slouching and admiration for muscles and excessive self-confidence - this is the G-point of female romance.

And indeed Dor earns three more days with Noya, who sums up in the most romantic sentence Ever: "What, 27 years I've been pulling ties for nothing, so I won't give three days?"


The beautiful and the Hezbas: Daniel and Molly

First common child.

Daniel and Molly (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Although at the beginning I immediately categorized Molly as an intolerable spiritual hezbash (repenter/questioner), who has indeed repented, but straight into alternative laws, because he is not really able to do the one thing he asks Daniel (judgmentally) - to live in the flow, to release control , to release the narrative in which everyone has to go along with it. Like, do yoga, breathe, what ever, but why all the lectures, the forced readings in coffee and the distribution of grades? Leave it to us. Like Daniel, I also eventually got used to the event - in the end it doesn't really

matter Through some prism, everyone sees reality as long as the intention is good, and I got the impression that his intention is indeed good. It just makes me laugh that the usual tricks that probably work great for him outside, fail with Daniel - after all, girls must love spontaneous calls with tea leaves, but that only applies on normal dates .

When you are in a small space, the demands automatically increase - when you are stuck in a person's face for three days, doing dishes is not enough - you have to bring your A game, and be really present in the situation.

Yes yes, I also know a little about Buddhism.


Molly and Daniel (photo: screenshot, network 13)

Daniel's conflict is similar to Lee-Yam's.

She thinks there is something fake about Molly's behavior, and it seems strange to her that he is constantly busy with her and "taking care" of her.

The psychologists think it's because she's not used to good, and I'm getting tired when every time a girl suspects a man's intentions, she's accused of not being able to accept good.

Daniel is right - no one hangs around anyone like that, and he is not doing this good for her, but for himself - the way he makes sure to be the developed, calm and balanced, and constantly giving, this is his way of maintaining control of the situation - it is not related at all to her.

The painting date at the pub sounds like a ridiculous activity on the face of it, but we must not forget that any activity that helps us pull our heads out of our own ass is useful for calming anxiety.

Whether it's basketball, ceramics, or joint yin and yang painting.

Of course, Daniel is first stressed, refuses and lowers expectations, but in the end not only did she draw cute and liked the result - as soon as she was able to enjoy something that did not measure their level of closeness and their progress towards a hot romance, she simply calmed down.

Molly, or by his other name "so much beauty in difference" gets three more days, and the couple ends the day with an optimistic view of the future.

Will he stop messing around once he conquers her?

I bet yes.

Meat and milk: Meir and Yuval

the drama

Meir and Yuval (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

I have to start by saying that I really don't understand what the drama is with the coffee, nor what the drama is with the fact that he "stood there", nor what the drama is with the fact that he "smiled".

Like, I understand why it pissed her off, because having an attack of helplessness just because coffee was spilled is very, very unsexy.

On the other hand, there is no way that her reaction was due only to this case - I think we missed one fight that fell into the edit, and someone also said "this is the second morning we woke up bad".

So from what remains, I conclude that Meir is not exactly the man who sweeps you off your feet with his ability to read your desires and make exciting and spontaneous decisions, and more the man-child who waits for you to tell him what you want, and what you want him to do - great, but for someone who has the power to manage.

In any case, Meir spills the coffee on himself because he is stressed next to Yuval, but the poor guy is much more stressed by the response.

There was a stage where she just kicked him out of the house.

He sits in front of me and wonders if it's related to the milk spilled in my fleshy area,

So first of all we have to remember that even when someone's face annoys us, it's not because their face is really annoying, but because traumas are overflowing and there is a need to deal with it, and who wants to deal with it?

Secondly, the problem is not so much kashrut, as the strict conditions.

Yuval came to meet someone, to fall in love, and instead of feeling herself, for three days she had to imagine a distant and irrelevant future in which she separates dishes and lights Shabbat candles, and no wonder that in the midst of all this she found no time to enjoy the meeting.

Goes and takes the table.

Meir Besher Halab (photo: screenshot, network 13)

Secondly, this whole section of "I'm a bit religious and looking for someone who will meet my conditions", there is more to it than what appears on the surface.

Meir repeats and says that probably if he was secular, he would not have been single a long time ago, and I think he is wrong.

Yuval's problem is not the tefillin, but the fact that he holds barriers - I think that Yuval feels that the habits are there as a wall of protection, and the barriers are there to hide and avoid what is frightening and painful.

After all, it's really not a problem to find someone who doesn't have any problem with kosher, but Meir only dates secular people, which suggests that he's not really interested in finding someone that doesn't bother her, but to stay in a place where his plans to find a relationship are thwarted by someone else, and he He can continue to tell himself that he is really trying without taking responsibility for the real problem.

In my opinion, this is what bothers Yuval, who feels the barrier, and there is a situation where she is also so nervous because she wasted three days on someone who does not meet the criteria at all.

And that's how it ends - Meir rices alone, no one gives him anything to pass, and if Yuval had another little hesitation as to whether she should give another chance, Meir takes the table with him, and we all relax.

The right choice was made.

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