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Rent increase: how much will you pay from April 2023 and how to calculate it


The current law orders to adjust the contracts every 12 months applying an official index. Because of record inflation, there will be a shocking jump.

Those who have a current rental contract signed with the new law and have been

paying the same

for their home for 12 months should prepare to face a shocking increase.


April 2023

 they will have to pay almost 

93% more


Such a jump,

already confirmed

, is due to the fact that the norm established that the monthly amount of the rent must 

be updated each year,

 largely reflecting the evolution of the

inflation index


And that indicator has just shot up to levels not seen in the last 32 years.

For many families the

April annual adjustment 

will be the first of their contract.

For others it will be

the second and last

, in case they have started their rental in the fourth month of 2021.

In any case, the way


calculate the new amount

 - the one that will apply for the next 12 months - is the same.

And it is key for all parties to know it well.

Now the owner decides at what value to rent the first year and then the adjustments are calculated with an official index.

Photo: German Garcia Adrasti.

How should the annual rent increase percentage be defined, under current law?

The controversial 

national law 27,551

defined that contracts must last at least

three years


And he established that, during that period, on the monthly price "only annual adjustments

can be made

" with 

a certain formula


The regulation details that the adjustments must be made "using an index made up of

equal parts

by the monthly variations of the Consumer Price Index (


) and the Average Taxable Remuneration of Stable Workers (



In other words, the increases should remain at a


between what

general inflation

 and the


of workers registered in a dependency relationship have advanced in the last year.

The Central Bank of the Argentine Republic (BCRA) is the entity that prepares and publishes this index, called 

the Index for Rental Contracts




The current value of the ICL and all the previous ones, day by day, can be consulted on the BCRA website (

From there it arises, for example, that in July 2020 the ICL had started at


 that in April 2022 (almost a year ago) it was already 



and that April 2023 will start at 



That is to say, that in only 

2 years and 6 months

it accumulated an

advance of 264%


Applying the index, since April many contracts will have increases close to 93%.

Photo: Andrés D'Elia.

Step by step, how to calculate what increase my rent will have if the annual adjustment falls in April 2023?

In recent days, the BCRA published the


values ​​for the first half of April.

Therefore, the calculation can now be done, with this procedure:

Step 1: Find out the ICLs


You have to check here, on the one hand, what was the


 of the day

the contract started

 or the day of the

last update

(if one was already made).

And on the other hand, what will be the value of the ICL exactly

one year later

, that is, the day on which it will be time to make the next adjustment.

For example, on April 1, 2022 the ICL was


 and on April 1, 2023 the ICL will be



Step 2: Calculate the variation


The current ICL (of the adjustment date) must be


by the ICL of a year ago (the day of the start of the contract or the first adjustment).

The number obtained represents the variation of the index during the


rental year.

In the example, it will be necessary to calculate


divided by 1.89


As a result, a value of 1.9259

is obtained


This implies that an 

increase of 92.59%

will have to be applied .

Step 3: Calculate the new amount


What remains is to take the variation value and

multiply it

by the amount in pesos that had been paid for rent each month.

The result will be the updated amount.

In the example, if since April 2022 you have been paying


a month, you will have to multiply that by



The account shows


: that will be the monthly rent that must be paid between April 2023 and March 2024 inclusive.

For its part, if the update should be applied not on the first day but in the middle of the month, for example on

April 16

, the rise will be even higher:



Thus, for example, a rent of $70,000 will go to $134,922;

and one for $110,000, at $212,021.

How to do the calculation automatically?

Different entities related to rentals have developed

free online calculators

that allow tenants and owners to carry out these calculations in a

few seconds


They are easy to use.

The start date of the contract and the monthly amount paid during the first year are entered, and with the push of a button the system informs

how much

the rent increases for the following 12 months.

One of the tools available online to find out how much each rent will increase.

Image: Capture.

Three calculators

 that can be used are:

-IVC calculator.

It is the official option of the

Buenos Aires government

, created by the City Housing Institute.

It is the one recommended by the organization

Inquilinos Agrupados


It is a development linked to the Sole College of Capital Real Estate Brokers (



If you have to move or renew the contract, how much are the prices now?

According to a report from the specialized portal Zonaprop, in the City of Buenos Aires the


rental value of a

studio apartment



 per month for the first year of the contract.

Likewise, a two-room


already costs about 


 per month and a three-room unit rents for


per month on average.

These prices, surveyed in January, show that rents in the Capital increased by


in the last

12 months



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