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Spring cleaning: what to do once a year


The spring cleaning allows once a year a thorough cleaning of your home from floor to ceiling. But where to start ? What should be cleaned? How to proceed ? Our answers.

When the good weather returns, it is traditional to do a good

spring cleaning

at home.

This means cleaning your house or apartment from top to bottom, from the basement to the attic.

On this occasion, you can first sort and put away your belongings and switch from the winter wardrobe to the summer one.

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The right material for effective spring cleaning

For an effective household, consider stocking up on natural household products, with the essentials such as white vinegar, baking soda, black soap.

Bring garbage bags, gloves, rags, bucket, sponge and other household materials.

Also check the condition of your household appliances, such as the vacuum cleaner, window washer and steam cleaner.

Proceed room by room by choosing a day of good weather, without rain, to open the windows without being cold and thus ventilate your house well.

The kitchen

It is recommended to start with this piece.


It is recommended to start with this piece.

Before starting to clean the kitchen, make sure you have stored your food, such as fruits and vegetables, to avoid contact with household products.

  • Cupboards

Empty the contents of your cupboards and take the opportunity to sort out expired food.

Some products can be consumed even if the expiry date has passed.

Vacuum the shelves to avoid blowing up dust.

Then clean the cupboards, inside and out as well as the top.

  • Home appliance

Like the freezer and the refrigerator, the dishwasher should be cleaned at least once a year.

To prevent the door seals from clogging, clean it with citric acid or white vinegar and run it empty.

Finally, remember to degrease the hood.

Turn off the power, unclip the grids and soak them in a mixture of boiling water and white vinegar.

The solution will dissolve the grease quickly and all you have to do is rub with a sponge.

Also think about defrosting the freezer, moving the fridge to clean the back, etc.

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The living room

During spring cleaning, thoroughly clean the sofa.


The living room is one of the most important living rooms in the house.

It is a place where you receive your guests, where you spend time with family, but also where you relax.

It is therefore a room that gets dirty quickly.

  • Sofa and armchairs

Dust mites and other small pests can quickly take up residence in your home textiles.

It is therefore important to clean the sofa and the armchairs in the living room.

Vacuum, including the corners, and remove stains with a steam cleaner.

Also clean the sofa cover, the cushions and depending on the nature of the covering, apply a leather cream.

  • Fireplace or wood insert

Start by emptying the ashes, then with a vacuum cleaner, clean your chimney or your insert at the level of the hearth.

Finally, brush the interior walls with a metal brush and clean the glass of the insert or the grills of the fireplace with a cloth.

To note :

Sweeping should be done twice a year.

It is an obligation regulated by prefectural or municipal order.

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  • Soils

If the floor is vitrified, to restore its shine, apply a metallizing renovator.

If waxed, apply a coat of wax.

Wash carpets (following the manufacturer's instructions) and if you have carpet, shampoo and lather by lightly rubbing the surface with a clean, damp sponge.

The bedrooms

The bedroom mattress must be thoroughly cleaned.


Dust mites, dust, microbes... To avoid being in cohabitation with these intruders in your bedroom, it is important to carry out a major cleaning once a year.

  • Bedding and bed linen

A real player in the proper functioning of our sleep, the bedroom mattress must be cleaned rigorously.

To do this, tap on it and then vacuum it.

Rub it with a few drops of washing-up liquid and white vinegar, let it dry then turn it over on the summer side.

Good to know

Remember to vacuum and clean the bed bases and contours of the beds with a cloth.

Finally, wash the duvets, bedspreads and pillows, if they are machine washable, otherwise take them to the dry cleaners.

  • Furniture

Bedside tables, cupboards, wardrobes... So many pieces of furniture present in your bedroom that need to be combed through.

With a cloth, dust the legs, the tops of the furniture and the inside of the drawers.

You can then put newspaper on the top of the cabinets: the following year, you just need to change the newspaper to recover the dust deposit.

The bathroom

In the bathroom Adobe stock

Beyond scale and dust present in the bathroom, consider sorting unused hygiene products or those whose expiry date has long passed.

It is also an opportunity to sort the drugs.

  • Bath & shower

In the bathroom, drain plugs in the sink, shower or bathtub must be carefully cleaned.

Remember to sanitize your pipes using baking soda, then vinegar.

Using a toothbrush and white vinegar, remove mold from the tile joints.

With a clay stone, you can also find the white of some yellowed joints.

Finally, remember to wash the shower curtain in soapy water or put it in the washing machine (according to the cleaning instructions).

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  • Home appliance

Clean the washing machine, especially the detergent drawer, which is often dirty.

You can clean the drum by running a white machine, at a high temperature, with white vinegar.

Good to know

To clean the condenser of the dryer, it is necessary that the grids and the plates are cleared of all the small fibers and lint which manage to pass the barrier of the filters.

Anywhere in the house:

Clean doorframes or doorframes.


  • Clean the walls (on non-washable wallpaper, wipe with a dry cloth), ceilings, baseboards.

  • Disinfect sockets and switches (using rubbing alcohol)

  • Take down the curtains and wash them.

  • Clean the doors, without forgetting the frames or frames.

  • Wash the ventilation grilles, VMC.

  • Clean the radiators.

  • Dust bulbs and clean lamps, lampshades, chandeliers, light fixtures.

  • Clean hard-to-reach windows: laundry room, basement, attic, etc.

  • Clean the shutters.

  • Check the smoke detector batteries.

The cave

Without a thorough cleaning, some impurities present in the cellar can sometimes seep into the house.

To avoid any inconvenience, think once a year of:

  • Treat moisture, if necessary.

  • Inspect and optimize ventilation.

  • Dust the walls.

  • Wash the floor if it is concrete or cement.

  • Hunting mice and rats.

Good to know

For this "spring operation", you can involve the whole family or call on professionals.

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