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Against hopelessness and intolerance


Any dissenting voice is authorized. An officialism in which all politics is reduced to militancy in favor of the cause of her boss, Cristina Kirchner. And an opposition entangled in its own inmates.

Uncertainty is the hallmark of a world challenged by recurring crises: the fall of the Twin Towers at the turn of the century, the financial collapse of 2008, the pandemic in 2020, and now the ongoing war and financial turmoil.

Time for black swans.

Foucault defined postmodernity as the time when the unexpected occurs, what we cannot foresee.

In the midst of climate change, cyber attacks, transhumant migrations, and the geoeconomic and geopolitical consequences generated by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, transformations are taking place at unprecedented speed.

When uncertainty coexists with hopelessness and intolerance, populism flourishes and democracies perish.

When the future is a pure threat and when there is no room for dissent, authoritarianism ends up prevailing, which in many cases leads to autocracy.

In today's Argentina, there are no debates, closed as they are by the factionalism of the ruling party that transfers its internal bids to the government of society.

An officialism for which all politics is reduced to militancy in favor of the cause of its boss, Cristina Kirchner.

A cause that aims to achieve impunity for acts of corruption in public works during his tenure.

A mandate in which after the death of her husband, she did not dismantle the circuit through which everyone's money escaped into her pockets and those of her partners.

A beneficiary of privileged benefits that challenge the equality of all before the law, Cristina Kirchner perceives herself as an outlawed politician, although she is not, and a victim of the misgovernment of the government that she engineered and of which she is vice president.

Not only does it disqualify the ruling that condemns it with compelling evidence that it never refuted, it also resorts to political proscription to delegitimize the upcoming electoral process and turn it into an imitation of what happened after the proscription of Peronism in the 1950s. past to recreate an odyssey in which she wants to be the protagonist.

The FdT revolves around its humors, with no replacement leadership in sight.

Meanwhile, the opposition of Together for Change continues to be entangled in their disputes over the leadership of the coalition without a clear proposal on how to get out of this pit in which we are sunk.

The country, with rampant inflation, challenged by drug trafficking and insecurity, is the backdrop for disputes that widen the distance between those who have the responsibility to govern and the citizens.

The impeachment of the Supreme Court of Justice is another sign of the insensitivity of a government that runs over Justice and the Constitution to achieve its objectives.

The State, at the service of a faction that controls key institutional springs;

a policy degraded by rude confrontations between those who govern and an opposition that is still not enough to convince society that it is an alternative for change.

A three-way party system in which the “libertarian” alternative of those who propose with their “chainsaw” to end an oppressive State, axis of all evils, grew.

This new "exterminating angel", Javier Milei, is not a character in Buñuel's film.

Identified with the radical right like Vox in Spain or Bolsonaro in Brazil, his mission is to "liquidate" a corrupt political caste by depriving it of the sources from which it feeds.

A disruptive discourse that reaches deep into young people, punished as they are by a country that offers them no future.

Hopelessness and intolerance that disempowers any dissenting voice define the prevailing climate today.

Macri, the incarnation of the right for the FdT, is his scapegoat.

A convergence of useless and fanatics, all embarked on a cultural battle that the teacher Laclau knew how to teach following the Gramcsian ideals.

Battle for unanimity in which the other is the anti-patria.

Anyone who stands out and tries to unmask a story that sincerely lies is the enemy.

Meanwhile, the prebendary homeland continues to grow immodestly during this fourth kirchnerato of a bankrupt state.

What party realignments could neutralize the current dominant tendencies?

How to overcome a confrontation between a regressive utopia that promises a return to a golden past and a promise of change whose costs frighten some and whose benefits very few perceive?

How much of the discontent can swell the libertarian ranks of the anarcho-economist?

Perhaps non-Kirchnerist Peronists and non-Peronists can converge in the center of the party spectrum around a road map.

Can a new cleavage come to life that leaves behind the old one that divided Peronists from anti-Peronists to regroup according to a new system of oppositions: people from the wall, people from the network;

cosmopolitan versus national and popular, competitive capitalism versus capitalism of friends, social policies versus clientelist welfare... What leadership can appear to give life to new options and make possible the difficult reforms necessary to get out of decadence?

All are unknowns even without an answer. Why not wait for new realignments and leaderships to rebuild this country, devastated by the inefficiency of a management that consumes scarce resources with no other goal than the survival of its bosses?

Sociologist and political scientist

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