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Autumn horoscope 2023: predictions for all signs


The astrologer Laura Graffigna details Clarín which will be the most favorable transits in that season according to your sign.

This week we welcomed autumn and the beginning of the astrological year with the entry of the Sun into Aries.

Laura Graffigna

, a feminist astrologer, tells


what heaven offers us for the coming months and how we can glimpse the future of the following years.

“This autumn the sky is activated, Pluto enters Aquarius and Saturn enters Pisces, plus we will have Mercury retrograde in Taurus and Jupiter entering the same sign”, affirms the astrologer.

For this reason, the specialist details what implications the configuration of the sky can have in these autumn months, sign by sign.

Autumn horoscope for Aries:

Aries: it is time to act from the heart, with resilience and empathy towards oneself. (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

Autumn will be a challenging season for the Arians.

With the beginning of autumn, the zodiacal year begins, which coincides with

the solar revolution

of these natives.

They will be celebrating their birthday, with a sky full of planets and luminaries in Aries: Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Chiron, with the last two in conjunction.

It will be a propitious moment to focus on situations or events from the past that must be healed in order to continue with your projects.

Life will test them again, reliving old wounds that they thought no longer existed.

Along with the entry of Mars, your ruler, in Cancer, the focus will be on the past, on your childhood

, or on events that happened in the family environment, which were left unresolved.

It is time to act from the heart, with resilience and empathy towards themselves.

There is also another highlight happening this fall.

In April, hours before the entry of the Sun into Taurus, the second new Moon will take place

in the 29th degree of Aries

, which will also be a solar eclipse.

The phenomenon will start the transition of the Taurus - Scorpio axis towards that of Aries - Libra;

an axis in which we will have another eclipse at the end of the year.

Those born under this sign of Fire have been working on self-assessment and the importance of their own resources and talents to move towards confrontation with the honesty of their hearts.

I wish, but can I?, time to

learn to wish within a context

, understanding the parts that make up your reality, your environment, and how your impulsive decisions can affect others.

In the last month of fall,

Jupiter will leave their sign and Mars will enter Leo

, giving them a breather.

Probably during this season they had luck on their side and it will be at the end of May that they will be able to carry out their wishes and give free rein to the passion that characterizes them so much.

Autumn horoscope for Taurus:

Taurus: Heaven asks you to get out of your comfort zone.

(Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

This season will be loaded with intensity for Taurus.

Somehow, the sky is crying out for you to update yourself, to get out of your safety zone and risk innovation in all areas of your life.

The month before your solar return, you will be impacted by Pluto transiting the first degrees of Aquarius, so if you are not willing to make disruptive changes, Pluto will likely do it for you.

Two eclipses are added to this context: the one on April 20 (although it occurs in the 29th degree of Aries, it affects those who are celebrating their birthday on those days) and the one on May 5.

The theme of both eclipses will be the desire for what I want to manifest

, daring to break the molds of what is known.

They ask you to be determined and brave, and stop postponing what cannot be postponed.

Mercury retrograde in your sign also brings confusion and misunderstandings


Again, they ask them to find new ways to communicate and manage their resources.

In mid-May, the closest planet to the Sun goes direct as Jupiter enters your sign, which will mark a different stage of clarity, action and fulfillment, as you have brought about the necessary changes for it.

Autumn horoscope for Gemini:

Gemini: check the state of your finances to avoid waste (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

The season begins with the transits of Pluto in Aquarius and Saturn in Pisces.

The first is an indicator that

new passions

will appear , a desire to learn and even a little obsession.

Geminis love to learn, and with Pluto in a cognate sign, they'll whet an appetite for new knowledge to the point where they can become repetitive with topics they're passionate about.

On the other hand,

Saturn in Pisces asks them to work seriously for their dreams, commit

, shape them and be constant, something that is not usually given to them easily.

In mid-April,

Mercury, your ruling planet, will begin its retrograde in the sign of Taurus


It is necessary to review what your resources are and what is the state of your finances to avoid waste.

Try to get organized, stop idealizing situations and work for it.

Choose consciously and be consistent with your decisions.

One day before the Sun enters Gemini, Mercury returns to its direct path, to enter its sign on June 11.

Although the beginning of the season is busy, the end of autumn will tend to be calmer for these natives.

Autumn horoscope for Cancer:

Cancer: they will feel a lot of energy and drive to materialize their ideas.

(Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

A few days into the season,

Mars begins its transit through the sign of Cancer


This gives them an extra dose of energy.

They will feel revitalized and with great capacity to carry out everything they set out to do.

As a counterpart, they will also feel despair and anguish when things do not turn out the way they want.

This autumn is characterized by

the need to take action, be active and build their own destiny


It is a good time for them to take advantage of the excess energy that the red planet will bring them.

By channeling that energy through premeditated actions or with a common purpose, they will take advantage of the positive aspect of Saturn in Pisces.

If they fail to direct that energy, they will feel overwhelmed, angry.

Not being able to channel it toward creative or practical ends can lead them to feel depressed or powerless.

Autumn horoscope for Leo:

Leo: they will feel almost invincible with Pluto in Aquarius.

(Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

The lions will start this season with great intensity.

With the entry of

Pluto into Aquarius

, these natives

will feel empowered and powerful, almost invincible


At first, the challenge will be learning how to manage this new excess of energy to put it to proper use.

Otherwise, its effects can range from feeling physically exhausted to being involved in power issues and conflicts.

Leo is a born leader and knows very well how to position himself and enforce his word and his desire.

Taking this aspect into account, they may get a bit out of hand if they don't learn to handle themselves cautiously.

To this is added that Saturn has already stopped passing through its complementary opposite sign, Aquarius, freeing them from a certain sense of responsibility, in addition to the entry of Jupiter into Taurus and Mars into Leo.

By the end of May these three planets

(retrograde Pluto, Jupiter and Mars) will be activated by square and opposition

, generating a lot of tension in the sky.

Taking into account that the first days of June Pluto will re-enter Capricorn, these months can be considered as a period of adjustment of this new energy.

Thus, they will be able to be aware of all the dormant potential that is within them.

If they learn to master it, they will be able to achieve great things.

Autumn horoscope for Virgo:

Virgo: Saturn in Pisces invites you to introspect.

(Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

These natives begin a period of

seriousness and maturity

that will last until 2026. They will begin to feel it with the entry of Saturn into Pisces, which will be opposing them.

It will be a transit that will lead you to a calmer social life and the constant search for moments in solitude to put order in your life.

Many times, the physical conditions they have can come from a more psychological field, less tangible for their liking, but which is taking a toll on their health and their vital energy.

The best thing to do if you do not discover its origin would be to investigate less conventional options that help you understand why your energy is "drained".

In April you will also begin to feel the effect of

Mercury retrograde in Taurus

, which will reinforce a particular moment of review about your general situation, the way you manage your resources and the need for a silent process of introspection that leads you to the answers. .

The last month of this season, with direct Mercury in Taurus plus the entry of Jupiter into that same sign, will paint a slightly more encouraging picture, with greater

mental clarity

and the presence of order and organization.

Autumn horoscope for Libra:

Libra: it is time to face the truth, even if it is uncomfortable, inharmonious or annoying.

(Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

The beginning of autumn is always a challenge for Libra since its beginning is determined by the transit of the Sun through Aries, its complementary opposite.

Generally, it is usually the period of the year in which your energy is lowest.

This happens because the focus is in a place that is not comfortable for Libra: confrontation


Libra seeks balance, the tie, unlike Aries who always wants their wish to win.

This panorama will be ultra enhanced with the eclipse in the last degree of the sign of the ram.

Libra, it is time to face the truth, even if it is uncomfortable, inharmonious or annoying;

your wishes are worth as much as those of others.

It is time for them to be brave and determined, to put aside the warmth.

Towards the end of this season

you will receive the good vibes of Mars in Leo


Thus, once you have made your decision, run after your goal, always listening to your heartbeat.

Autumn horoscope for Scorpio:

Scorpio: in May, the lunar eclipse in your sign confronts you with what you are no longer (Photo: Illustration Shutterstock)

Saturn's entry into Pisces will loosen the tension with responsibilities, giving you more space to relax, but it will be opposed by

Pluto in Aquarius

, so don't try to have everything under control.

This transit will force them to regenerate and innovate.

Aquarian energy, agile as electricity, is difficult for Scorpians to handle.

Nothing will ever be the way it was.


you have to deal with the disruptive and take advantage of it

, make it law.

All this will be reinforced by

the lunar eclipse in Scorpio on May 5

, a date in which they will confront everything that they no longer are, to let it go.

I recommend that you turn off your spidey sense and embrace change and innovation.

Towards the end of autumn you will see that, just as the leaves shed their foliage, you will be shedding an old skin.

Autumn horoscope for Sagittarius:

Sagittarius: they will have to deal with the structures, responsibilities and restrictions of reality (Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

The beginning of autumn brings a change of focus.

Saturn's entry into Pisces forces them to go ashore


The excursion time is over and they must return to normal life.

They will have to deal with the structures, responsibilities and constraints of reality.

Dreams also have a limit.

They will have to choose a goal and focus on it, learning to be constant.

You may wonder: how to choose just one if everything excites me?

Guide yourself by intuition.


They will begin to feel that everything is slowing down and heavier with the entry of their ruler, Jupiter, into Taurus.

The time will come to make your plans and ideas tangible, going slowly, but without interruptions.

They will enjoy noticing how what they started is slowly taking shape and becoming real.

In mid-May,

the entry of Mars into Leo offers you a change of energy

, where passion takes on important relevance.

Autumn horoscope for Capricorn:

Capricorn: Saturn in Pisces asks you to be less rigid (Photo: Illustration Shutterstock)

Capricorn, they start autumn with many novelties.

The beginnings are always challenging, since the beginning of the season coincides with the transit through Aries, and the Aries fire always overwhelms them.

It is difficult for them to understand the level of intensity they manage and how little they respect the limits, which are so important to these natives.

However, the entry of Saturn into Pisces asks them to be less rigid, to let go and to be encouraged to shape their dreams, to focus there.

Another good news is that Pluto leaves his sign for a few months.

In other words, they will feel that the pressure is loosening, that the worst is over.

Although Pluto will re-enter his sign two more times, its impact will wane in his life if they have done some inside work during its transit.

Autumn horoscope for Aquarius:

Aquarius: they must learn to integrate these disparate and contradictory energies in order to achieve better results.

(Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

In autumn they will have the first encounter of

Pluto in Aquarius

with their Sun, which will manifest itself in an evident need for transformation.

Keep in mind that it is a slow transit, so you will only feel the impact if it touches a planet or important point in your natal chart.

Throughout these months you will have a quick snapshot of what a transit that will last until 2044 awaits you.

They will also feel the relief of Saturn leaving their sign, they will feel lighter to continue.

On the other hand,

Uranus in Taurus

continues to make them shapeshift or teach them to manipulate it in innovative ways.

In May, Jupiter joins in Taurus and Mars in Leo, activating new sources of tension.

In short, Aquarians must learn to integrate these disparate and contradictory energies in order to achieve better results.

Autumn horoscope for Pisces:

PIsces: Saturn in your sign comes to shape the new.

(Photo: illustration Shutterstock)

The Pisces will be starting a new period in their lives.

Complex and difficult, but very necessary.

After passing through Aquarius, Saturn in his sign comes to build, to shape the new, to help them have a new structure.

Keep in mind that since 2011 they have been with the transit of Neptune in their sign, a planet that dilutes, undoes and drains everything that no longer has life.

Now you will have the opportunity to focus on your dreams and make them come true through hard work.

With the help of

Mars in Cancer and Jupiter in Taurus

, the materialization will be more effective.

The time has come for them to go ashore and build a new reality in harmony with their desires, carrying out their will with patience and perseverance.

By Laura Graffigna, teacher, popularizer and feminist astrologer.

On Instagram: @astrologiadelabuena

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