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Big Brother, LIVE: Diego Poggi revealed details of the final


I followed the hottest debates and the repercussions of coexistence in the most popular reality show in Argentina.

A new edition of

Big Brother

enters the final stretch.

The three finalists who will compete for the prize of 15 million pesos are already defined:

Marcos, Nacho and Julieta.

Hosted by Santiago del Moro, the most famous reality show in the country can be followed by Telefe;

it can also be viewed live 24 hours a day on Pluto TV channel 141.

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23.03.2023 10:55


Diego Poggi anticipated what the final will look like online: "We are going to have a super Monday" 

The journalist revealed details of how the preview of the long-awaited last program of this edition of "Big Brother"

will be able to live online , to be held on Monday, March 27.

"Attention, before Big Brother starts,

we are going to have a red carpet and two mobiles, one in the studio where the final gala is held and also at the door of the channel

," said Diego Poggi.

And he advanced: "What they are going to put together is incredible, that part will not be broadcast on TV, only digital, and it will be very rude."

Seconds later, the


doubted the information he was revealing about the Big Brother finale: "I couldn't count, they're going to fart me, but I'll take care of it."

on the

red carpet

, Poggi explained that it will occupy

"half a block" from the channel's entrance to the studio

, where "guests and celebrities" will pass.

Regarding the number of people that will be inside the studio, the journalist revealed that it will double

"from 250 to 500 people"

, because 

they will add a tribune to the two that currently exist.

23.03.2023 09:42


Marcos's family showed the gift that Morita will receive when leaving the house 

A few days before the long-awaited final of

Big Brother

, Marcos Ginocchio

's family

showed on the networks the

luxurious 22,000-peso bed



will sleep when leaving the house.

The dog, who was adopted by the man from Salta and will go with him when the program ends, next Monday, 

she will receive a kind of sofa with

shiny chromed steel legs, non-slip and red upholstery.

The bed where Morita, Marcos' dog, will sleep.

23.03.2023 08:10


Romina did not want to go to LAM and the little angels destroyed her

The last eliminated from

Big Brother


Romina Uhrig

, refused to visit


(América, at 8:00 p.m.), and the panelists of the cycle led by

 Ángel de Brito

did not forgive her. 

"She is the only participant who is not going to come," the driver announced on Wednesday night.

Immediately afterwards,

Nazarena Vélez


"What a shitty thing that turned out. I can't believe it!" 

"She has no way to defend herself,"

Yanina Latorre 


, referring to her accusations for the growth of her assets after her passage through Congress as a deputy. 

23.03.2023 00:19


This was the casting of Cata

23.03.2023 00:13


This was the casting of Marcos

23.03.2023 00:00


This was the casting of Daniela

22.03.2023 23:57


This was the casting of Camila

22.03.2023 23:55


This was the casting of Ariel

22.03.2023 23:51


This was the casting of La Tora

22.03.2023 23:50


This was the casting of Thiago

22.03.2023 23:40

11:40 p.m.

This was the casting of Martina

22.03.2023 23:40

11:40 p.m.

This was the casting of Alfa

22.03.2023 23:32


This was the casting of Agustín

22.03.2023 23:29


This was the casting of Juliet

22.03.2023 23:22


This was the casting of Romina

Romina's particularity in her casting was that she was

still married to Walter Festa


She also said that she met her father when she was older.

“I had signed up for GH at the age of 18 and I still didn't know it.

I met him at the age of 25 by connecting to my sister on his behalf on Facebook.

When I went to see him I pretended to be a friend of my sister's, but he noticed.

He was very sick.

The next day they discharged him and I was able to enjoy it for three years, ”she said.

22.03.2023 23:21


This was the casting of Alexis, the Cone

22.03.2023 23:19


This was the casting of Juan Reverdito

22.03.2023 23:13


This was the casting of Tomás Holder

22.03.2023 23:12


This was the casting of Mora

22.03.2023 23:01


This was the casting of Nacho

As Santiago del Moro had promised the day before,

they showed the casting of the twenty participants

before entering the program.

The first video they put on the air was that of


, who was shown with a quite different look at the time.

22.03.2023 22:43


GH's wedding will be three

Finally, the proposal of the members of the house was that

the three finalists get married.

Santiago del Moro accepted the boys' offer and also proposed that Martina enter with one of the boyfriends and Mora with the other, while

Holder will officiate as priest


"Julieta and hers are two of her husbands," the driver joked.

The boys decided that Nacho and Marcos should marry Juliet.

TV Capture

22.03.2023 22:11


Romina Uhrig surpassed one million followers on Instagram

A few hours ago,

Romina Uhrig

joined the select group of Big Brother participants who

managed to exceed one million followers on Instagram

In this way, she joins the list made up of 

Coti Romero

(exceeded 2 million),

Julieta Poggio, Daniela Celis, Tomás Holder and Marcos Ginocchio.

Romina exceeded one million followers on her Instagram account.

22.03.2023 21:22


Marcos' father recounted his talk with Marcelo Corazza in the Telefe studio

José Ginocchio ,


's father

, said that last Sunday

he had a brief talk with Marcelo Corazza

, whom he met that same day.


I saw Marcelo at the gala on Sunday, I was able to talk a few words with him

, we exchanged two or three words, I told him 'what happened' he told me to stop by a place, it was an attention that he had only to go from one side to side in the studio, that was the whole connection, I met him there, I don't have a friendship with him," he said.

Then he clarified that

"It was that Sunday for a few seconds and nothing more than that

. "

José Ginocchio, Marcos's father, recounted his brief talk with Marcelo Corazza.

22.03.2023 19:25

7:25 p.m.

The prizes for the winner and the finalists

Originally, back in mid-October, when the reality show began, the driver announced that the 18 participants were competing for 15 million pesos and a home.

However, Del Moro later announced that the economic prize for the winner was going to be updated by Mercado Pago, sponsor of the program.

In this way, the winner - be it Marcos Ginocchio, Julieta Poggio or Nacho Castañares - will take about 19 million pesos and the house.

Whoever comes in second place will receive a home, also provided by a sponsor of the program.

And recently the driver announced that the third will also have a prize: a trip for two people to any part of the world that he or she decides.

​Read more.

22.03.2023 18:02


The choreography of Julieta Poggio and Tomás Holder

Julieta Poggio and Tomás Holder, who entered the house to campaign for the influencer, came together to make the Tik Tok trend of Muñecas, the theme of Tini, Steve Aoki and La Joaqui.

22.03.2023 17:09


Romina, after leaving the house: "It's ugly to go out and find all this"

Romina Uhrig,

 the fourth finalist of the reality show and who was eliminated last Sunday, spoke with Clarín and told her feelings in her first hours outside the house.

"I'm not sleeping well, really. It's ugly to go out and find all this but I have nothing to hide and I put my chest to everything," she says.

"I remain with the love of many people who support me," she added.


After the elimination, Romina faced the Big Brother Debate.

22.03.2023 16:00

4:00 p.m.

Dario Barassi said that his favorite to win is Marcos

Darío Barassi

was a guest on

Noche al Dente

(America, at 10 p.m.) and there he said that his favorite to stay with the reality show is

Marcos Ginocchio.

Since Fernando Dente's program competes at the same time as the Telefe program, the driver asked the comedian: Did you see me?

You didn't see Big Brother, did you?"

"No, stop...I'm a Marcos fan," was Barassi's funny reaction. "Me too," Dente acknowledged.

22.03.2023 15:02


Alpha responded with everything to Juan Reverdito

En las últimas horas, reapareció Juan Reverdito y disparó contra Walter "Alfa" Santiago a quien acusó de haberlo llamado para hostigarlo.

​Luego, llegó la respuesta de Alfa, quien aclaró los tantos con el taxista: "Vos llamaste a mi amigo el Mago Sin Dientes para pedirle presencias, 'para hacer unos pesito'. ¿Tanto te dolió pibe? ¿Y que yo ofendí a tu hijo? ¿En qué momento pibe? Vos no existías para mí en la casa".

22.03.2023 14:00


Según Martina, hay presencias paranormales en la casa

"Mora estaba sentada ahí y empezó a ladrar", aseguró Nacho al ver a la perrita ladrándole a la nada misma. 

​"Te dije Nacho, ve espíritus, yo me doy cuenta de esas cosas, hoy a la mañana lo hizo", aseguró Martina.

Martina aseguró que la perrita Mora ve espíritus. "¿A quien le ladra", dijo.

22.03.2023 12:26


La mamá de Julieta se refirió a las supuestas fotos que tendría Marcelo Corazza de su hija

Pato, la madre de Julieta Poggio, habló sobre el escándalo de Marcelo Corazza luego de que trascendiera la versión de que el ganador de Gran Hermano 2001 tenía fotos de su hija en su celular.

"Nosotros estamos hablando con la producción y nos asegura que este individuo nunca tuvo acceso a la casa. Nosotros vamos a tomar medidas y recaudos y vamos a averiguar en caso de que así sea, pero mientras tanto son trascendidos que no sabemos si son para vender", disparó Pato.

"Lo que vamos a hacer es esperar, averiguar. Estamos charlando con abogados para que nos asesore", concluyó la madre de la influencer.

22.03.2023 11:26


Ángel de Brito, sobre la visita de Romina a LAM: "No creo que venga" 

A través de Twitter, una usuaria le consultó al conductor de LAM (América, lunes a viernes de 20 a 22) si este miércoles por la noche la última eliminada de la casa de Gran Hermano estaría en el piso del canal para ser entrevistada por él y sus panelistas.

​​"Preguntale todo", le pidió una seguidora a De Brito. A lo que el periodista respondió de manera contundente sobre al exdiputada nacional: "No creo que venga, ni que pueda contestar nada".

Ángel de Brito adelantó que Romina podría no ir a LAM.

22.03.2023 10:00


Juan cruzó a Alfa y lo acusó de hostigarlo

El exparticipante de Gran Hermano, Juan Reverdito, le dejó un fuerte mensaje a su compañero Alfa, através de dos historias que subió a su cuenta de Instagram: "Te aguanté un mes adentro de la casa, ahora estamos en la vida real".

Después, Reverdito lo acusó de hostigarlo: "Sos un cagón que me llamás tres veces desde un número privado y me dejás un mensaje de voz, no sé quién te dio mi número".

Leer más.

22.03.2023 09:09


El abrazo de Julieta y Marcos que generó ilusiones entre sus fans

La foto de un efusivo abrazo entre Julieta y Marcos se viralizó en la madrugada de este miércoles e ilusionó a los seguidores de los finalistas, quienes desde hace meses sueñan con un vínculo de pareja entre ellos.

Sin embargo, poco después, apareció el video y se conoció el contexto en el que los compañeros se abrazaron, desterrando así los deseos de sus fans. Es que Marcos abrazó a Disney, al igual que Nacho, tras hacerle una broma.

22.03.2023 08:26


Reapareció Juliana y lanzó una fuerte advertencia

After missing the

Big Brother

debate this Tuesday, in which


spoke for the first time with

Santiago del Moro

, her former colleagues and the panelists, 


surprised all her followers with a

mysterious tweet


It is that the ex-participant of the


reality show , who incidentally did not get along with the ex-deputy at all, launched:

"When I finish GH I am going to tell the heaters something that they are going to love."

Juliana's tweet from Big Brother.

look also

Marcelo Corazza's sister spoke for the first time after the arrest of the former GH: "We are devastated"

Robertito Funes, about Corazza in the case of corruption of minors: "It is an issue that belongs to his private life"

Source: clarin

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