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The karaoke of horrors: a strange mish-mash between a sensitive and introverted doctor - and Tatoit - voila! Sheee


Noya continues to convince Dor that it's fun for him, Li-Yam realizes that Roy is embarrassing her to death, Daniel almost calls the police on Molly for stealing an olive, and only Yuval is in love with Nir. Another chapter in a new love

Equipped with a new shirtless man, "Ahabha" races to another mission that expands hearts and shrinks internal organs, and this time - karaoke.

On the way there, Roy gets lost through a balcony, Dor continues to serve prison terms and Daniel almost breaks up with Molly over olive theft.

Everyone hopes to bomb at this year's silly event, but when Noah and Roy meet a microphone on the same stage, it can't end well.


"It has never happened that a man was so into the movies about me," Noya gloats, which perhaps explains why she is so Bad for a generation.

It seems Noya is used to eating movies herself about other men.

As Karin kindly put it here after the previous episode, on the one hand she needs someone to accommodate her, and on the other hand she is unable to tolerate the only person she knows is ready for it.

On the other hand, Dor's admiration for her does flatter her, which is perhaps why she still keeps him as a Pomeranian in a side file.

Judging by the show she knocked up later, she lives to be adored.

The handcuffs are moving to us: Israel is on the way to directly harm women's lives,

this is how Tali Gottlieb convinced us that everyone should shut up for two days

. You will be surprised to find out: these are the five positions that men hate the most

Are you laughing with him or at him?

Noya and Dor (photo: screenshot, network 13)

Noya and Dor

This morning Noya actually tries to get on the cute side and contain it herself, with the semi-interested question, "What do you feel now", waving her hair, scratching her nose, rubbing her face, looking sniffly.

Dor makes the mistake of thinking that she is interested in his honest answer, but that is what he is, confused.

"Enough, be good!", she implores him, a demand after which he certainly feels good.

I'm interested in what Dor thinks when he looks at himself on TV now.

Does he, like me, see before him a slaughtered and finished person?

Does he now notice how sad he was back then, despite the mantra, "Have fun, generation, have fun"?

I don't blame him for the lack of awareness in the moments of truth.

Noya activates just the right triggers to leave him at her mercy, using the infamous hot-cold manipulation that leaves him helpless, thirsty for positive reinforcement that only comes in crumbs.

Even when she says good things like "I chose you, I have fun with you", she sounds angry.

All this makes me think that Dor, in fact, is not very different from Monay.

He is also attracted to women who do not want him and allow him to hate himself as he feels inside.

As evidence, he was attracted to Noya.

Look at them and see us;

Both of them act like a 22 year old with Daddy Isyous who has just arrived in Tel Aviv.

Yes, acting students, I'm talking about you.

At the end of this emotional conversation, in which Noya reveals to Dor that he is actually good at it, she nurtures him once again with a hug from her aunt, and Dor memorizes: "Even when it's not fun, it's fun."

did you hear that

Welcome to entertainment, is it a guy in the dating period or a soldier in the North Korean propaganda service.

It starts with the honeymoon.

Yuval Vanir (Photo: Screenshot, Network 13)

Yuval and Nir

After retiring Meir like you would never retire Challah, Yuval is faced with another choice: Nir Goff and Mind (enough already, enough).

To me, his ID card looks like a copy-paste of most of the ID cards we've seen so far, but Yuval reacts to Nir as if she won a million.

And as you know, in this reality show there are only losers.

She is excited because he is very handsome and very shirtless, and also connected, as it were, to his feelings.

In fact, she is so enthusiastic about his feelings that she doesn't need to see any other feelings, and they go on a journey together.

"After a few heavy days," she says, "I want to click."

Oh, so that's what they call it today.

With him it no longer bothers her so much to serve the man, and with his request for coffee she calls out to the security guard, stretching her body on the cabinets.

I have a feeling that in this case even a tefillin on an arm won't bother her, including everything that comes with Nir's arm.

Closing a cosmic circle, the coffee affair strikes a second time: Nir accidentally drops and breaks a cup while washing dishes, but answers the test correctly and feels like cleaning.

Daniel is happy;

Here, her point is proven.

Compared to Meir, she says, the man of the squares immediately called for action.

In my opinion, the event proved that the coffee is not the issue at all.

Even if Nir stood and looked at her like an idiot - you know what?

Even if he had spilled coffee on her head, for the laughs - Yuval would have continued with her disfigured smile.

What's more, he makes dishes, and that's already more than Meir contributed to their short life together.

"What management", praises Daniel Battestimonials, "goes, brings a mop - this is how you manage a glass breaking event".

How fun it is to be Nir in these moments.

Really, he has to do so little to win applause.

Judging by his body language, by the way, he's not flying at her like she's at him.

He's nice because he's nice to her and because that's who he is, but this gap, I suspect, is going to get in the way later.


Li-Yam tries to recover with the help of Noya (Photo: screenshot, Network 13)

Roy and Lee Yam

Roy passed his shift longingly to Lee-Yam, while she cuddled up to a cute note he left for her, and I have no idea why, but Maya Wertheimer joins in narrating it in the background as if from a nightmare.

Someone out there is trying to rattle off the format, which is cute but sweaty with effort about as much as Roy trying to put on a new persona.

If I were to give her a title, the personality is "fun and funny", and Lee-Yam is not fun with her at all.

Unlike Meli Yam and my learned friend Karin, I don't see him as robotic at all.

The transparent monotony that envelops him is clearly only a thin and fragile protective layer for endless wells of emotion.

It is enough to look at his trembling gaze like a wet chick to understand it.

This time Li-Yam also confirms the discovery of Lev in Roy's heart.

"Now you're not a robot," she calls him a real child.

Most of the time he doesn't feel that way, from Eden Assaf Harofeh, "I'm a classic Tel Aviv man with the problems of a classic Tel Aviv man."

If that's true, and not just something people say to keep Pason in shape, it might explain something of the representative he later brought to the karaoke stage.

Daniel and Molly

And now to the olive issue.

She arrives in a difficult week, a day after the coffee affair, during which Molly takes an olive from Daniel's dinner plate without warning, and all this reminds her that she actually can't stand him.

"24/7 you have someone living with you", she blames the format, and is partly right, because living together with a stranger in front of cameras is intense, but even more intense when the click is not clicked.

It's not Molly's fault either, he's really quite cute overall.

Even too cute, and this is exactly what brings Daniel out of her peace, after all, even the Buddha in his own right would have discovered the limit of his ability in the face of such limitless positivity.

When Molly takes an olive from her plate, it's just the last straw, and her out-of-control reaction could have been avoided if only she had listened to her heart earlier.

Daniel and Molly, two countries for two peoples

Never has an attraction dropped so quickly to zero.

Roy in the appearance of his life (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

The horror karaoke

In the field of tasks, there is no debate at all - "new love" takes the lead.

This time in the karaoke night program, the perfect catalyst for all the embarrassments, nerves and the cult in the whole world, and not just any karaoke night.

Before the guests are treated to a song from the pop song offered at the market, each couple must submit and perform a song they wrote together.

A song that represents their relationship, which lasts four days at most.

and display it.

at the event.

I dance in a chair.

"What can I say, stunning," Daniel summarizes Molly's too-dedicated training, and I hear, "He's stunning and what a shame I don't like him."

Lee-Yim is goal-oriented, but Assaf Harofeh, who took seriously the feedback about Rezhaz's absence, sees the challenge as an opportunity to crack a movement theater show while humming Nuno's hits.

Never has an attraction dropped so quickly to zero.

In front of the cameras Lee-Yam calls it "childish" and says that his behavior embarrasses her, and I would like to add that it is embarrassing because she is disconnected.

Until now, as mentioned, Roy did not appear to me to be robotic at all, whereas now it seems that he sent a forced command to his production programming, to "make it easier".

He seems to be fooling around but not really fooling around, he seems to be humming but in a very loose way, and the result: a strange mix between a sensitive geek and an introvert - to a teetotaler.

It seems to me that the hectic preoccupation with what Roy broadcasts or doesn't broadcast has eaten his head a little, and now Lee-Yam is left with this horrible tripel cake she cooked.

Noya also tries to focus on the goal despite the unnecessary guy standing on the way to her, and another distressing conversation opens between them.

In Noya's opinion, the gap between her and Dor lies in a different slang, and I would be happy to answer her in slang: Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

The discussion boils down to this insight, because as a former singer ("I studied voice development") Noya must maintain professionalism.

She gargles tea with honey, and takes Dor for ultrasonic heating and chemical castration.

"If you weren't that... I would have taken it to a funny place," she reminds him once again of what's missing in him, because really an hour has passed without a massive insult.

After the "no" came the "yes".

Molly and Daniel (photo: screenshot, network 13)

In the meantime, Lee-Yam's worries are piling up: she realizes for the first time that now she will have to present her creation, that is, Roy, in front of many other people.

The situation makes her extra-judgmental towards him.

At the first meal it didn't seem to bother her at all, or at least not as much as the potential beef with Noya.

Now, when she chose to stay with him for three days, she has to justify her choice, as it were.

It seems that their relationship will rise and fall in public opinion - if they fly on it, it will fly on it again.

If not, he's going to be a goliath here.

In order to add over-seriousness to over-seriousness, the production brought her son Barbie to develop the couples' works, and Noya boasts, "My partner is a copywriter", perhaps the best thing she has said about him so far.

Yuval takes advantage of the hours before getting to know the squares in depth, aha, Nir, by using preference questions, such as "egg or egg?".

There is no doubt that something deep is happening there.

The four couples meet in Blue Nan's mine as if it were a student bunker during the apocalypse, the meeting begins and Noya opens her eyes to see what can be destroyed.

One of the advantages of meeting couples, and in "New Love" there are many of these, is the indication given to couples for comparison.

The reflection they give each other, whether on purpose or not, makes the participants notice the good in their relationship, or, more often, the bad.

And Daniel, who runs into Yuval with the new crush, gets a hard look at her situation.

After all, if Yuval Pani-Zanon can smile, then she can too, and with Molly, she sure isn't smiling.

Those who were chosen to host the evening, a perfect choice, are of course Assaf Harofeh and Lee-Yam, an extrovert born and embarrassed to death on the inside.

After Yuval and Nir stick a finger in everyone's eye in a magnificent display of cuteness, it's the moderators' turn to come up as performers, and Lee-Yam's dream comes true.

Roy opens with a monologue, and continues with a monologue, and continues and continues - a funny monologue but trying too hard, in the spirit of rehearsals.

Everyone wishes for the end of the speech only to arrive at an equally awkward couplet singing, which begins with Roy's solo singing.

Li-Yam flows outwardly but is tense on the inside, wondering if she or she is being laughed at.

The answer: B.

But that's okay, because she contributes her own embarrassment a moment later, with the introduction, "We'll introduce our next couple, hint: the beautiful couple."

Noya takes the stage ready to give a fight, that is, in the tactlessness category.

She grabs the microphone as if it were the audition of her life, and throughout an entire song slams the generation with words of criticism.

Even in this couple show, she couldn't say one good thing about him other than "copywriter".

It doesn't stop the other pairs from flying over both of them.

Noya, this is what a person who has fun looks like.

Roy and Noya on the karaoke stage (photo: screenshot, Network 13)

In general, the collective judgment there is lacking.

How can you be moved by Molly's monologue, which without a hint of irony tells how much truth he put into a song about a girl he met two days ago?

That's enough, friends, in this matter I completely agree with Noya - it is impossible to take such a task so seriously.

The amount of romance that Molly Pumpham for the event is equivalent to a public marriage proposal.

If I were Danielle, I would run away, but it works for her, and I wouldn't be surprised if she's one of those girls that champagne with gold flakes makes an impression on.

I have no strength.

Now, time for pure karaoke.

To Lee-Yam's dismay, this time too Roy is given access to the microphone.

"Roi felt like a match for me," she says to the cameras.

Tell me, Kfar, have you seen Noya "Now I"?

The girl thinks she is Noa Kila in Yarkon Park.

But no one is embarrassed by Monya, who proves to us that self-confidence is enough to make people love you, while a Roi event is registered as well.

I understand Li-Yam's embarrassment, and the truth is, I also understand a little Noya, who whispers to her "fake me".

Because despite what Shelly-Yim thinks, there is a feeling that it is not really him.

The evening ends, not without a half-threat from Noya Lador, "Remember you had fun."

"It was really fun, it was really fun good night", he prays to the sky.

Look, people have been throwing around the words "mind engineering" recently, overused in my opinion.

But if you want to see what consciousness engineering really looks like, take a look at how Nuya speaks to Dor.

Never was anyone seen explaining to a person with such a suffering face,

While Dor crawls back to his lair, Lee Yam hits the ground and wonders if Assaf the doctor is really right for her.

It would be interesting for me to see her reveal to him what she felt, despite the embarrassment and difficulty.

After all, Roy really is a very sensitive guy.

In my opinion, his excessive flightiness is nothing more than compensation for a deep insecurity, and some attempt to externalize something that he thinks is expected of him.

It seems that he will no longer be able to save Lee-Yam's attraction to him - at this stage it is a trampled corpse - but it is worth it for him to find out and discover for himself what happened to him there, and learn from it for the rest of the way, when he is connected to himself and more confident in himself.

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