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'Between the banks and the retirees, I stay with the retirees', the broken promise of Alberto Fernández for the dollar bonds of the ANSeS


A campaign slogan of the President ended up colliding with the reality of the reserve crisis in the midst of the inmates of the Frente de Todos.

 "Between the banks and the retirees, I'll stay with the retirees"

. It is known that campaign promises often remain just that: just words. Carlos Saúl Menem already said it in one of his most famous phrases: "If I told them what What was I going to do, they wouldn't have voted for me.” Paraphrasing another famous slogan from the 1990s, it could be said:

Alberto did it.

But it was another Alberto, the pre-candidate Alberto.

Before the 2019 PASO, when Macri governed, Cristina Kirchner's former chief of staff made one of his most repeated promises of that presidential race.

He said that he would always

be on the side of the retirees, not the banks


They were also other times: inflation was 2.2%, it had dropped a few tenths compared to June;

the interannual price increase reached only the very high 55%, half the current 102.5%.

And the blue dollar was quoted at 45 pesos. 

Better not to do calculations there.

More numbers: in the Central Bank there were reserves for 67,994 million dollars;

today, according to official data, barely 38,000 million.

Private estimates estimate that almost half of those funds are leveraged by a Chinese yuan swap with the People's Bank of the country Xi Jinping rules.

And the balance of Leliqs that day that Fernández ranted against the banks, which he called usurers, was 1,237,663 million pesos, now that figure reaches 8,719,728 million



Another piece of information: Alberto Fernández and Cristina Kirchner spoke to each other.

Not today.

With this scenario, the Government's decision to force the ANSeS and other public organizations to sell their bonds in dollars in the midst of the reserve crisis and with the dollar approaching 400 pesos, was not celebrated by retirees, in an Argentina in which the local currency is devalued daily,

they are forced to bet on the peso


Posthumous State Tribute to the minister of the dictatorship Lorenzo Sigaut and his infamous phrase about Argentines and the dollar.

On the contrary, the first meeting of the Minister of Economy, Sergio Massa, after learning about the measure was with the banks (the "loan sharks" of 2019), who did celebrate the possibility of being able to get hold of those titles.

The financial sector, pointed out by hard Kirchnerism as one of the origins of all the ills that afflict the economy, supported the measure.

In statements released by Massa's team, there was praise from Adelmo Gabbi, head of the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange.

"It's going to be positive. There's going to be more supply than demand

," he said.

Juan Politi, from the Allaria Ledesma stock exchange company, also expressed his opinion on the matter.

"The objective is to stabilize the financial situation. I see it positive," he said, according to spokesmen for the Treasury.

Diego Bossio, former head of the ANSeS of the current vice president of Alberto Fernández, did not think the same, who knows very well the operation of the Sustainability Guarantee Fund (FGS), read the megamillionaire "mattress" that protects the savings of retirees, of where will the controversy bonds come out.

"Cristina Kirchner would never have allowed me to make a decision of this nature," she launched. And she said, in an interview with Radio Con Vos, that the financial system is happy because they made 25-cent bonds knowing that "there is an election in the coming months and that, if the opposition eventually wins, those bonds can grow in value.

Context matters.

Everything takes place in the midst of the fierce internships of the Frente de Todos, which claims to bet on unity in the face of the elections but publicly exhibits each of its fights.

The President is in tension with Massa, who accuses him of off-the-record operations to wear him down, as Malena Galmarini, wife of the leader of the Renewal Front, admitted.

And rumors of a possible departure of the minister are growing, not fed by the hegemonic media of the K story, but by the official press.

Roberto Navarro, director of El Destape and one of the journalists with the best arrival at the terminals of Albertism and Kirchnerism put it into words.

He assured that the vice president spoke with Massa and told him to resign from the Ministry of Economy next month to be a presidential candidate.

"Stay a month, finish this

," said the former C5N that his sources told him.

Strange parable: CFK, who anointed Fernández to be a candidate in 2019, would now bet on Massa, who in 2015 promises to

sweep away "all the gnocchi from La Cámpora"

, whom he compared to "


", and put the convicted in jail for corruption.

La Cámpora in the mobilization for March 24.

In the background, a sector of Kirchnerism is machining an operational clamor day by day for Cristina Kirchner to be a candidate, to break with a supposed proscription that is not such, but was part of the slogans of March 24, Remembrance Day, despite of the rejection of Human Rights organizations, including Estela de Carlotto and the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo.

In the mobilization, filled with flags and banners for Cristina Kirchner to be a presidential candidate, Máximo Kirchner paraphrased Alberto Fernández's slogan against the banks.

He did it to question the agreement with the IMF.

"One sees that the Monetary Fund comes to explain to us how it manages the economy, while the North American banks fall and they immediately come out to their rescue. They are more interested in rescuing the banks than the people," criticized congressman K. "We are

more interested in bailing out the people rather than the banks and that is always the big problem

," he said.

An important detail: Cristina and La Cámpora endorsed the Government's decision for the ANSeS to part with its bonds in dollars.

"It is a positive measure that will also bring positive performance," they let it be known. 

"Between the banks and the retirees, I stay with the retirees,"

Alberto Fernández said in the 2019 campaign. In 2023, the facts contradicted themselves: the ANSeS dollar bonds will soon pass, ironically, into the hands of the banks, the ones that celebrated the government's measure the most. 

look too

After the tensions, how was the private talk between Alberto Fernández and Sergio Massa to calm the inmate

The former head of ANSeS said that Cristina Kirchner "never" would have let him sell the retirees' bonds and he came across Cecilia Moreau

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