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Christian García's fight: "I see each day differently, not worse"


The journalist talks about a future that is still uncertain but not dark as a patient of Stargardt disease

There is a queue to see a journalist who does not see the name Christian García.

He has such an extensive and rich curriculum that it deserves attention on its own and would therefore explain the expectation aroused at Casa Seat within the afterwork conference cycle



El Periódico.

He has worked with José María García, Jordi Basté, Josep Cuní and Joaquim Maria Puyal on stations as diverse as Antena 3, Catalunya Ràdio and Ona Catalana, before assuming leadership positions at TV-3 and responsibility at the Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals.

So he can speak with criteria of management, information and leadership on sports radio and television, in the most demanding audience and in the classroom of any university.

Now, however, he does not appear nor is he required to talk about his visible and proven professional career, but rather about a future that is still uncertain, but not dark, as a patient with Stargardt disease.

Although he barely sees, he knows who you are as soon as you discreetly lean out, approach suspiciously and finally stammer: "Hello Christian."

The joy with which he responds, the hug he gives and the conversation that follows puts an end to the fear of being reunited, of not being recognized and being inopportune, of showing yourself discreetly because you don't know what you'll find, as if you were the one going groping, nothing to do with Christian's safety.

He not only recognizes people by his voice but also senses who they are accompanied by and associates his presence with a moment of happiness that he enthusiastically relives together with his family and friends like Rafael Vilasanjuan.

The conversation that both have is so pleasant and comforting that when it ends, it is necessary to meet again with Christian to congratulate him and also to arrange an upcoming appointment, a private one,

There is no going back at work no matter how much he resisted the "permanent disability" that he now has after a time of hiding with the excuse of being a "digital clumsy" when in reality he was the victim of a genetic disorder, a regressive disease and degenerative in the macula of the eye.

"I see each day different, not worse," he warns without drama or sadness.

"I say that I have a visual deficiency and people already understand that it is not myopia," he adds, once he has gone through the period of "acceptance, attitude and adaptation", about three years of imprisonment, or if you want, of clandestinity, on which he reflects in an auditorium in which a multitude of journalists coincide.

He assures that he has come out of the closet and no longer needs to pretend or lead a double life, nor does he look for blame, but that regrets have given way to arguments or solutions on how to face adversity "and turn it into an opportunity" with the collaboration of organizations such as the ELEVEN.

"Sharing makes me stronger" argues so that its public exposure and need to live in the present is understood, without missing the past or having hopes of seeing the future, no matter how much science advances as well as technology and ophthalmology has eminences like doctor Jeroni Nadal.

"I don't want to live in hope because then I wouldn't be aware of my reality," says Christian.

There are applications that help with mobility, the computer and the telephone adapt to your needs and reading is guaranteed with the audiobooks: “I need to read the newspaper and in my own way I also see the goals of Messi and Lewandowski”.

Lewandwoski has just arrived at Barça and it is not known when Messi will return.

Christian continues to be informed as a journalist that he is and a listener of the programs that continue on the air in Catalonia.

Today he no longer has as much news as before from José María García, the journalist with whom he learned the value of the exclusive in a newsroom made up of professionals such as Pepe Gutiérrez, Siro López, Quique García Corredera, Rafa Vilasanjuan and Bernat Bafaluy.

"I was then a bestioleta who should be educated," Christian recalled in his speech on

Albert Om's

Islàndia program to explain how he went from being a bug on Antena 3 to becoming a borinot - that's what Jordi Basté called him - in

Catalonia Radio.

“Basté is a radio animal, an exceptional talent with the ability to change programming on the fly based on current events.

He is my radio brother,” Christian added.

He also feels happy for having shared a studio with Josep Cuní.

"I didn't take anything for granted, you had to speak properly and tell things so that the listener understood them," she recalled.

"I associate his way of being with continuous training, professionalism and excellence", added Christian to close his intervention in


with an endearing mention to Puyal: “He is meticulousness taken to the extreme, his self-demand is tremendous and a unique teacher.

He has marked me so much personally and professionally that my daughters and my partner sometimes tell me: `he is already puyalejante´.

I wish I was a little Puyal”.

Christian's work has very good moments and also a unique one when he slipped onto the track at the Montjuïc stadium, as if he were a Spanish athlete, and broadcast the Olympic parade at the inauguration of Bacelona-92 with his Motorola.

The story usually comes out every time Christian appears in public and, nevertheless, it is always newsworthy because on each occasion unknown details appear, as has happened this time at Casa Seat.

Some of us who knew about his illness have been slow to go to meet him for the same reason that Christian himself took time to see us again, until he was convinced that to be seen he needed to be the same as always, the one who dresses before a mirror, turned into a brush, always groomed to the last accessory, so seductive that he allows himself to wear a beautiful watch so that the rest of us know what time it is because he doesn't need it since he has all the time in the world to show that he continues being Christian Garcia.

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