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Marcelo D'Alessandro: "I am going to work so that those who devised this operation go to jail"


The former Buenos Aires Minister of Justice and Security affirms that it is "a task force dedicated to espionage." And he points to Kirchnerism for using the case to put on 'the show' of the political trial of the Court.

-Did you ever think of continuing to lead the ministry?

-It cost me a lot, we have been working in this area for seven years, I assumed the responsibility and privilege that Horacio gave me of being able to transform the lives of the residents of the City.

But I also understand that it is a 24/7 job, that you have to put 100% of your energy into it.

And in this hack, which is public knowledge, the investigation was able to determine those who carried out this maneuver...

-Who are they?

-It is a task force dedicated to espionage.

We were already able to detect several of these actions.

There is a pattern here because those who were violated in their privacy are judges, prosecutors, politicians, there are more than 35. I presented myself as a complainant because although it is very important to have identified who did the work, for me the most important thing is who devised it , who financed it and who ordered it. 

-What is your suspicion?

-Those who have been finding out before it is published are Kirchnerism, those who have been using it to justify an impeachment commission are Kirchnerism, and those who want the onslaught against the institutions, because what Kirchnerism does not control, it destroy, it's them.

One of the users is from the Cabinet Office, for example.

-In these hours, on Twitter, the spokeswoman Gabriela Cerruti crossed it and assured that this is not proof of anything, that it may be a stolen user.

-Well, then answer and explain how a user who allows you to obtain someone's personal data is allowed to be stolen, nothing more and nothing less than the National Registry of Persons.

-Are you convinced that Kirchnerism is behind this?

-What I am convinced of is that we are going to reach the ideological author.

What is clear to me is who was used to put on the show that is the impeachment of the Supreme Court.

-You speak of an operation and of an illegal hacking, and then why resign?

Do you think that the head of government did not support it, how do some even say within their own space?

-If the head of government had wanted to throw me out, he would have done so the first day.

The head of Government at no time threw me out, beyond the versions that existed.

-Didn't you pressure him to take the license first?

-He never pressured me, and he always respected my decision.

Of course he is the head of this political space, and things were discussed.

But from that point he always respected my decisions.

Now that I told him that he wanted to step aside, he respected me, and he asked me to lead the technical security teams.

Was there a break in the relationship?

No, by no means.

I still think the same about him, I still have the same support and the same confidence.

I understand that complex times are coming on the street, that you have to be 100% in a job like this in the ministry and the truth is that I am not going to be because I am going to be able to identify who ordered this.

-Why do you think only your chats were leaked if, as you recently said, for example, the phones of judges and businessmen were hacked?

-The pattern that this has is that they went with judges who were judging the Roads case, with prosecutors who were investigating the Roads case, with Cassation judges who were reviewing the Roads case, and with (Diego) Santilli and me, because the two we exercised the Ministry of Justice and Security.

They needed to generate the link in order to prove



-And why weren't Santilli's chats leaked, for example?

-And why do they come out in installments?

I don't know.

Why, for example, does a chat with a businessman come out where I supposedly charge him a bribe for a tender that he didn't even win?

-It refers to the businessman Marcelo Violante.

-I have no relationship with him, everyone knows it.

Also a report from the Justice determined that the chats, once they took control of the phone, can be modified, adulterated and edit the content.

-Are the chats real?

-You have chats that are real, chats that are edited and chats that are made up. 

-But don't you think that it is a contradiction to maintain that it is an operation and that you had to step aside?

There are even sectors of Together for Change, for example Elisa Carrió, who wonder why she left.

-First and foremost, what makes the difference is that I am not screwed to any position or to any chair.

I made the decision to get where I want to go, I'm going to work so that those who devised, set up and financed this operation go to jail.

They did it nothing more and nothing less than to impeach the Court.

-Was that the ultimate goal for you?

-Without a doubt.

The goal is to bring themselves to justice.

- Do you feel that any sector or part of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta's environment did not behave as you expected it to behave?

-I am very calm with how I behaved and worked, and I am very calm with my relationship with the head of government.

Obviously I can't handle or expect everyone to act as one would act.

For someone to let you down or betray you have to have some feeling, my friends didn't betray me or let me down.

If someone did, it went right past me because it wasn't someone I considered a friend.

-Did you speak with Eugenio Burzaco, who will assume in these hours in his replacement?

-I haven't spoken yet, I have a very good relationship, I've known him for a long time.

She surely she is waiting for the times.

Was your appointment a good decision?

-He has been Secretary of National Security, he is one of the space security specialists, he will have the support of the entire team and my support.

I am not leaving the space, my commitment is to Together for Change.

-Did Patricia Bullrich call you?

-I spoke with Patricia, she told me that she supported me, I always had a good dialogue with her, I was a deputy with her.

Here we are all great people, everyone respects the decisions that each one makes.

Dr. Carrió has given me unconditional support and trust, María Eugenia Vidal has sent me very good messages.

-Rodríguez Larreta never asked you to stay?

-He freed me to make the decision that I wanted and I decided to step aside.

"Did you expect me to tell you to stay?"

-I don't need you to tell me that, in fact you asked me to lead the technical security teams.

-And in the Frente de Todos, did they communicate with you?

-There are many leaders of the Frente de Todos who have been calling me since day one, showing their solidarity with the situation.

-In other words, while part of Kirchnerism has been targeting you for months, there are other leaders from the same space who call you to show solidarity.

-Without a doubt.

Can you give names?

I don't want to compromise anyone.

-This situation began, or became public, with the trip to Lago Escondido with judges and businessmen.

What did he travel to?

-It is a trip that we had been planning, I traveled with people I know 20, 25 years ago.

There are people I didn't know and I met them there.

We went for two days, the truth is that they wanted to put it as if it were a crime and for me it is more dangerous that a Security force like the PSA is investigating or publishing who are the ones who travel to each place.

-Who paid the trip?

- Each one paid for it, it was demonstrated in the case.

I'm not saying it, it's not subjective.

The only proven crime is that a task force stole my line and posted adulterated messages to try to get them to court.

With none of the judges that is there I have a cause, with none I saw benefit in a cause.

They talk about links with Clarín, I am the Minister of Security, what can I offer Clarín, put a policeman at the door?

It's ridiculous.

Do you not regret having traveled?

-No not at all.

And do you regret something?

-Therefore having distracted me in some care of the telephone, for example.

Telegram is an application that I hardly use.

-In the last month, coinciding with your license, insecurity in the City increased, or at least made news again.

To what does he attribute it?

-The socioeconomic crisis that the country is experiencing is really complex.

-But that crisis comes from a long time ago.

-The City of Buenos Aires is not an island, we diagrammed a comprehensive security system that allowed us to anticipate situations and in the event that they occur, act immediately.

That is also why what one needs is the constant leadership of a ministry as complex as Justice and Security.

Is your team going to stay?

My team is going to stay.

Each one will decide.

They will also have to talk to Eugenio (Burzaco), of course.

An exit announced with internal blows

At noon on Thursday, less than a day after presenting his resignation as Minister of Security and Justice, and a couple of hours before the interview with this newspaper,

Marcelo D'Alessandro

got into his car and drove for a little over a hour to Exaltation of the Cross.

Elisa Carrió

expected him simply, in her house with large gardens and a privileged view, with barbecue and salads.

The leader of the Civic Coalition had already told

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

at the beginning of January her public and private discontent with the license requested by the official, due to the leak with the alleged Telegram chats.

They talked alone for almost two hours.

"Total support for @MarceDaless"

, Carrió sent to write in the afternoon on his Twitter, a message of support for the former minister but also a warning to the heart of Uspallata, the seat of the Buenos Aires Government that is going through moments of growing tension these days due to the ups and downs of a campaign that increasingly shakes Rodríguez Larreta's teams.

Carrió, like an important sector of the PRO, is concerned about the leadership of the head of government.

He does not understand why, if it is a Kirchnerist operation, as Rodríguez Larreta himself repeated in recent months, part of the presidential candidate's entourage moved quickly to see the former minister ejected from office.

This is indicated, at least, by the internal reports that reached the ears of the former deputy. 

This is what Patricia Bullrich also thinks, another of the PRO candidates who no longer runs behind the mayor in the polls.

Bullrich and Carrió share another concern: both are dissatisfied with the arrival of Eugenio Burzaco -he plans to take office in the next few hours- as D'Alessandro's replacement.

The former minister says he is calm.

He assures that his relationship with the Buenos Aires head of government was not altered, and that while he plans to return to practice as a lawyer - a classic response in situations like these - he was entrusted by the presidential candidate to lead the technical security teams for his project national.

Rodríguez Larreta knows that he cannot afford to leave anything to chance and that D'Alessandro was not just another minister in his cabinet.

Rather the complete opposite.

The Buenos Aires head of government has already had enough headaches in recent months with his own campaign to add others.

-About Carrió, he was with her this Thursday at her house in Exaltación de la Cruz.

Is she angry with Rodríguez Larreta?

That was what came out.

-She has to answer that, I'm not going to speak for the doctor.

For me it is one of the fundamental pieces of Together for Change.

-Ex-minister Bullrich's comments against the head of government also came out, referring to the fact that he should have supported him and not given arguments to Kirchnerism.

Do you think Rodríguez Larreta lacked more momentum in his defense?

-Each one has its own imprint.

Horacio respected everything I decided, and I also spoke with Patricia.

Then, how each one deals with things, has to do with the imprint of each one.

I wouldn't do a comparison on that.


Marcelo Silvio D'Alessandro is 48 years old, graduated as a lawyer from the Argentine Catholic University and specialized in security.

In 2016, he became Secretary of Security in the administration of Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and was in charge of the transfer of the Federal Police to the orbit of the City together with the then Minister Patricia Bullrich and, a year later, he was in charge for a while. of force due to the departure of the police chiefs.

In 2021 he replaced Diego Santilli at the head of the ministry, and resigned last week after illegal espionage.

In 2013 he was a national deputy for the Sergio Massa Renewal Front.

He had previously set up his legal study and had a stint at the Buenos Aires Infractions Directorate.

He is married and has two daughters.


-A dream:

that insecurity ceases to be a problem for Argentines.

-A challenge:

implement an efficient plan against drug trafficking. 

-A memory:

the birth of my two daughters.

-A leader

: San Martin. 

-A pleasure:

Sunday lunch with the family. 

-A meal:


-A series:


-A book:

Nation to Build, by Pope Francis. 

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