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The great K week of the sanata: retirees are the ones who win


Consistency above all: two months ago, Sergio Massa bought bonds. Now he decided to sell them.

If one takes a quick and unpretentious look at some events of the week, one quickly realizes why we have the crack that we have, and how much the sanata is to blame there.

Remembrance Day is a feat, epic or, if you want it simple, a profound collective fact, not partisan.

The dictatorship was not thrown out by the Kirchnerists, as they want us to believe.

What's more, they are absent from that fact, and nothing but contempt can be felt for that version of history in which

there is nothing true, except for exaggerations

, as Adorno said of psychoanalysis.

They speak from memory and do the greatest of forgetfulness


47 years have passed since that March 24, 1976, which changed the life of an entire generation forever.

And in December they will do 40 of the recovery of democracy with the assumption of Alfonsín.

And we continue to crack.

Looking back not to understand what happened to us but to stay behind


Passion for the old man and for nostalgia.

La Cámpora, an expert in boxes, mixed the traditional rejection of the dictatorship with a march clamoring for the candidacy of Cristina, an imaginary outlaw, and demanding that Fernández resign from hers.

What is said internal democracy


We are going to liberate the country with Cristina, they say.

La Cámpora lies: Cristina has been in government for 20 years in one way or another.

She had plenty of time to free him, although we don't really know what.

From the sanata it is seen that not


The cracks in the country are fundamentally between sanata and what things are.

In 1976, the Military Junta proclaimed that it was taking office as a "decision for the homeland" and among all that degraded and handcuffed were

the courts of justice and freedom of the press


In 2023, the presidential spokeswoman Cerruti copies: she asks to purge justice and the press.

Almost a slogan of the dictatorship


What was Minister Massa saying when in 2015 he spoke more than any of the retirees?

1. He promised 82%.

2. Keep the increases automatic.

3. Pay all judgments...automatically.

What did Cristina say in 2016?: As long as I am President,

I will not sell a single share of the ANSeS Guarantee Fund


What did Luana Volnovich, from La Cámpora and head of PAMI, say?: "Alert retirees and retirees..... The government (of Macri) is auctioning off the Guarantee Fund to comply with the demands of the Monetary Fund."

And what did Fernández candidate say, in August 2019?

1. The guarantee fund is going to be for retirees and how are we going to do it?: recomposing the income of retirees.


Between banks and retirees, I choose retirees


Another ultra K, Victoria Donda, panned for retirees.

Some massista deputy cried for the retirees.

And artists cried for the retirees and others, led by Moria Casán and Dady Brieva, swore in a spot: No with the retirees. The truth is that Kirchnerism recomposed the income: especially Cristina's, who earns $9.1 million .

Or put another way: 124 minimum retirements.

In a 180 degree turn

, they have now decided to take

dollar bonds

out of the Guarantee Fund and give them peso bonds in exchange.

Simply put: if there is a devaluation, the Fund will receive pesos, not dollars.

Remember: the one who deposited dollars will receive dollars?

Since they can't continue taking credit outside or inside, they reach for the bonuses of retirees.

How much?

4,000 million with Argentine law and another 9,000 with foreign law.

From this exchange, a second story will begin:

selling off the bonds to finance the government deficit


Operation that everyone knows, at the end of the day ends in broadcast.

In other words, with more inflation.

Just two months ago, Massa announced the repurchase of bonds to lower the country risk,

a loser of silver


He now he does an exactly opposite operation.

Consistency above all


Fernández and Cristina agree.

Banks and investment funds, partying.

The government still doesn't know how to explain it


If there is something more devalued than the Argentine pesos, it is the word of Argentine politics


And not just politics.

And that better than saying is doing and better than promising is doing.

Everything comes to us from far away.

But the government and its speeches do not live on pesified dollars alone.

Fernández, that when he speaks, he speaks fast and thinks slow, now he also writes fast.

In a letter to the Ecuadorian Lasso, he stated that in Chile justice persecutes opponents.

Sarasa of the confused


She wanted to say and hid it poorly, that in Ecuador justice is persecuting his friend Correa and his former minister convicted of corruption Duarte, who escaped from the Argentine embassy in Quito and magically reappeared at our embassy in Caracas.

And to say that justice is persecuting Cristina here, nothing better occurred to him than to suggest that in Chile he is persecuting another friend and adviser of his: Meo, Marco Enríquez Ominami.

Obviously, she angered the Chilean Boric, a man of the left, as Fernández pretends to be.

Also to get along with Cristina, the so-called Grupo de Puebla got together here.

Promoter among the principals of the meeting?

Marco Ominami.

Oral bullying has face-to-face companions.

Foundational works are being inaugurated lately: a section of pavement there, a sewer there.

Or, like hours ago,

a slow bullet train

in Mendoza: it takes 9 hours longer than when it was inaugurated in 1885.

The thing is to inaugurate whatever comes


The ceremony served for a photographic reconciliation, rather of what is now called virtual: Fernández and at his side Massa, whose wife, Malena Galmarini, a while before complained that La Rosada made her husband off against her.

Other off say that Biden will finally receive Fernández.

Again the adventure of going to pass the cap


The week added, as if necessary,

a hideous outburst

for wild and irresponsible rhetorical audacity.

The useless Enre, who manages the electrical system, associated the directors of the Italian Edesur group with the terrorists from the Embassy or AMIA.

Evident: in order to get rid of the responsibility for the cuts, they scare away investors.

In addition to our unstoppable progress as a banana country, we add that of a healthy country.

We have another national harvest that never ends: that of the macaneo in perpetuity.

Bananas with sarassa, and as Tato Bores knew how to say, good show.

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Source: clarin

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