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Towards another Saturday of demonstrations: "The government of the destruction of the house is tearing the people apart" - Voila! news


In the shadow of the "National Paralysis Week", protests against the reform to weaken the judicial system will be held in approximately 150 centers throughout the country, and hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend them. Starting at 16:30, central streets will be blocked in Tel Aviv, at 17:00 in Haifa. The police called to obey the officers' instructions and use alternative ways

A demonstration against the legal revolution outside Downing 10 during Netanyahu's meeting with the British Prime Minister (documentation on social networks according to Article 27A of the Copyright Law)

The protest against the legal revolution and against the government's moves to weaken the justice system continues to expand, and tonight (Saturday) demonstrations and protests are planned in dozens of locations throughout the country, this is the 12th consecutive Saturday, where hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend.

The main demonstration will be held every week on Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv, where it will begin at the end of Shabbat.

Earlier today, at 4:00 p.m., a protest demonstration is expected in front of the home of Defense Minister Yoav Galant, in Moshav Amikam.

The organization "Sailors come to Galant to show him how to stop legislation" was initiated by veterans of the 13th Naval Unit and the military protest "Brothers in Arms".

At the same time, and for the first time since the demonstrations against the legal revolution began, supporters of the revolution are also expected to demonstrate in dozens of locations throughout the country, including the Azrieli intersection.

Therefore, voila!

Here to get you in order, everything you need to know about the demonstrations against the legal revolution on Mochash - the focal points and the blockades.

The streets that will be blocked in Tel Aviv from 4:30 p.m

  • Kaplan Street from Ibn Gvirol Street to Menachem Begin Street in both directions

  • Kaplan intersection, Menachem Begin road to the north and south

  • The Gesher HaShalom ramps will be closed to the north and south

  • Yigal Alon - Peace to the West

  • Yigal Alon - made in the country

  • Peace - the product of the country

  • The peace - the migration of the youth to the East

  • Yigal Alon - Peace to the South

  • Yigal Alon - Yitzhak Sade to the north

  • Yitzhak Sde Hamsgar to the north

  • Ben Avigdor - Preventing going to prison

  • The streets of Migal Alon: Aminadav, Kramanitzki, Toval, Vicky Sheeran and the exit from the gas station - traffic will be allowed from HaSolim Street

The demonstration against the legal revolution in Tel Aviv, two days ago (photo: official website, Bonat Alternative)

At 19:00 the march of the protest organizations will leave the Bima Square towards Kaplan Street in Tel Aviv.

Among the speakers this evening at the demonstration will be: former Minister Tzipi Livni, Professor Yuval Noah Harari, Eli Cohen's daughter - Batia Cohen, Omar Ben Elhanan, the chairman of the Tel Aviv Student Council and more. The latter was arrested by the police during a demonstration by Rafael employees on Highway 4.

In announcing last night the "National Paralysis Week", the leaders of the resistance to the dictatorship said: "We are entering the fateful week in the history of the State of Israel.

The home-destroying government is tearing the people apart, dismantling the army and the Israeli economy.

Faced with the attempt to turn Israel into a dictatorship, millions will take to the streets and defend the State of Israel and the Declaration of Independence.

Every citizen who wants to live in a democracy must take to the streets, oppose the dictatorship at all costs and paralyze the country.

We are not afraid of a long road, the people of Israel will win - democracy will win."

Demonstrators in Haifa, this week (Photo: Shlomi Gabai)

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The streets that will be closed in Haifa starting at 17:00

Sderot Hanasi from the Bikurim intersection towards the Horev center in both directions.

Entry and exit from the neighborhoods of Kabir, Carmelia and Shambor will be possible through Ha Scopus Street and Derch Hayam.

Sderot Hanasi/Moriya in the section between Bekurim/Wolfson/Zafarir, and further Sderot Moriah from the intersection of Zafarim to the center of Horeb and the nearby streets.

Pika/Khorev/Gat intersection Pika

/Hadasa intersection toward Horev center Pika/Harel intersection toward Horev center


street intersection toward Horev center

Disraeli/Khorev intersection toward Horev center Mapo

/Moriya intersection toward Horev center

Traffic from the square A book in the direction of the center of Horeb will be allowed up to the Mafo junction for those coming in the direction of Carmel Hospital only

Access to Carmel Hospital and Doctor's Street will be possible from Freud/Vitkin/Smolenskin/Harofe/Rank Street only.

In the section between Vitkin/Smolenskin and Harofeh Street and further on Ranak Street (entrance to Carmel Hospital), traffic will be directed by the police officers against the direction of traffic to allow free passage to the neighborhood and the hospital.

Exit through Mapo Street to the left towards Safar Square.

During the passage of the procession and the blocking of Mapo Moriah Street, the traffic arrangements will change for a few minutes until the opening of the roads.

The reservist protest in Jerusalem, on Thursday (photo: documentation on social networks according to Article 27 A of the Copyright Law)

Last night, the leaders of the protest against the legal revolution announced that next week the "National Paralysis Week" will take place, as part of which there will be several "paralysis days", in which there will be demonstrations in front of the coalition members and a huge demonstration in Jerusalem.

According to the plan, protest actions are planned against the coalition members on Sunday and Monday, during which "we will be wherever the members of the Knesset and the ministers are and silence their agenda. We will reach them everywhere and make it clear to them that the dictatorship will not pass through our watch."

On Tuesday and Wednesday there will be "paralysis days", as happened in the last few weeks, but according to the organizers of the protest, a "step up from the previous days of resistance" is expected on Tuesday.

Also, on Wednesday there will be a demonstration in front of the Knesset House in Jerusalem.

On Thursday, according to the organizers' announcement, "there will be protest events that we cannot reveal now."

announced that the legislation would continue.

Netanyahu (photo: screenshot, PM)

On Thursday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the legal revolution legislation would continue.

This, at the end of a protest day full of demonstrations, roadblocks and arrests of demonstrators.

In a speech he gave in his office in Jerusalem, he stated that the legislation to change the composition of the Committee for the Selection of Judges will be approved, and that he intends to start getting involved in the issue.

In his words, he blamed the opposition for refusing to litigate, even though the coalition has not yet complied with its demand to stop the legislation for that purpose.

According to the prime minister, he avoided dealing with the issue until now because "they threatened to remove me as prime minister as soon as possible."

The reason why he could not intervene in the legislation lies in the conflict of interests that Gali Barhav Miara stated that he is involved in because of his trial. "I inform you - that's it.

I enter the event.

I will do everything in my power to reach a solution," Netanyahu claimed.

The day after the speech, Legal Adviser to the Government Gali Beharve Miara informed Prime Minister Netanyahu that he had violated the ruling of the High Court when he publicly announced last night that he would begin dealing with the issue of the legal revolution. In a letter she sent, Beharve Meara wrote that "Your statement and any action taken by you contrary to what was stated is illegal and tainted by a conflict of interest ". Those around Netanyahu rejected the claims of the ombudsman, and claimed that he did not violate any ruling or conflict of interest settlement.

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