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A senior security official: "Officers are leaving and deterrence has been compromised, will lead to the collapse of the state" - voila! news


After the Defense Minister called for a halt to the legislation, the senior official warns that the promotion of the legal reform has led to the understanding by Israel's enemies that it is paralyzed in its ability to react. The source also noted that international support is weaker than ever and the heads of the defense establishment in Gallant's position: "We see the crack in the security bodies"

In the video: Gallant called for the legislation to be stopped: "There is an immediate danger to the security of the state" (Photo: Ministry of Defense spokespersons)

A senior security official is warning this evening (Sunday) that Israel's enemies, including Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas, are following the protests and the widening rift following the legal revolution in Israel and are incorporating this data as a key element in their assessment of the situation.

According to the source, Israel is in an acute and unprecedented crisis that is connected to a process that, in the eyes of the enemies, will lead to the process of Israel's collapse and as a result they see this as an opportunity for them in the current reality.

The words of the senior security official come a day after the statement of Defense Minister Yoav Galant, who called last night to stop the legislation for fear of harming the security of the state following the advancement of the legal reform.

"There is damage to deterrence," the senior security official pointed out this evening in a conversation with military reporters.

"Planning terrorist attacks with offensive outlines (against Israel II), while understanding that Israel is weakened, and perhaps limited and paralyzed in its ability to react.

They also see that international support for Israel is weaker than ever.

The security official also said that in view of Israel's situation, the Iranians are directing the terrorist organizations to carry out more attacks in as many arenas as possible (Yush, Gaza and Lebanon - Israel) in order to increase the pressure on Israel, including harming the Abraham Accords and eroding Israel's position in the international arena .

The Iranians direct the terrorist organizations to produce more attacks, in as many arenas as possible.

Gallant in the Galilee with the Chief of Staff (Photo: Elad Malka)

The senior official commented on the state of the IDF's competence in light of the announcement that thousands of reservists will not report to reserve service if the legislation is passed. This one is working well so far.

The action against the refusal in my eyes is a very central and decisive thing."

However, the senior official expresses concern that, despite the attempts of Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi and the generals at the General Staff to curb the phenomenon of refusal and the damage to the operational capacity of the IDF, it will not be possible to sustain this effort Effective over time.

"When we look forward, it seems that the continuation of the process without an agreed outline of the legislation will result in a significant damage to the competence of the IDF and this arises from the reserve formations, initially from isolated forces and it goes both deeply into the regular, and also laterally to other arms," ​​warns the senior security official .

The senior official shared from the assessments of the situation and the presentation of the data about the state of the IDF. "There is no doubt that we see the crack.

There are assessments by commanders who say that the continuation of the process leads to a crack in the departure of officers in significant positions," says the security source for the first time. "Reluctance to go to the officers' course, avoidance of continued service and volunteering, and also pressure from families on servants to leave the service.

We see all of this today in the tests that the IDF does. And this is also true for other bodies (the Shin Bet and the Mossad - AB)."

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"You see the crack."

Demonstration of the reserves (photo: documentation on social networks according to Article 27 A of the Copyright Law)

The senior security official also says: "I'm already saying today that there is damage. This is why I thought the legislation should be stopped immediately. The damage is significant because a military unit is a unit that needs cohesion and when there is hostility and feelings that develop between people in the unit, this does not produce good things."

The official insisted that stopping the legislative process now is essential.

The danger on the other hand, according to him, is the weakening of the IDF. Damage to its competence. , a conversation in agreement, a cessation of all protests and demonstrations, and above all this a firm call by all those who have their eyes on their heads for a complete stop of the refusals", according to the senior security official.

Iran's relationship with the Saudis - a worrying development.

The signing of the agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia, March 10, 2023 (Photo: Reuters)

"Nasrallah's self-confidence is increasing"

The source also commented on Iran's situation: "It is closer than ever to nuclear capability. Given a decision, they are two to three weeks away from stockpiling 90% enriched fissile material for a first bomb. The second thing is that Iran has a streak of successes. They have taken everything related to to the negotiation procedures with the International Atomic Energy Agency. There is a very worrying progress and this is Iran's relationship with the Saudis mediated by China. At the same time, the relationship between Iran and Russia is getting tighter against the background of the war in Ukraine. We are concerned about the transfer of knowledge and advanced technology in transactions from Russia to Iran and Others. And in the last day there has been an exchange of blows between Hezbollah and Iran and the US in Syria."

The source also referred to the Palestinian arena in the shadow of the continued wave of attacks, including the three attacks that took place in Hawara within one month: "We are at a high level of violence and attacks and continued lack of governance, especially in northern Samaria with an emphasis on Nablus and Jenin," he explains.

"We entered Ramadan at a very non-ideal angle and I hope we will pass the holidays and Ramadan quietly."

As for Gaza, he noted that "Hamas is deterred, but the peace is a limited guarantee when the main pressure is exerted by the Islamic Jihad and rebellious organizations in the Gaza Strip."

The activity of terrorist elements from Lebanon is increasing (photo: official website, Walla system!)

As for Lebanon, the source said that there is an increase in tensions at the border.

"There are many incidents of friction in the areas where we are erecting a fence, but not only. Nasrallah's self-confidence towards Israel is increasing and there is a willingness to establish a different equation. Regarding Megiddo, the terrorist who came from Lebanon, the investigation continues and we continue to examine Hezbollah's involvement. We also recognize the activity of terrorist elements that is increasing from Lebanese territory towards Israel from all kinds of directions and methods. There are efforts by Hezbollah to transfer sensitive military equipment in the direction of Hezbollah and also to the forces in Syria on behalf of Iran and the Shiite axis.

" Funded and pushed by Iran, which finances about 70% of Hamas's budget and about 100% of Hezbollah's budget. The security source also added that there is a decrease in the degree of deterrence and respect that is being given to the US.

"As you know - the Israeli index is connected to the American index," said the source.

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Source: walla

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