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Elections 2023, LIVE: Patricia Bullrich described Mauricio Macri's decision not to be a candidate for president as "historic"


The candidate for Together for Change highlighted the "greatness and generosity" of the former president.

The Frente de Todos, Juntos por el Cambio, leftist and liberal spaces define their

candidacies for the 2023 elections

and confront each other with crossed statements.

I followed the coverage minute by minute on the way to PASO and the general elections in October.

LIVENews in Development

26.03.2023 10:30

10:30 a.m.

Jorge Macri's greeting to his cousin: "How proud I am of you!

26.03.2023 10:27


Negri also highlighted Macri's decision: "Argentines should not look for messianic leaders" 

26.03.2023 10:18


Bullrich: "Macri has prioritized the interests of the country before his own"

26.03.2023 10:10


URGENT: Macri announced that he will not be a candidate for president in the next election

In a recorded message, the leader of Together for Change announced that he will drop his candidacy for the next elections.

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26.03.2023 09:45


Edward van der Kooy

Opinion: The Government continues to play everyone against everyone but now with the noose around its neck

Alberto Fernández with Sergio Massa

"If they keep throwing me, we can all fall." The phrase, always with a sly smile, was pronounced by Sergio Massa in front of Alberto Fernández. Both shared an act in Mendoza at the worst moment of the hostilities that are going through the Government and the Frente de Todos The President only asked for calm and let go of that simile of provocation that would have unleashed another brawl, like the one that had happened in Olivos on Sunday the 19th.

26.03.2023 09:00


Ricardo Kirschbaum

Opinion: Macri, between the division and Milei, is under pressure;

the government in the hands of Biden

Macrismo, its radical allies and the followers of Lilita Carrió today face a paradoxical situation: they are as close to reaching the government as they are to dividing before the presidential election.

With a third danger embodied in the growth of Javier Milei, functional to the desperate needs of a groggy ruling party.

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26.03.2023 08:14


Santiago Fioriti

Analysis: The fearsome off the record in the Government and the days of Sergio Massa's anger

Sergio Massa, angry with the offs of the government.


The versions that haunt the Casa Rosada and the Palacio de Hacienda.

Meeting with Cristina and message from Kicillof.

Keys to the meeting between Macri and Larreta.

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25.03.2023 22:37


The marriage of María Eugenia Vidal and Enrique Sacco: an intimate family celebration

María Eugenia Vidal and Enrique Sacco celebrated their wedding this Saturday in San Antonio de Areco, in the province of Buenos Aires.

It was a family and intimate celebration, with just under a hundred people, including a small group of PRO leaders, including Mauricio Macri and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

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25.03.2023 21:14


Bernardo Vazquez

The Government reinforces security in the Province with gendarmes at the beginning of the electoral year

Given the advance of insecurity and the growth of drug trafficking in the province of Buenos Aires, the national government took action on the matter and as of this Monday will formally create a unified command of federal forces that will operate in five strategic points of the Buenos Aires territory: Plata, Avellaneda, La Matanza, Tigre and Pilar.

This was confirmed by the Minister of Security Aníbal Fernández himself, who in recent days gave credence to the issue on his social networks. The ministerial resolution has already been signed by the official, but it is expected that it will only be published in the Official Gazette this Monday.

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25.03.2023 20:24


Federico Mayol

Marcelo D'Alessandro: "I am going to work so that those who devised this operation go to jail"

The former Buenos Aires Minister of Justice and Security affirms that it is "a task force dedicated to espionage."

And he points to Kirchnerism for using the case to put on "the show" of the political trial of the Court.

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25.03.2023 19:24


While waiting for a new disbursement, Alberto Fernández charged again against the IMF

Alberto Fernández, surrounded by Cuban President Miguel Díaz Canel and the King of Spain Felipe VI (d) at the opening of the Summit, Photo: EFE

The President once again questioned the interest rate applied by the IMF to Argentina.

He shared a dinner with the leaders of Chile and Ecuador, with whom he has just starred in a diplomatic conflict.

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25.03.2023 18:42


Malena Galmarini fired again at Alberto Fernández: "If you have to say something, say it up front"

Malena Galmarini, against the off the record Photo Maxi Failla

Malena Galmarini once again touched on the issue of off-screen statements that come out of the Casa Rosada against the Ministry of Economy, and although she tried to downplay the issue, she asked that things "be said up front, on On".

It was during an interview with Radio Con Vos, where the president of AySA was consulted about different issues on the agenda.

"You want to say something and it depends on the tone. I want to play down politics. I never said that the offs hurt economic policy, other things do. It has nothing to do with what a second or third line official says," he began. Galmarini.

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25.03.2023 18:04


Alberto Fernández interpreted Máximo Kirchner's criticism as his own victory

With guayabera.

Alberto Fernández arrives at the Ibero-American Summit.

Photo: EFE

In Santo Domingo, from the President's inner circle they point out that Kirchnerism accepted that there will be inmates, as the Casa Rosada claimed.

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25.03.2023 17:26


Anibal Fernández: "I am the only one who maintains that Alberto has to be a candidate"

Aníbal Fernández surprised with a defense of the President that seemed like a confession of the political loneliness that lives in his own political space.

"I am the only one who maintains that Alberto has to be a candidate," he said in an interview with radio 10.

The Security Minister sought this Sunday to meet the challenge of Máximo Kirchner, who in the march for March 24 affirmed that if the The President insists on appearing in the PASO, they are going to confront him: "I am the only one who maintains that Alberto has to be the candidate and you tell me, what happens if Cristina shows up? I still have my way of thinking and if Alberto competes with Cristina and He beats someone, who do you think is going to beat Chapulín Colorado?" he said.

25.03.2023 16:12


López Murphy: "Massa's last two months were crazy"

The representative of Juntos por el Cambio, Ricardo López Murphy, charged against the Minister of Economy Sergio Massa, whom he questioned for his "unfortunate" behavior and specifically in the last two months as "insane", "Remember when we bought the debt at

36 Now we are going to sell it at 23. If you have a financial agent like Massa, you will be impoverished for sure". 

Sergio Massa cheats and has already devalued with the Soybean Plan and the Malbec Dollar.

It devalues ​​for friends," Murphy told CNN Radio.

25.03.2023 15:41


Gerardo Morales met with leaders in San Nicolás

The Governor of Jujuy and candidate for president met with leaders and militants in San Nicolás, province of Buenos Aires. 

"We have the commitment and the capacity that the province of Buenos Aires requires. We are going to turn it around. We have the commitment and the capacity that the province of Buenos Aires requires. We are going to turn it around," Morales said and closed: "Go ahead, Radicals! Forward, Radicals!"

25.03.2023 15:06


The photo of Milei along with all her political armament

The liberal candidate shared a photo on his social networks along with the rest of his team that will accompany him in his goal of becoming president in October of this year.

"Isn't it that he hadn't armed? Here's a national and competitive army. Long live damn freedom," said Milei.

25.03.2023 14:37

2:37 p.m.

Ritondo against Grabois: "Anyone is revolutionary with the other's money"

The President of the PRO block and national deputy, Cristinan Ritondo came out at the Juan Grabois intersection for the seizure of land in the El Marquesado area.

"Grabois ran for president and promised to give land to a million people, what he did not say was that he was stealing it. Anyone is a revolutionary with someone else's money," he said on his Twitter profile. 

25.03.2023 12:45

12:45 p.m.

Emilio Pérsico and the inmate of the Frente de Todos: "I don't think it's right to shoot each other in the legs"

Emilio Pérsico with Máximo Kirchner in an act in Nueva Chicago.

Photo Juano Tesone

The referent of the Evita Movement stressed that it will support the government of Alberto Fernández "until the last day" and referred to the inmate with hard Kirchnerism: "The attitude of shooting ourselves in the legs does not seem right to us, the more force the government has the more capacity it has to transform and solve the problem of the humble," he said in an interview with CNN radio.

And he added, about a possible candidacy of Alberto Fernández: "He could go to a STEP, but he has to define it."

25.03.2023 11:52


Anibal Fernández came out to respond to Máximo Kirchner's challenge to go to an intern: "Alberto wins a STEP for Cristina"

Interview with Aníbal Fernández.

Photo: Noel Smart

The Security Minister, Aníbal Fernández, once again supported President Alberto Fernández by predicting that he could defeat Cristina Kirchner in a STEP, in a harsh interview in which he pointed out the leaders of La Cámpora for their constant attack on the president and for asking him to get out of the fight for a re-election.

"Alberto wins a STEP from Cristina," shot the verbose official, one of the main shields of the ruling party in the face of criticism from the group founded by Máximo Kirchner.

Read more here.

25.03.2023 11:07


Ritondo in campaign mode: criticism of Kicillof and request to monitor the elections

25.03.2023 10:50


The president of the bloc of senators of the Frente de Todos insists that Cristina Kirchner must be a candidate 

José Mayans in the Senate.

José Mayans repeated this Saturday that the vice president must be a candidate in the next elections.

"For me, Cristina has to present herself," said the leader from Formosa in an interview with El Destape Radio.

The senator from the Frente de Todos had said days ago that a possible inmate between the vice president and Alberto Fernández "would do a lot of harm" to the ruling party.

25.03.2023 09:56


Sergio Massa says that "being Minister of the Economy and a candidate is incompatible": "Why do they put me in the ring when I don't get in?"

Sergio Massa in an act with exporting SMEs in Tigre.

The head of the economic portfolio assured that he does not think of a possible candidacy for President considering his current job as minister "incompatible".

"Es incompatible lo que estoy haciendo con cualquier candidatura y eso el Frente de Todos lo tiene que definir en el proceso de candidaturas", dijo Massa cuando en una entrevista en radio Mitre le preguntaron si aspiraba a ser presidente.

Y agregó, con énfasis: "Si digo que ser ministro de Economía y candidato es incompatible, para qué me suben a un ring al que yo no me subo".

25.03.2023 08:57


Bernardo Vázquez

El G7 de dirigentes que irán al casamiento de Vidal: el cara a cara de Macri y Rodríguez Larreta y la ausencia de Bullrich

María Eugenia Vidal, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta y Mauricio Macri.

En el inicio del año electoral, hasta San Antonio de Areco llegarán a las 17.30 solamente siete dirigentes políticos, todos íntimos de Vidal y embanderados dentro del mismo espacio, el PRO. Según pudo saber Clarín, los miembros del selecto grupo serán Mauricio Macri, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Cristian Ritondo, Emmanuel Ferrario, Darío Nieto, Federico Salvai y Carolina Stanley.

No está invitada, en cambio, la presidenta del PRO, Patricia Bullrich, anotada en la carrera presidencial como Vidal y Larreta, y a la espera de una definición del propio ex presidente de la Nación. Si bien se respetan, no cultivan entre ambas una relación de amistad. Tampoco irá Elisa Carrió, la otra referente mujer de Juntos por el Cambio, desde la Coalición Cívica. Leer más.

25.03.2023 08:30


"¿Máximo? Patrón de estancia", la crítica de Luis D'Elia a La Cámpora

El dirigente piquetero apuntó contra La Cámpora y también lanzó duras críticas al hijo de la vicepresidenta y referente de la agrupación K.

25.03.2023 08:20


Mauricio Macri y Rodríguez Larreta vuelven a juntarse en el casamiento de María Eugenia Vidal

El día después de la reunión que mantuvieron cara a cara en el exclusivo Tenis Club Argentino de Palermo, Mauricio Macri y Horacio Rodríguez Larreta volverán a juntarse y el motivo será la celebración del casamiento de María Eugenia Vidal con el periodista Enrique Sacco.

The ceremony and celebration will be at the El Rosario ranch, in Areco.

It will be an intimate party but among the guests will be the former president and the Buenos Aires head of government who aspires to be president.

The pre-candidate for Buenos Aires governor Cristian Ritondo will also be there.

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