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Gallant did what was once obvious: he put the country before his personal interest - voila! news


While Gallant became a hero in the eyes of so many last night, on the side of the saboteurs, the option of giving him an ultimatum was considered yesterday - that you announce that you are voting for the coup d'état, or we will get rid of you. The crazy situations we have found ourselves in raise the fear that Netanyahu is unfit for his position

In the video: Gallant called for the legislation to be stopped: "There is an immediate danger to the security of the state" (Photo: Ministry of Defense spokespersons)

Defense Minister Yoav Galant did an obvious thing on Saturday night: in the dilemma between his personal interest and the interest of the State of Israel, he chose the interest of the state.

The problem is, this act is no longer self-evident.

On the contrary - thanks to him/because of him, Gallant became the hero of Israel in the eyes of many yesterday.

When we come to sum up Benjamin Netanyahu's toxic legacy, this will be the first chapter - the unbelievable fact that he has turned all those around him and most of the members of the political system into opportunists like him, people who prefer to succumb to fear and prefer their personal good over the good of the state.

On the other hand, on the side of the sabotage angels, the option of presenting an ultimatum to Gallant was considered yesterday: either you announce that you vote for the coup d'état, or we will fire you.

And who will they name in his place?

You are Avi Dichter.

Provided he agrees, of course.

Can Dichter be trusted to prioritize the good of the state or his good?

There is no telling.

In these troubled and historic days, nothing can be known.

As the days go by and with them the amazing events, the unimaginable pictures and the crazy situations we've found ourselves in, the fear grows that Benjamin Netanyahu is unfit for his position.

Apparently they knew what they were doing when they insisted on amending the new fortification law.

According to the amendment, even if the Prime Minister goes into confinement for a medical/mental reason, a majority of two-thirds of the members of the Knesset Committee will be required for this to happen.

That is, theoretically, even if Netanyahu announces in a speech to the nation that he is ineligible, he will have to muster a majority that will allow him to leave the cockpit where he is entrenched.

If the majority is not reached?

So he will continue to fly our lost plane, into the mountain.

He looked directly at the poison machine.

Gallant (Photo: Reuven Castro)

Netanyahu resembles a mad gambler who has just lost all his money in a wild poker game.

After losing the money, he bets on the car.

After losing her too, he bets the house.

After losing him too, he gambles on his wife and children.

And that's exactly what Binyamin Netanyahu is betting on now: on the house, on the people, on us.

Having said all this, there is no escaping the admission that Yoav Galant stepped into the shoes of Nachshon ben Aminadav on Saturday night.

He set his sights on the poison machine, which had already started targeting him on Thursday, and did the right thing.

In choosing between his political future and the integrity of the IDF and the People's Army, he made the right choice. It may be that he feels, like many, that there is a limit to poison. It is possible that he also understands that Bibiism will not stay here forever. That the members lost their brakes, devoured their cards and broke The tools. It may be that he looks at the protest, amazing and powerful that has been here since time immemorial, and realizes that he must not stay on the wrong side of history.

All these will be investigated in the future.

At present, there is a Gog and Magog war over Israeli democracy and there is a clear and immediate danger to national security.

Gallant reads the intelligence and knows the warnings, he also understands to what extent the hasty coup d'état that some Messianic extremists brought upon us is undermining the foundations of Israel's strength and eroding its deterrence.

What is amazing is not what Gallant did, but the fact that Netanyahu ignores all of this.

The man who was once careful, calculated, averse to adventures, stayed away from wars and rarely engaged in dangerous actions, became the most dangerous fireman in the neighborhood.

We blame Ben Gvir, mock Smotrich and smirk at the daily brilliance of types like Almog Cohen and Zvika Vogel, but there is only one to blame.

His name is Benjamin Netanyahu.

During the arguments for punishment, he will not be able to claim that he feared for his son, trembled for his wife or was simply taken captive by Levin, Rothman and Amsalem.

It will not make an impression on the judges of history.

All this goodness that surrounds us in the last few weeks belongs to him.

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I had a formative experience yesterday at a demonstration in Kaplan.

This is a state cycle meeting.

In three and a half hours, I met countless friends there from elementary school (that I hadn't seen for decades), from high school, from the company, from the brigade, from my distant childhood.

People, women, old and young from all sectors, colors and ages, all united around one flag, blue and white, waving over their heads or over their shoulders.

People with bright eyes, a fitting heart and an infinite love for their country, as it was envisioned by its founders, as it was established by its founders.

Jewish, Zionist, enlightened, liberal, inclusive and enlightening Israel.

People who fell asleep for a long time, sank into a long winter sleep for generations, until they woke up with a scream and felt like saving the homeland.

Each protester and his sign.

Signs made at home, on improvised cardboard, with colored markers, were stuck with sloppy scotch tape, attached to a random stick and hoisted up.

People put all their heart, emotion and creativity into their signs.

I focused on a child, maybe 5 years old, who sat proudly on his father's shoulders and held in his small hand a cardboard sign, not large, but simple: "Let them grow up in peace".

After all, that's all we asked for.

Until Yariv Levin arrived, riding a bulldozer, and burst into our lives with his insane obsession with destroying the justice system, Israel was the greatest national success story of all time.

An empire rose from the ruins of a nation.

A world power (no, not regional. Global) in many and varied fields.

A powerful economy, a formidable security system, an intelligence system unmatched in the world, the best air force in the world, an institution, the Shin Bet, academia, science, the Weizmann Institute, the Technion, national product, the happiness index, the most wonderful city in the world (Tel Aviv) and the most holy and vibrant city in the world In that one small country.

Unfit to lead the country.

Netanyahu (Photo: Reuters)

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on the legal revolution

  • The internal front in Likud: five MKs so far have called for the legislation to be stopped

  • The Chief of Staff warned the government: due to the protest - the IDF is on the verge of reducing the scope of operations

  • A loan on better terms from the bank: up to NIS 150,000 for any purpose

They came suddenly and in a flash threatening all of this.

They almost succeeded.

What spoiled them is the arrogance, the intoxication of power, the lust for control and the excessive appetite.

141 laws, some of them completely insane, are in one or another legislative process, with only one common denominator: their entire purpose is to rule the less productive and non-serving sectors over the sectors that do.

So it won't happen.

It's only when you stand there, in the center of this raging human sea, that you realize that it will be impossible to beat him.

It was an electric experience.

A quick charge of exciting miraculous energy mixed with bursting adrenaline.

Such a protest has never been seen here.

She does not belong to any class, she does not belong to any sector, she does not belong to anyone, except herself.

unique and special.

After thanking Galant, we should also thank Netanyahu.

Thank you for uniting all the Zionist, patriotic, donating, producing and serving parts of this nation.

Thank you for giving us the right to fight, once again, our war of independence.

we will win.

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