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Have you started a business? This is how you will find the right accountant for you - voila! Sentence


How can a CPA help when setting up a new business and why are many businesses closing recently? CPA Roi Karta explains in detail. watch

In the video: CPA Roi Karta in the studio Walla! (Editor: Gilad Man Mannheim)

Many business owners have long understood that the close supervision of a CPA is essential for the development of the business. At what stage of the business should a CPA be involved and what other services does it offer?

CPA Roi Karta, founder of the office of CPA Karta & Co., came to the studio Walla!

to explain the subject in detail.

I started a new business.

How do I find a CPA that will suit me?

"Like looking for an iPhone case, start with Google," explains CPA Carta.

"It's worth checking out that CPA, to see what he offers, what his added value is, and of course if he's related to the business.

A CPA provides a service, and it is important that he knows how to provide a service. Chemistry is also important, like everything. In addition, it is important that the CPA be from the new generation and not a historian.

CPAs of the new generation give added value and help lead the business to a better place."

How can a CPA accompany me in setting up a business?

When setting up a business, you should consult with a CPA and a lawyer to avoid mistakes.

On this, CPA Karta said: "Accompanying businesses by a CPA is essential, as a CPA is supposed to help in two ways - first, to understand whether the business will be defined as a company, licensed dealer, exempt or partnership. This has financial and legal consequences. It is important to build a business plan. Although it is a bombastic name, it is essential. It is important to understand how much money is needed, at what points I will need help and more. Once you build a good plan, you understand where you are getting into and avoid landmines before you even start."

A business owner should understand that once he opens a business, he is everything (Photo: ShutterStock)

Why are many businesses closing recently?

A business owner should understand that once he starts a business, he is everything - the salesman, entrusted with financial management and also with human resources.

Many businesses try to focus on operations and it doesn't work because you have to know how to do everything.

"It's also important to be connected to numbers, which are the language of the business," points out CPA Karta. "Otherwise it's hard to get to know the business.

Every business owner needs to control a number of indicators."

What is your worldview at Karta Co.?

CPA Karta points out: "Contact with the client is the main thing for a CPA. A CPA who knows that person personally will be able to provide better service.

The more the client initiates with the CPA, the more value he will receive. We strongly believe in this and encourage clients to contact us, whether by phone, Facebook or WhatsApp. We do a tax assessment for each client, so that they know what their situation is with the authorities and establish contact with the customers, so that they have their finger on the pulse and know what is happening in the market. We also have a track called financial navigation. With the customers in this track, we meet every quarter and build them smart management reports, which are adapted to their business."

You also have a financial navigation workshop.

Can you tell about her?

"We built a focused workshop," concludes CPA Karta. "Any dealer can come and learn how his business works - what the important numbers are and how he reaches them.

This is a workshop at a nominal price, because our goal is for businesses to start working properly."

Karta & Co. CPA office provides accounting services, accounts and financial management, consulting and saving and accompanying businesses for financial success. To contact us and for more details contact here


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