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Hundreds of families mourning the members of the government: do not come to the Memorial Day events - voila! news


In a declaration of opinion given by members of the Bereaved Families Struggle, they called on the government to immediately stop the legislation, and to reach a broad consensus. The statement said that the families will not be able to "stand quietly on Memorial Day in the face of empty propaganda speeches by those who erase the values ​​for which our loved one fell."

On video: Hundreds of reservists break into a toast to religious Zionism in Petah Tikva (photo: Reservists' protest, Brotherhood of Arms)

Representatives of families from the protest of the bereaved families gathered today in Kfar Maccabiah and made a statement against the legal revolution.

The participants called on politicians not to come to the Memorial Day events this year due to the legislation.

In a statement published by the families, it was said: "In a few weeks, the Day of Remembrance for the Fallen of Israel's systems and the victims of hostilities will begin. For several months, we, the sons and daughters of the bereaved family, wake up with a crying heart, a torn soul, and torn eyes, into a nightmare in which we see how the Israeli government - As the one who holds the steering wheel and bears the ultimate responsibility towards the entire people of Israel, as one people - she is crushing Israeli society at a runaway and undermining the foundations of the state, to the point of endangering the very existence of the state, our very existence."

Representatives of the bereaved families in the village of Maccabiah, March 26, 2023 (photo: Walla! system, Uri Sela)

It is also stated in the manifesto: "We foresee how the rift in the nation is opening up. We foresee the friends and comrades of our loved ones, torn from the inside, cracked, how the evils are unraveled. We feel their pain and understand that a weak, confused and divided army cannot win. We see how the deterrence of The State of Israel is being eroded. We foresee how our enemy, who aspires to our brides, polish their swords with pleasure and prepare for the day of command. We, unlike those who do not know the magnitude of the price, are not allowed to ignore the warning signs that are constantly piling up."

Accordingly, the families called on the government: "Stop immediately and unconditionally the legislation that undermines the

foundations of the state! It's time to stop the mad gallop towards the mouth of the abyss! The time has come to internalize! Without a broad consensus that will put the people of Israel and the State of Israel above all other considerations and actually reverse the crisis Great for a founding constitutional moment for Israeli society, we will face the destruction of a third house."

As a result, the statement said: "All this will not allow us to stand quietly on Memorial Day in the face of empty propaganda speeches by those who erase the values ​​in whose name and for whose sake our loved ones fell and in the face of those who, on routine days, as a matter of course, call a large part of the bereaved family members, anarchists, terrorists, Outlaws and traitors."

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"Give respect to those who remain alive."

Orli Ascher at the gathering of the bereaved families (photo: Walla! system, Uri Sela)

One of the speakers, Orli Ascher, whose brother fell in the helicopter disaster in 1997, said: "I and hundreds of families with me are calling on Dichter to stop the legislation for the sake of the people of Israel, to negotiate and talk for legislation with a broad consensus. To stop and give a chance to unite the rift in the nation and give hope to the children of the fallen so that our dead They will not be in vain."

She turned to the Prime Minister and said: "Mr. Netanyahu, I read two days ago that you said, 'Even if I stopped the legislation, it wouldn't help.' that we lost".

She also said: "Netanyahu, you are also a bereaved brother, and as you said the prime minister of all of us. Please, give respect to those who lost their lives. Give respect also to those who remain alive. I am calling everyone - join us for the unity of Israel."

Amit Yaori who fell in Operation Tzuk Eitan (photo: courtesy of the family)

Shahar Yaori, whose son Amit fell off a cliff, said: "I am here of my own volition. Both the pain of bereavement, and as a concerned citizen. The politicians here are rude and scornful in the most painful places. I will not forget the humiliating election broadcast near Amit's grave. Even then, Netanyahu did not condemn Memorial Day, for us, is not a day - it is a minute, every minute of the day. There is not a minute that we do not remember and grieve. For the people of Israel, this day is very significant, but it is one day a year."

Yaori added: "We want this day to be in our honor and for the sake of the boys. We stand every year and hear speeches in high language about unity and one nation. What is happening this year? This year we are no longer one nation. Will they continue to talk about unity?! About brotherhood?! Will they continue to say How many of our sons have fallen and served the country on a silver platter? It sounds like cynicism, hollow and empty words that only come to sting and hurt us."

He added: "The participation of politicians from all shades of the rainbow on the coming day is unnecessary. Our protest is not political. Anyone who thinks that we do not belong here and are not Zionists, it is not relevant. We each have our own opinions. I do not want politicians from either the left or the right. Whoever wants to come - should come in private clothing. We don't want hollow, stupid speeches, without real meaning."

Bereaved families protest, March 23, 2023 (Photo: Niv Aharonson)

Hani Cohen Ron, the widow of Dodi Cohen, a tank commander who fell in 1973, said in tears: "49 years when the politicians' speeches come, it's a mess for all of us.

We hear that there is no choice.

And it doesn't matter at all which side of the political map.

Yesterday I wrote a post pleading: don't come, give us peace on this day.

I got horrible responses.

That's how it is in the protocol."

Referring to the legislation, she said: "You are making a legal revolution and changing everything, what's the problem with changing that too?

The pranksters asked me, 'What do you remember now?

All these years it bothered you and now you remember?'

I confess: I fell asleep while watching.

Now when I woke up I received news that Ben Gvir is coming to Be'er Sheva.

I thought I was freaking out.

I said I just won't come.

We will not go like a woman who is locked up in a shelter for battered women and her criminal husband walks around."

Cohen Ron also said: "Why should I run away, that they won't come. I don't want to hear and see them. It's very difficult for us. I'm on the edge. I don't want to hear the tears that sent them to hell, Distel who said that they are a fall of Nemusoth, to hear That I'm an anarchist. I stand every Shabbat in Kaplan, silent and crying. I'm begging, give us rest, we don't have any anyway."

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