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Lyna Vallejos, the youtuber from Morón who made the leap and today is a best seller


In addition, she is an actress and cartoonist, from her home she conquered almost twenty million followers who made her a success.

He is 28 years old, but his audience is childish: he exhausts his books, filled a theater four times and follows each of his stories on the networks.

Born in Morón, this youtuber tells


how she creates her own universe

From her.

“I wouldn't trade this job for anything.

I love it.

Although there is always the ghost of how long one will be relevant ”, Evelyn Vallejos is excited.

Or Lyna, as she is known.

His videos, with personal stories, songs and even online games,

draw crowds


Almost twenty million followers between his different YouTube accounts.

Pay attention to the channels and the numbers: 15 million in


, more than 5 million in


, almost 3 million in


, 50 thousand in


, and 60 thousand with



In addition, 820,000 on


, which she shares with her husband, Daniel Morro, also a youtuber, a 29-year-old Spaniard with 6 million followers on social networks.

“I don't even know how many channels I have anymore,” laughs Lyna.

Together, this summer

they took the stage of the El Nacional theater, on Corrientes avenue

, which was filled with boys around 10 years old who sang all their songs.

Show Lyniel

was called the work written by both and that had the help of relatives.

Melina, Lyna's younger sister, appears as the third leg of the project, playing the grandmother, a character that caught on with the fans.

Everything Lyna and her people do is known as “Team”.

“In October we're going back to make a Gran Rex,” Lyna announces.

There is more


Lyna is one of the best - selling authors in the country


Four titles published in the saga of

An abnormal family

since 2018, a year after the editor of Penguin Random House, Erica Marino, offered to tell stories based on her characters.

One of the books in the saga of An abnormal family, by Lyna Vallejos.

“It was at night when I read the email with the proposal and I couldn't believe it.

I always liked writing, so I let a few hours go by so I wouldn't seem desperate and said yes,” she recalls.

Lyna talks fast, stops, laughs, and continues.

His titles

In Search of Minuca's Treasure

(the first, with more than twenty reissues),

The Sorceress Mystery


A Very Strange Vacation


The Crossing of the Universes

sold more than 500,000 copies in Argentina.

The success is repeated in Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Spain.

Stories written by her husband, Daniel, and her sister, Melina, and coloring books

are added .

Lyna Vallejos on stage.

Together with her family, she prepared a theatrical performance.

Photo: Juano Tesone.

Each story, each drawing, is made by Lyna herself.

When the Book Fair is held, no signing round is organized because the presence of fans is massive, they add from the editorial.

“Total best seller”, they define it.

“Many parents tell me that their children enter the world of reading because of my books”, he is excited.

“It's amazing to me

that there are guys who start reading because of me


-How did you start, Lynn?

-I was studying Communication at the University of La Matanza when I opened my channel, around 2014. I wanted to be a television news editor.


when I started on Youtube I understood that it was not necessary to obey an editorial line

, but that I could say, although with filters, what I thought.

When I understood that, I said to myself "I love journalism but I wouldn't work in traditional media."

I started as

a gamer

and then I opened up.

I like to innovate, try new things, expand.

I always have a Plan B.

-Today you are your own means of communication.

-We are like a small company, but everything happens through Daniel and me.

Because the ideas are ours.

It's a lot of pressure.

Today, with experience, editing a video can take you 5 hours.

In addition, you have to think about the title according to the Google algorithm.

When something like this grows, a team is needed no matter what.

We have it.

We delegate, but we keep doing things.

I like to draw;

in fact I illustrated my books


I also like to write.

Then there are editors who do the post-production of the videos.

Because YouTube professionalized compared to the beginnings.

Eight years ago you recorded, edited and uploaded.

Not now;

now there is a previous construction.

Which takes time.

- How much, more or less?

Are you one of those who live pending cell phone?

-There are times when I can be 16 hours, literally.

As for the telephone, it goes with us everywhere, because

it is part of our life and it is also our job


We need to be connected.

But it's not like we look at it all the time.

Right now, here, I left it there and I don't touch it.

Unless it sounds a lot and I see that it's my mom and I answer, in case something happened.

We force ourselves to take breaks.

The same if we are eating.

But it depends.

-If you see something that catches your attention, do you cut everything to record?

-We don't make occasional videos: if we see a butterfly we don't start recording.

Generally, we plan the videos a lot in advance.

From Morón to the world

When Lyna speaks in the plural, she includes Daniel, present in this interview.

They met at a youtubers meeting.

He returned to Spain and she to Argentina, to her house in Morón.

It was Daniel who told her that to be with her he was settling in this country.

And they arranged to live for a time on each side.

Former psychology student, avid reader, youtuber and Real Madrid fan, Daniel works side by side with Lyna.

He also writes his books as part of Lyna's world.

Today they are married with a booklet and all those of the law, which are divided between Morón and Mallorca.

Lyna was born into a middle-class family in Morón.

Trucker father and mother employed in a neuropsychiatric hospital.

When the parents divorced, Lyna was 12 years old and stayed with her mother, Elizabeth, who is part of the "team", and her sister, Melina, then 7.

Also his grandmother, who was his beacon.

He still gets emotional when he remembers her.

Especially since she died shortly before the Covid 19 pandemic and she, Lyna, was in Spain without being able to come to Argentina.

"If she returned to me, I would lose the residency papers, which were in process," she blurts out.

So there

was a truncated farewell


Good student, was a dancer and model.

While studying Journalism, she dabbled in Youtube.

She recorded herself playing the Sims,

the game that she had been passionate about since she was a child.

She then she Minecraft and then Roblox.

Behind him, on the bed, was a duck doll, which went viral.

And Pato became a character in his videos.

In a month and a half he had more followers than he expected.

Thus began Lyna's world.

That she followed with videos in which she was shown skating or some hidden camera, like the joke she made to Daniel when she told him that she wanted to separate from her.

Look at his face: he doesn't understand anything;

and look at Lyna's: she tries hard not to laugh.

Lyna says that without him, she would not be the YouTuber that she is: “

I never had confidence in myself


Daniel was the one who helped me trust myself.”

-How do you see the future of work when technology changes so fast?

-YouTube involves adapting all the time.

If you don't adapt, you lose.

Today I cannot do the same as I did in 2020, for example.


I am in favor of doing what I like

, or what I enjoy, because if not, people notice.

Sometimes we work between 14 and 16 hours a day, but we have a great time.

I hope you continue this work, because we love it.

Why do you think so many millions of people follow you?

-I think there is a personal connection with people.

Something that does not happen with television.

Social media changed everything.

We generate closeness and know the public, something fundamental.

I remember that, when I started, I had a meeting with my followers.

I thought they would be adults and I found boys.


I did not expect it!

So I started thinking about how to do the same, but for boys.

That's what I was telling you before: you have to adapt all the time.

children of the tear

Your relationship with children is important.

How do you think about it, how do you define it?

“Many times the boys come and tell me things that happen to them,” she explains.

“Obviously I can't answer everyone, but somehow I try to be there.

Sometimes one can help with a video.

A simple video can brighten someone's day


I even had bad days and the messages from the boys reached me... Sorry for getting emotional (his eyes get wet)... But maybe a comment makes my day better.

That's what I like about my job: what I take away from people.

Oh Dany!

Every time I cry, he cries (

he laughs


He is automatic.

And Daniel tears up: "It's impossible for it not to happen to me", he resigns himself.

-Are they very emotional?


I cried in the theater.

People's comments fill me up.

-You filled a theater four times.

-We were going to do a book signing, but we canceled it, so we thought about the play.

That's how it came about.

Seeing the guys there, waiting for us to go on stage, it's energy.

We watch how people enter, how the theater fills up.

We take photos of them.

revitalizes you

They make you want to go on and on and on.

I cry when I think that in Argentina things are complicated and yet they are going to see you, with a lot of effort to pay the ticket


I keep surprising myself.

For example, in the theater: a thousand people per show was a lot.

The tickets were sold in one day and I started crying.

For a few thousand people it is nothing, but for me….

I value the effort of each family, because it is not cheap.


The energy of the guys is great.

-Have you ever imagined being a best seller?

-No (



We got into the world of books because of the email I told you about.

I have always made short stories, because I like to write.

Writing for kids was a challenge, but I loved it because it was something new, and if there's one thing I love, it's expanding creatively.


I write my books and he writes his, but we think about the stories between the two of us.

We both corrected.

I have a map of Tembleque (the place where their stories take place).

We do teamwork

without interfering in each other's writing, but we feed each other.

My sister checks too.

We look for the characters to be like us, to reflect our personality.

The drawings are made by me to have the same drawing and style that is seen on the channel in the books.

Lyna Vallejos: she never imagined being a best seller, but today she is one of the best-selling authors in the country.

Photo: Juano Tesone.

-There is a video of yours that is repeated all the time:

Crazy in love


It does not stop sounding among your public.

-I did it to Dani… Hey, Dani, come here!

Daniel approaches and manages to say: “I just can't listen to that song.


Every time I hear it, I cry."

And he cries. 

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