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Macri gets off but gets stronger and now a new game begins


He announced that he is withdrawing from the candidacy, not from politics. We will have to see what happens. But he gains more stature.

Clarified the

First Time


Macri was not referring to a second time with him as a player, but on the bench, although not on the side of the pitch

but on the pitch


Said like this, for someone who has been president twice, once from Boca, which is not easy, and another from the country, which is much more difficult, the step he has just taken may sound backward.

But if what Macri is looking for is to become the guarantor of a change, it is something else.


he starts a new game

, outside and inside Juntos.

It wrinkles the barrier to those who based his speech on the fact that "he better not come back because all the ills we have are his fault."

They are going to have to do something with his story: Kirchnerists ask Fernández to imitate Macri and Albertistas ask Cristina to do the same as Macri.

The word most pronounced by Kirchnerism, with recent variants like that, from Larroque:

The homeland is the other

, which echoes Borges's phrase, has been Macri.

Kirchnerism loves the ghosts of the past and some present ones,

like the one of the proscription


Perhaps there they continue talking about Macri, saying that he got off because they did not give him the numbers.

But Macri is no longer the one ahead of them.

They were looking for that.

They are going to have to target either Bullrich or Larreta, who were never at La Rosada.

Bullrich and Larreta (in alphabetical order)

are Macri's notorious godchildren

, whom he sends to Paso, an unknown experience.

What will the government do?

He does not know / does not answer.

Macri says that he already went.

Cristina seems not, that she was and is, with those anachronisms less and less crowded and commented on the marches of the cry.

what cry?

Macri is now showing that she taps into what is hers

better and more concrete than Cristina

, whose self-proscription seems to have been designed to be mobile: one day yes, another more or less, never not completely.

If a group of Pro leaders thought of retiring Macri, this did not happen.

He withdraws from the candidacy, not from politics.

It's a change of seat.

He puts order in the internal and directs what was already derived more towards the people: they send the STEP, not the finger, as with Cristina.

The countergestion

enlarges it and makes it more difficult to think about his retirement

From him.

We will have to see what happens later, but he acquires

a political stature that he never had


With age one is wiser if one can distance oneself from vanities and grudges, and do what has to be done.

Macri won the PASO and the chaos in the Government helped him to present himself.

Influential friends, such as Paolo Rocca, asked him for it.

Or the radical Sanz, who this week told him: “It has to be you.

I said two years ago that you couldn't be.

I made a mistake".

But why did he get off?

Perhaps because this bottomless economic crisis associates him with his and in one of those he benefited Milei.

Both radicalism and Lilita can find in Macri the interlocutor to advance agreements beyond the interests of the candidates.

Within the Pro, it is most likely that he will impose the conditions of the competition between Bullrich and Larreta.

He now has

more power to mediate and define the strategy

of his own space.

Will he be neutral in that fight?

Or will he help himself as he has been helping Bullrich in the face of the imbalance in equipment and resources that Larreta has?

The first issue to resolve is the City.

They agreed that there is

only one Pro candidate

who would be chosen through a survey, as in Córdoba.

Some imagine that the method could be repeated in the Province.

Back to the City;

harder to figure out what to offer Lousteau.

His agreement with Larreta does not fit into this broader agreement with Macri.

Larreta sent Angelici on Saturday to see with Macri if they find a way out.

Larreta resigns the decision to fight Macri's leadership in exchange for being able to contest the candidacy for president.

In good or some part, this step to the side of Macri could end up being upwards and

should worry Milei

, who proposed to Macri to go as his vice.

Some powerful PASO can end up concentrating the opposition vote.

The government will continue to say that we are as we are because of Macri.

But he will have to deal volleys against Milei, in addition to the many that he fires at himself.

It depends more and more on the votes that Milei can take from Cambiemos.

Kirchnerism cannot ignore itself: the third step of the podium is at stake.

Does this order the space of the opposition?

No, but it may be the beginning.

The Macri reactions in the networks seem to show this synthesis: what a rant, Macri that you are not, but how good that you are not.

And what will be the electoral impact?

With Macri outside, the opposition passes a very contrary message that is already a campaign, but partisan, not personal: there is no Messiah.

The government of occasional saviors like Massa did not improve anything.

It got worse and continues to get worse because there is no other government, it is the same as Cristina and Fernández.

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