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Russia-Ukraine war, LIVE: 'Dangerous and irresponsible', NATO's harsh criticism of Russia's nuclear rhetoric


The Alliance spokesman stated that they are closely monitoring the situation, in case they demand to adjust their nuclear strategy.-

Russian President Vladimir Putin today accused NATO of

trying to create a global axis in the image of Nazi Germany

with Italy and Japan in the 1930s, an alliance that led to World War II. .

Meanwhile, from the Alliance they affirmed that "Russia's nuclear rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible."

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26.03.2023 11:27


"Dangerous and irresponsible", NATO's harsh criticism of Russia's nuclear rhetoric

"Russia's nuclear rhetoric is dangerous and irresponsible," NATO estimated on Sunday after President Vladimir Putin's announcement to deploy "tactical" nuclear weapons in Belarus.

"NATO remains vigilant and is monitoring the situation closely," said Atlantic Alliance spokeswoman Oana Lungescu.

At the moment, "we have not seen any changes in Russia's nuclear device that would lead us to adjust ours," she added.

26.03.2023 10:38


Ukraine calls for urgent UN Security Council meeting over nuclear weapons in Belarus

Ukraine called on Sunday to urgently meet the UN Security Council, after Moscow's announcement that it will deploy tactical nuclear weapons in neighboring Belarus.

"Ukraine expects from the United Kingdom, China, the United States and France effective actions to counter the nuclear blackmail of the Kremlin," which is the fifth permanent member of the Security Council, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

"We ask that an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council be convened immediately to this end," the ministry added.

26.03.2023 09:41


Moscow has made Belarus its 'nuclear hostage', Ukraine claims

Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko, presidents of Russia and Belarus (Sputnik/Vladimir Astapkovich/Kremlin via REUTERS)

Russia has made Belarus its "nuclear hostage," kyiv said Sunday, the day after President Vladimir Putin announced the deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on his ally's territory.

"The Kremlin has taken Belarus as a nuclear hostage," the secretary of the Ukrainian Security and Defense Council, Oleksii Danilov, wrote on Twitter, considering the decision "a step towards the internal destabilization of the country."

Putin said on Saturday that he had "agreed" with Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to position tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Lukashenko, in power for nearly 30 years, is a major Russian ally, and in February 2022 he allowed the Kremlin to use his territory to invade neighboring Ukraine.

Since then there have been fears that Belarus would join the offensive in Ukraine, but Lukashenko replied that he would only do so if his country is attacked.

According to Danilov, the announcement made by the Russian president "maximizes the level of negative perception" of Putin and Moscow "among Belarusian society."

26.03.2023 08:57


Ukraine fears for the future of one of its most important nature reserves

The future of one of the best-known nature reserves in Ukraine, the "Askania-Nova", with 110 square kilometers of virgin steppe, is in danger due to the Russian invasion and the specialized personnel who take care of it feel "under threat". .

The reserve, located in the partially occupied area of ​​Yerson, employs a number of researchers and houses a large zoo that attracted some 140,000 visitors annually before the Russian invasion.

Its semi-wild animals, like the rare Przewalski horses, rely on the support of skilled personnel who managed to keep working even after the area fell under Russian control on the first day of the invasion more than a year ago. 

However, the Ukrainian administration can no longer guarantee further preservation of the reserve and it is "under immediate threat", according to an official statement.

26.03.2023 08:20


Putin accuses NATO of trying to create a global axis like Nazi Germany

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

(Gavriil Grigorov, Sputnik, via AP)

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused NATO on Thursday of trying to create a global axis in the image and likeness of Nazi Germany with Italy and Japan in the 1930s, an alliance that led to World War II.

"What does the United States do? They create new and new alliances, which gives arguments to Western analysts to talk about the West building new axes," Putin said in statements to public television.

He recalled that, according to the new allied conception approved in 2022, NATO intends to "develop relations with the countries of the Asia-Pacific region", which would include New Zealand, Australia and South Korea.

"And they claim that they will create a global NATO. But what is this? At the beginning of the year the United Kingdom and Japan, if I am not mistaken, signed an agreement (...) to establish contacts and develop ties in the military field," he claimed.

For all these reasons, "Western analysts and not us say that the West is beginning to build a new axis similar to the one created in the 1930s by the fascist regimes in Germany, Italy and militaristic Japan."

At the same time, Putin denied that Russia and China are forging a "military alliance", although he acknowledged that there is cooperation in the military-technical field.

"We do not hide it. It is all transparent, there is nothing secret (...), we hold military exercises. By the way, not only with China, but also with other countries we continue to do them despite the events in Donbas, Zaporozhia and Kherson ", he pointed.

26.03.2023 03:46


Ukraine disabled more than 85 Russian attacks in the last day

The General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces assured that it defused more than 85 attacks by Russian troops during the last day.

The accuracy was delivered in the morning update that the Ukrainian army conducted this Sunday.

25.03.2023 23:17


They report two Russian attacks on Dnipro during the last day

Serhii Lysak, governor of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, reported that Russia carried out two attacks in the region in the last day.

During the morning, he specified on Telegram, he said that Moscow "aimed heavy artillery at the community of Velikomykhailiv in the Synelniky district."

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, he said he attacked "from a drone over the community of Marganets in the Nikopol region."

"The attacker's projectiles did not reach people, there were no victims," ​​Lysak clarified.

25.03.2023 22:28


Borrell: EU wants to avoid "dependencies" with China as with Russian gas

The head of diplomacy of the European Union, the Spanish Josep Borrell, said this Saturday that the bloc seeks to avoid "dependencies" with China as it had with Russian gas and called for strengthening the commercial relationship with Latin America.

"Europe and Latin America have the opportunity to show that the trade relationship is still a source of progress," Borrell commented during his speech at the Ibero-American Summit in Santo Domingo, arguing that the need for "security" prevails when talking about integration .

"We have discovered that the dependencies, which were elements that built peace, are also weapons that can be turned against us. Europe's excessive dependence on Russian gas made (Vladimir) Putin think that he could invade Ukraine with impunity because Europe did not would react, prisoner as it was, of 40% of our gas consumption coming from Russia," he explained.

25.03.2023 21:52


The Russians “commit a crime and boast”

"I am frankly shocked by the behavior of Russian officials. It turns out that simply committing a crime is not enough for them. They even brazenly flaunt it. I think it is some kind of perversion to show your villainy to the whole world. But all this will not go unpunished" said Iryna Vereshchuk, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories.

25.03.2023 21:18


kyiv thanked London for receiving Ukrainian refugees

Ukraine's ambassador to the UK, Vadym Prystaiko, thanked the British, who accepted Ukrainian refugees as part of the Homes for Ukraine programme, which has been in existence for a year. "I am grateful 

to all the local councils and all the families who they opened their homes, their hearts and sometimes their wallets to Ukrainians fleeing the horrors of war. 160,000 Ukrainian women and children reached British shores and were accepted into your communities and schools. But some still need your help There is still an unprovoked and unjustified war in Ukraine, and I am asking those who can to come forward and offer their support,” the official said.

25.03.2023 20:20


“Bajmut at night”

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine accompanied with just that title a video of about 30 seconds that reflects how the city that Russia tries to take definitively is, During a large part of the images the windows of a building bathed in fire are observed, a product of the bombings.

25.03.2023 19:40

7:40 p.m.

The meaning that the Russian defeat would have, according to Zelensky

"It is the large-scale defeat of Russia that will be a reliable guarantee against new aggressions and crises," Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said Saturday in a video posted on his social media.

25.03.2023 19:17


The Kremlin will modernize 1,600 tanks and produce new ones

The project is for three years, Moscow announced.

AP Photo

Russia will modernize more than 1600 tanks in the next 3 years and will produce new ones.

Putin said on March 25 that his country planned to modernize 1,600 tanks available in its inventory over the next three years, as well as increase tank production, Russian state media reported.

25.03.2023 18:58


Idafe Martin

Enemy or possible ally?

Europe debates its relationship with China against the background of the war in Ukraine

The presidents of France and Spain are traveling to Beijing soon.

What is at stake in this delicate and sometimes ambiguous link.

Read more.

25.03.2023 18:31


Brazilian Foreign Minister questions arms shipments to Ukraine and rejects unilateral sanctions

The Brazilian Foreign Minister, Mauro Vieira, today criticized the shipment of arms to Ukraine, as well as the sanctions applied to Russia in the framework of the invasion of the neighboring country and called for a negotiated solution to the conflict, in his speech at the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit which is celebrated in the Dominican Republic.

"We have seen the preponderance of speeches defending the transfer of arms, naturalizing rhetoric and describing calls to seek peace through diplomacy as naive," Viera said at the summit, which he attended in place of President Luiz Inácio. Lula da Silva, who was scheduled to travel to China this weekend for a multi-day tour that eventually had to be canceled due to pneumonia.

"Brazil thinks in a different way: we condemn the invasion of Ukraine and the annexation of its provinces," said the foreign minister, who pointed out that his country is committed to "direct and indirect dialogue between the parties" and is willing to contribute to the peace effort.

25.03.2023 17:29


They change the name of the yacht of the Russian sanctioned Andrey Guryev

The Government of Antigua and Barbuda announced this Saturday that it is going to change the name of a superyacht docked at one of its docks for more than a year that is owned by Russian billionaire Andrey Guryev, under US sanctions.

Likewise, the Executive indicated that the vessel will sail under a new flag when it is sold at a public auction in the coming weeks.

The "Alfa Nero", valued at 80 million dollars, is docked at the Falmouth Harbor pier, on the Caribbean island of Antigua, according to local government data.

For his part, the chief of staff of the prime minister's office, Lionel Hurst, declared that the change of name and flag of the 267-foot-long vessel will allow it to leave the port.

25.03.2023 16:49

4:49 p.m.

For Borrell, a nuclear deployment in Belarus represents "another escalation of the conflict"

The EU responded to Putin's threat.

Photo EFE

The high representative of Foreign Policy of the European Union (EU), Josep Borrell, affirmed this Saturday that the deployment of Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus represents "another escalation of the conflict".

In an interview with EFE in Santo Domingo, where he is participating in the Ibero-American Summit, Borrell said that the deployment announced today by Russian President Vladimir Putin is also "another sign of the collaboration of the dictatorial regime of Belarus with Russia."

"It shows that we are right when we take action against the Belarusian regime," when sanctions are adopted, he added.

25.03.2023 15:51


"The war in Ukraine is not European, it is global"

The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, stated this Saturday that "the war in Ukraine is not European, it is global", because all the world powers are involved and its social, economic and financial effects affect the entire planet.

In his speech at the XXVIII Ibero-American Summit, which is being held in Santo Domingo, Rebelo de Sousa warned that in the armed conflict provoked by Russia against Ukraine "all the main world powers intervene with direct or indirect aid."

The Head of State of Portugal pointed out that it is the poorest who are paying for the effects of the war, given the acceleration of inflation and the prices of energy and food.

25.03.2023 15:22


More than 5,000 Russian prisoners pardoned after fighting at Wagner, according to Prigozhin

Wagner Group founder defended sending inmates to Ukraine

More than 5,000 Russian prisoners have been pardoned by the courts after fighting as mercenaries in Ukraine, Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner group, admitted today.

The inmates were pardoned once their six-month contracts expired, Prigozhin said on his Telegram channel.

In addition, he stressed that only 0.31% of them commit crimes upon their return to Russia after regaining their freedom.

"I can safely say that we have reduced crime rates in Russia tenfold," he said.

When justifying recruitment in Russian prisons, Prigozhin responded to critics that it is better for mercenaries or convicts to fight in Ukraine "than their sons."

25.03.2023 15:18


Brazil calls for the "necessary" reform of the UN Security Council

Brasil abogó este sábado por la reforma del Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU, que considera "necesaria" para que todos los continentes estén representados de manera equitativa, durante la Cumbre Iberoamericana que se celebra en Santo Domingo.

En representación del presidente brasileño, Luiz Inázio Lula da Silva, y ante la imposibilidad de este de asistir personalmente, el ministro de Exteriores de Brasil, Mauro Vieira, insistió en la importancia de esa reforma, como ahora está demostrando la actual situación en Ucrania, dado que al ser Rusia uno de los miembros permanentes con derecho a veto el organismo se encuentra muy afectado.

25.03.2023 15:14


Putin amenaza con usar obuses de uranio empobrecido si Ucrania los recibe de Occidente

El presidente ruso, Vladimir Putin, amenazó el sábado con ordenar el uso de obuses de uranio empobrecido en Ucrania si este país recibe ese tipo de armas de Occidente, después de que un responsable británico mencionara esa posibilidad.

"Rusia, por supuesto, tiene con qué responder. Disponemos, sin exagerar, de decenas de miles de ese tipo de obuses. Por el momento no los hemos usado", declaró Putin en una entrevista con la televisión rusa.

25.03.2023 14:43


Putin anuncia acuerdo para desplegar armamento nuclear táctico en Bielorrusia

El presidente ruso, Vladímir Putin, anunció hoy un acuerdo con Bielorrusia para el despliegue de armas nucleares tácticas en territorio de ese país, que comparte frontera con Ucrania.

Putin aseguró a la televisión pública que dicho acuerdo no viola los tratados de desarme existentes y que el 1 de julio habrá concluido la construcción de un silo para emplazar dicho armamento en el vecino país.

Reconoció que el detonante del anuncio fue la decisión del Reino Unido de suministrar al ejército ucraniano munición con uranio empobrecido, aunque Londres asegura que no se trata de armamento nuclear.

Aunque, a renglón seguido, Putin recordó que el presidente bielorruso, Alexandr Lukashenko, había solicitado hace mucho tiempo el despliegue de ese tipo de armamento en suelo de la antigua república soviética.

25.03.2023 14:08


El argentino Grossi visitará la cental nuclear ucraniana de Zaporiyia la próxima semana

Rafael Mariano Grossi, director del Organismo Internacional de Energía Atómica (OIEA) (Presidencia de Ucrania vía REUTERS)

El director general del Organismo Internacional de Energía Atómica (OIEA), el argentino Rafael Mariano Grossi, viajará la próxima semana a la central nuclear ucraniana de Zaporiyia, ocupada por las fuerzas rusas, "para evaluar de primer mano la grave situación de seguridad", informó hoy la agencia de la ONU.

Será la segunda vez que el diplomático cruce la línea del frente para llegar a la mayor central nuclear de Europa y la primera desde que estableció una presencia permanente de expertos del organismo a principios de septiembre del año pasado.

"He decidido viajar de nuevo a la central nuclear de Zaporiyia para ver por mí mismo cómo ha evolucionado la situación desde septiembre y hablar con quienes operan la instalación en estas circunstancias sin precedentes y muy difíciles", indicó Grossi en un comunicado.

"Sigo decidido a seguir haciendo todo lo que esté en mi mano para ayudar a reducir el riesgo de un accidente nuclear durante la trágica guerra en Ucrania", declaró.

25.03.2023 13:30


La presión de Ucrania para vetar a Rusia de los Juegos Olímpicos

A través de una serie de tuits del ministerio de Defensa, Ucrania volvió a pedir por el boicot total a los atletas rusos de los Juegos Olímpicos. 

"262 atletas y entrenadores ucranianos fueron asesinados por rusos durante la agresión. Otros 16 resultaron heridos, 28 están en cautiverio y 6 continúan desaparecidos. Muchos atletas ucranianos nunca irán a los Juegos. ¿Y qué pasa con los rusos?", escribió la cuenta de Twitter del ministerio. 

Según datos de la organización, la agresión militar rusa provocó daños por alrededor de USD 250 millones en 343 instalaciones deportivas.

25.03.2023 12:30


El dilema de Putin ante la amenaza de arresto

(Gavriil Grigorov, Sputnik, Kremlin via AP)

El presidente ruso, Vladímir Putin, afronta un serio dilema tras la orden de arresto emitida por la Corte Penal Internacional (CPI), que le impide viajar, teóricamente, a más de la mitad de los países del mundo.

"Incluso el espacio postsoviético ha dejado de ser un lugar seguro" para Putin, comentó una fuente del Kremlin al diario digital Meduza. Putin tendrá que hilar muy fino a partir de ahora, ya que 123 países han firmado el Estatuto de Roma, el tratado fundacional del CPI, y otra treintena lo han suscrito, pero no lo han ratificado.

Desde el comienzo de la campaña militar rusa en Ucrania, el líder ruso ha sido muy cuidadoso con sus viajes al exterior. De hecho, Irán es el único país al que ha viajado fuera de la postsoviética Comunidad de Estados Independientes (CEI).

La administración presidencial reconoció a Meduza que la decisión fue un "paso inesperado" para el que el Kremlin no estaba preparado. Por eso, la reacción ha sido tan furibunda.

25.03.2023 11:45


Al hablar con Putin, Erdogan "valoró positivamente" la extensión por 60 días del acuerdo de granos

El presidente de Turquía, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "valoró positivamente" la decisión de su par homólogo, Vladímir Putin, de prorrogar solamente por 60 días el acuerdo de exportación de granos ucranianos, según la versión que dio el Kremlin de la conversación telefónica que mantuvieron hoy ambos mandatarios.

"El dirigente turco valoró positivamente el acuerdo de Rusia de prorrogar 60 días los acuerdos de Estambul sobre la exportación de grano ucraniano desde los puertos del Mar Negro y sobre el desbloqueo de la exportación de alimentos y fertilizantes rusos", indicó Moscú en su comunicado sobre el diálogo.

"Al mismo tiempo, se expresó la voluntad de Rusia de aplicar plenamente la segunda parte de estos acuerdos" vinculados a "eliminar las barreras a los productos agrícolas procedentes de Rusia", añadió la nota.

25.03.2023 10:18


Los ucranianos eligen un consejo para evitar la corrupción en el ejército

Los ciudadanos ucranianos eligieron el viernes por sufragio universal en unas elecciones inéditas la composición de un nuevo órgano ciudadano formado por representantes de la sociedad civil que tiene como misión garantizar la transparencia de los procesos de adquisiciones en el ejército.

“¿Te parece demasiado pagar 17 grivnas (más de 40 céntimos de euro) por un huevo? Pues debes participar en la elección de candidatos para el Consejo Ciudadano Anticorrupción del Ministerio de Defensa de Ucrania”, escribió en su página de Facebook la ONG Stop Corrupción (StopKor), una de las que presentaban candidatos a los comicios.

La expresión “huevos a 17 grivnas” se hizo viral en Ucrania después de que una investigación de la publicación ucraniana revelara el pasado mes de enero la existencia de una red de corrupción formada por empresarios y militares que aplicaban sobreprecios en la compra de alimentos para los soldados.

25.03.2023 09:38


Zelensky afirmó que Ucrania "no recibió" la propuesta de paz de China

El presidente Volodymyr Zelensky no recibió una propuesta de China para mediar en la paz entre Ucrania y Rusia, dijo a Japan News.

Zelensky dijo que dio "mensajes directos" a través de los canales diplomáticos de que quería hablar con el líder de China, Xi Jinping, pero no obtuvo respuesta. “No recibí una propuesta de China para mediar. No recibí una propuesta para reunirnos”, dijo.

25.03.2023 08:37


La ONU acusa a ucranianos y rusos de "ejecuciones sumarias" de prisioneros de guerra

El brutal video de una ejecución de un prisionero ucraniano

La ONU acusó el viernes a las fuerzas ucranianas y rusas de haber cometido decenas de ejecuciones sumarias de prisioneros de guerra desde el inicio de la invasión rusa de Ucrania.

"Estamos profundamente preocupados por la ejecución sumaria de 25 prisioneros de guerra y personas fuera de combate rusos", así como por la de "15 prisioneros de guerra ucranianos", dijo Matilda Bogner, jefa de la Misión de Vigilancia de los Derechos Humanos de las Naciones Unidas en Ucrania.

Según Bogner, las ejecuciones de rusos por las fuerzas armadas ucranianas se cometieron "a menudo inmediatamente después de la captura en el campo de batalla".

La ONU está al tanto de cinco investigaciones de Kiev sobre 22 víctimas, pero "no tenemos conocimiento de que se haya enjuiciado a los autores", dijo la funcionaria de la ONU.

25.03.2023 08:11


El Reino Unido cree que la ofensiva rusa sobre Bajmut se ha "estancado"

La ofensiva de Rusia sobre la ciudad ucraniana de Bajmut "se ha estancado en gran medida" como consecuencia del "desgaste extremo" de las fuerzas rusas, a juicio del Gobierno británico.

"El asalto de Rusia sobre la ciudad del Donbás de Bajmut se ha estancado en gran medida. Esto es probablemente resultado, en primer lugar, del extremo desgaste de las fuerzas rusas. Ucrania también ha sufrido grandes pérdidas durante su defensa", señaló el Ministerio británico de Defensa en su parte bélico diario.

A juicio de Londres, la situación rusa ha empeorado por los tensiones entre el Ministerio ruso de Defensa y el grupo privado de mercenarios Wagner Group, que tienen tropas en esa zona.

25.03.2023 07:30


Ucrania asegura haber frenado el embate ruso en Bajmut

La situación en el frente es "muy dura en dirección de Bajmut", dijo el jefe de las fuerzas armadas ucranianas, Valery Zaluzhny, el viernes por la noche, en una conversación telefónica con jefe de Estado Mayor de la Defensa del Reino Unido, el almirante Tony Radakin.

"Gracias a los enormes esfuerzos de las fuerzas de defensa, estamos logrando estabilizar la situación", aseguró Zaluzhny en Facebook.

En estos últimos meses, las fuerzas rusas han proclamado avances y conquistas en torno a la ciudad, que se ha convertido en un símbolo debido a los persistentes combates.

According to the latest report from the British Defense Ministry this Saturday, Russia's assault on Bakhmut "is very much at a standstill."

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