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The Government continues to play everyone against everyone but now with the noose around its neck


Massa's latest decision to appeal for ANSeS funds reflects financial suffocation. The enormous political instability in the ruling party undermines the possibility of building internal and external confidence.

"If they keep throwing me, we can all fall." The phrase, always with a sly smile, was pronounced by

Sergio Massa

in front of

Alberto Fernández

. Both shared an act in Mendoza at the worst moment of the hostilities that are going through the Government and the Frente de Todos The President only asked for calm and let go of that simile of provocation that would have unleashed another brawl, like the one that had happened in Olivos on Sunday the 19th.

The Economy Minister alluded to certain issues that his wife,

Malena Galmarini

, head of AySA, put in black and white.

They would be harming her husband from the Casa Rosada itself.

He was careful not to spread names, but Tigre's marriage intuits it.

He suspects that it was

Antonio Aracre

, head of advisers to the president, who would have started the rumor of a possible exchange rate unfolding that affected the alteration of the markets.

The question arises logically: could the former CEO of the Syngenta company have been responsible for such audacity without having the presidential consent?

The answer would be negative in any administration with minimal political traits of normality.

It is not the case.

Alberto also had reasons to blame Massa.

He preferred to avoid them.

The opinions of the Secretary of Knowledge Economy,

Ariel Sujarchuk

, former mayor of Escobar, made a lot of noise to him.

Soldier of the Minister of Economy.

He said that the President "turned non-decision into a method of government and political leadership."

What a consideration.

On the other hand, he ordered him to define whether or not he will be a candidate.

It is seen that the official does not pay attention to the frequent presidential tirades.

"Keep following my dream of building a more egalitarian country," he said in Chaco, flanked by Governor

Jorge Capitanich

, in front of a moderate crowd that stood up to applaud him.

"Don't leave me alone with my dream," he reiterated in Mendoza.

With Massa sitting next to him.

He is enough to be a good listener.

At that point now lies the overlapping conflict between Alberto and Massa.

The President not only insists on his re-election.

He opens the game to other candidates to encourage them in the STEP.

Daniel Scioli


is public, although little is known that he spends more time touring the interior of Argentina than diplomatic hours at the Embassy of Brasilia.

The Minister of Economy would be disappointed by this game.

When he came to power after the resignation of Martín Guzmán and the skid of Silvina Batakis, he had explicitly talked in Olivos about his possible candidacy if the economy got a little back on track.

Maybe he doesn't have a true dimension of what is happening.

Or he doesn't want to have it.

Malena, his wife, seems more realistic.

"Sergio is walking on the coals"

, he confessed.

Where there are embers, there is fire.

Alberto Fernández gave Daniel Scioli air to compete.

The political and economic fronts facing the minister are innumerable.

They can even be enhanced.

The decision to resort to the assets in dollars of the Guarantee Fund of the Public Distribution Regime (FGS) - the money of retirees - to try to avoid another financial drowning has

triggered turbulence in Kirchnerism


His maneuver, in truth, covers all public bodies and exposes the indigence in which official economic management finds itself.

But the blow to the passive class represents a sensitivity and political impact far superior to the rest.

A story that plays against

In July 2007,

Néstor Kirchner

created that Guarantee Fund "in order to ensure that the pension system does not become an adjustment variable for the economy when economic cycles are in unfavorable phases."

SIC of decree 897 of that year.

With an aggravating circumstance:

Massa was then the head of the ANSeS


Amado Boudou was in line of succession.

The minister would be turning around that foundational milestone that Kirchnerism boasts of.

The determination opened the range of political discussions and economic enigmas.

Could the minister have taken this measure without the consent of

Cristina Fernández


Is the situation of the vice president so weak that she needs

to mortgage the most valuable treasures in the story


If the Minister of Economy had cut himself, he would have opted for immolation.

It didn't happen like that.

Doubts also haunt La Cámpora.

The organization is going through a crisis that led to the departure of

Andrés Larroque

as general secretary.

He put together a parallel group that he called "The homeland is the other."

His place was taken by

Lucía Cámpora,

great-niece of the former president.

Intergenerational leap, the veterans said creatively.

Perhaps, apart from the internal differences that exist, it is just a distribution of roles in the public theater.

Axel Kicillof

's minister

would symbolize the toughest wing.

Massa must expect his poison dart at any moment.

Larroque was the first to disobey the pleas of

Estela Carlotto

, who asked not to mix the commemoration of the tragedy of March 24 with the "operative outcry" for Cristina's candidacy.

Camporismo accompanied it with a mobilization pushed by a state machine that has probably been very onerous.

To emulate the mayors of the Conurbano who were not there.

The operative clamor for Cristina in the march for March 24.

Photo Juano Tesone

Larroque's usual harshness, which the vice president never goes against, should not lead to confusion either.

Máximo Kirchner

has long

renounced the course adopted by Massa.

It became clear with the “magic” of the dollar-soybean and the ratification of the latest agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The minister had to support the latest moratorium that will retire 800,000 people who never made contributions.

He juggled to explain it in Washington.

Cristina's son does not like the resource of pesifying the assets of retirees either.

Together with the other organisms, it means an objective decapitalization of the State.

Another side will suffer the Government and Massa with the opposition.

In fact, this week

Agustín Rossi

, the head of the Cabinet, will have to give explanations in Deputies.

Together for Change does not forget that the modification of the adjustment formula in retirement assets led in 2017 to a savage street battle and in Congress.

It represented a turning point for the government of

Mauricio Macri


It was the 14 tons of stones thrown around then by the opposition and activist groups.

He also advertises many famous people under the slogan

“Not with retirees”


The opposition starting point is that the Financial Administration Law establishes the autarky of public bodies.

However, Massa's decree forces them to sell their holdings.

In the case of ANSeS, the Guarantee Fund has a composition that mixes bonds in dollars with pesos.

Surprisingly, since June 2022, its statement of accounts has not been disseminated.

When the Macri government ended, there were about US$30 billion.

Another aspect that is not clear is the objectives pursued by Massa.

It is clearly not a basic solution.

Only an improvisation whose political noise leads him to recalculate: he said that he will wait for the UBA to say if the decision is beneficial or not for retirees.

That is, he ventured a jump without a net.

In the middle would be the claim to avoid another suffocation to bring the Government closer to the electoral calendar.

The Government accumulates by 2023 public spending that represents 12 points of GDP.

Is the minister still conjecturing with his nomination?

It seems impossible to plunge into an election campaign and have to explain 6% monthly inflation.

An economist familiar with the former mayor took an X-ray: “Perhaps the rise in prices could moderate it.


Sergio suffered a lethal blow to his aspirations: the drought ”


He referred to the US$20 billion less that will come from field exports.

There is no gambit that can save it.

Massa's economic-financial rinses crash into another difficulty.

Political intrigues in the official coalition collapse any attempt to build internal and external confidence.

Aníbal Fernández




Sergio Berni


The Minister of Labor,

Kelly Olmos

, attacks

Eduardo De Pedro

and the Buenos Aires governor.

Berni says about Alberto that he "is worse than dead" because he keeps bothering.

Larroque takes insistence on re-election.

It would also have to be admitted that the illusion of selling confidence to the world when government bonds whose nominal value is 100 are offered for only US$ 25 is Homeric. Too similar to an auction.

Nor does the behavior of a foreign policy that seems dedicated solely to reaping conflicts help.

This is what has been seen in recent weeks with the fight with Ecuador, over the escape of a convicted ex-minister of Rafael Correa taking refuge in the Argentine Embassy, ​​and an unusual meddling by Alberto with the Chilean Justice.

In this context, the President will appear in Washington on Wednesday to be received by the head of the White House,

Joe Biden


The photo that he has been chasing since January 2021 and that, imagine, could be

functional for his reelection resume

From him.

It happens that Massa will also join the delegation.

Who, badly or well, is now seen as the only manager.

His presence would be due to the delicate nature of the situation.

In need of another little help with the IMF.

The Government does not seem in a position to comply with the goals relaxed by the agency in the fourth review.

Regarding the accumulation of reserves, the Central Bank has sold US$ 1.5 billion so far this month.

International financial volatility adds extra uncertainty.

Biden knows what it is about.

He also knows that he will be receiving the president of a government that has a noose around his neck.

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