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Weekly horoscope: March 26 to April 1, 2023 - voila! Spirit and horoscope


A tense week with many upheavals ahead, where the tensions are only getting stronger. We will also encounter some interesting changes, a short wave of violence - and even an angle of optimistic communication that should be taken advantage of

The tension is only getting stronger this week.

Take a breath (Photo: ShutterStock)

The tension angle between Mars and Pluto strengthens in the first days of the week: act carefully and take care of yourself.

A few words for everyone who asked me this week what will happen to this government - and there have been many: this government was formed when Mercury, the planet of communication, and the warlike planet Mars, named after the Roman god of war, were in reverse gear.

This location shows a destructive potential behind the scenes, a potential that will mainly deal with the destruction of the existing - rather than building a new model of construction.

Indeed, as of this moment, nothing has been built by the existing government, except for an emotional charge that activates its members and also causes similar feelings to come out against it.

Some will say that Mercury's need to close circles and not open new ones is also found here, when some members of the government are engaged in closing circles with the past - when the legal reform is a kind of closing a circle with the past, it is possible that there is a reason.

As an astrologer, I don't see how this government will finish its term, also because of the powerful action angle between Pluto and the Sun in Netanyahu's birth chart.

The shocks we are all experiencing now are created by Pluto which is now at an angle to the horizon in the country map - and may even exacerbate the process.

The level of dramas that will be intensified in the next two months when Mars will be in the sign of Cancer, where Venus is also in the map of the country, may be critical to the process and may also speed it up to a great extent.

The significant processes in the sky this week:

1. The planet Mars moves into Cancer.

2. Exact conjunction between emotional Venus and frenetic Uranus.

3. Exact conjunction of Mercury, the planet of communication, with Jupiter, the planet of abundance.

The significant transition of the week -

This is the transition of Mars, the action star, from the media sign of Gemini to the home sign of Cancer.

The emotional involvement of all of us increases and with it the high sensitivity.

This is a good time for renovations and investment in the home, even work at home, however it is important to avoid anger and conflicts due to hypersensitivity and high emotional involvement.

As if we lack dramas in our lives now, March comes and pours more fuel on the fire of nervousness and instability.

This happens because Mars exaggerates the activity of the house and the sign in which it is located, and in the sign belonging to the emotional element of water such as Cancer - it greatly exaggerates our sensitivity, our subjective thinking and our change of mood incessantly and hence greatly shortens the already short fuse of all of us - and makes us react mainly from the stomach and not from the head.

This location brings a great deal of drama to the table, along with quite a bit of friction on home and family issues - and in the relationships between him and her that may definitely suffer from disproportionate reactions when things get out of control.

This is a charged period that will require maximum patience and tolerance from all of us.

Who will be mainly affected by the transition?

Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra.

A lot of drama on the table this week (Photo: ShutterStock)

The challenging juxtaposition of the week

This is the juxtaposition between the emotional Venus and the frenetic Uranus.

This conjunction is very challenging: emotional Venus creates emotional sequences and the ability to give and invest, and the conjunction with Uranus causes sudden changes and disconnections, and a transition from states of closeness to states of distance and alienation.

At a time like this it is better not to cut ties even though you feel like it.

It's better to take a break or be alone for a bit and observe things from the outside.

On the other hand, this is an excellent time for interesting breakthroughs in the professional or economic field.

Irritability and restlessness in close relationships, a short fuse in family dialogue, and sudden anger can spoil proper relationships, if we don't listen to each other more even when it's difficult and try to understand him or her, and from there communicate.

Who will be mostly affected by this juxtaposition?

Taurus, Aquarius, Libra, Leo and Scorpio.

This week's positive angle is the conjunction between Mercury, our star of communication, and Jupiter, the star of abundance.

This juxtaposition brings several possibilities of optimistic beginnings and successes in breaking through the glass ceiling, but without help from our side - things will not happen.

Try to locate the place where you want things to happen - and take the initiative.

This juxtaposition gives many of us an optimistic attitude and the ability to reconnect with our personal power and open doors that were blocked to us, or create a new momentum of initiative and action, and embark on a more active path of action even in new and unfamiliar areas of action.

Who will be mostly affected by this juxtaposition?

Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces and Aries.

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The weekly forecast according to zodiac signs:


Mars your zodiac ruler moves into Cancer.

Our Aries becomes sensitive and emotional, familial and domestic, but it is important not to fight when things don't happen as you wanted..


Venus Your control of luck is attached later this week to the frenetic Uranus, and this week may be especially nervous and restless.

It is important not to cut ties now, and not to react to extremes.

Gemini Mercury,

the ruler of your luck, is attached to Jupiter, the planet of abundance, this week, and this is reason for a little party: time to open new communication channels to the world, and even fill out a lottery ticket for luck..


, the star of Mars, moves into your sign.

On the one hand, he brings with him a lot of power to get things done, but on the other hand, he may create fights, arguments and disputes... avoid family fights.


The sun controlling your luck continues to move in the sign of Leo, but without special angles, so you should mainly trust...yourself.

Time for independent thinking and solo activity.


A conjunction of Mercury, the ruler of your luck, with Jupiter, the planet of abundance, may bring with it optimism and joy, and the ability to promote issues that are important to you but only...carefully.

Watch the extended forecast:

Libra Venus Your ruler

of luck clings to the frenetic planet Uranus and brings with it a nervous and restless week.

It is now important to act with maximum caution, and avoid door slamming and occasional anger.


, the transition of the planet Mars to Cancer brings with it a strong drive to create and do.

Conjunction between Venus and Uranus in your relationship house can cause upheavals and disconnections.

Be careful with your words.

A conjunct arc

between Mercury, the star of communication, and Jupiter, the ruler of your fortune, may bring with it a particularly communicative week: it's time to talk, share and share, and let your words work for you.


the star of March, moves into your house of relationships and relationships this week, and it may provoke fights and inflame disputes: it is important to clean up accumulated emotional sediments and avoid an emotional burden on relationships.


Adjacency between Uranus, the ruler of your luck, and emotional Venus reinforces the need to share feelings, but to avoid changes.

You need a little more spice, and without fighting with your partners.


the transition of the planet Mars to Cancer, which also belongs to the element of water, brings with it a strong drive to expand horizons and personal growth.

A good time for a course or workshop that deals with these issues.

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