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Gilles-William Goldnadel: "The clashes in Sainte-Soline or the impunity of the far left... again"


FIGAROVOX/CHRONICLE - For the lawyer, Saturday's clashes around a "mega-basin" in Sainte-Soline and the treatment of these events by part of the media reveal, once again, a form of privilege enjoyed by the radical left.

Gilles-William Goldnadel is a lawyer and essayist.

Every week, he deciphers the news for FigaroVox.

This column follows the one published last week in these columns.

In the previous episode, I noticed that the psychodrama around the 49.3 affair gave rise to a kind of red privilege granted to the factious far left and its ideological success in having imposed its economic theme to the detriment of society.

Unfortunately, I can only see more, as we shall see, that I was not cruelly mistaken.

Before exploring these two concrete themes, allow me to take a little height to contemplate from above the field of ruins that French society offers us.

Only his fragmented body, his depressed morale and his psyche worked on by delirious and maddening theories - in the literal sense - are likely to explain his programmed destruction.

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We can indeed look at the current power in a very critical way - and the author of these lines has never deprived himself of it - that this would not explain the situation.

Admittedly, this power is clumsy.

He did not know, with his “at the same time”, neither to aggregate on the right, nor to aggregate on the left.

Admittedly, counterfeiting the ant to sell his retirement, after having played the cicada of whatever the cost and made his people swallow the fable of magic money fell under the bonneteau.

Admittedly, its supreme leader therefore committed political errors, and even more perhaps psychological errors.

But it is clear that the "French evil" did not start with Emmanuel Macron and that certain heads of state who succeeded one another sometimes ended up even more unloved than him.

He will no doubt have made things worse, he did not create them.

Now let's get down to business, and what I called the “red privilege”.

A frightening media and political immunity - and consequently judicial - enjoyed by the extreme left.

Last week, my gaze was on the wild demonstrations.

It will also focus this week on this action of incredible brutality which took place on Saturday March 25 in Sainte-Soline.

Let's start with media privilege, through public service broadcasting.

Supposed to be the most neutral and measured.

A Saturday morning on Inter.

At 7:55 a.m., a journalist asks the deputy secretary of the CFDT:

"What's the point of demonstrating peacefully?"


It will therefore be understood that in the journalistic spirit holding the tax-subsidized microphone, only violence pays.

You have to read

Le Figaro

of the same day to learn that the ultra-left and the "black blocks" have injured hundreds of police officers.

But no report on France Inter.

At 9 o'clock, the same radio also evokes the supposedly ecological demonstration planned for the afternoon in Sainte-Soline, and which is already announced as dangerous.

But we will only hear the words of radical activists.

The peasant is silent.

Except that of the Confederation.

The prohibited demonstration on private land in Sainte-Soline gave rise to abuses by violent activists without restraint.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

It will be understood that in this cozy media setting, the far left does not feel too complexed to boast, ramble, provoke.

The prohibited demonstration on private land in Sainte-Soline gave rise to abuses by violent activists without restraint.

While they used Molotov cocktails and incendiary devices that could kill and seriously injured gendarmes in the exercise of their duty, Jean-Luc Mélenchon indulged in ramblings on Twitter unrelated to reality .

Let us judge:

“Enough of police violence in Sainte-Soline!

Enough !

Without the BRAV-Ms, without this circus, absolutely nothing would happen but a walk in the fields!”

When we know that the goal of those it is now not too outrageous to qualify as


was to seize these mega-basins so hated by them...

Shortly after, Mr. Mélenchon did it again:

“War infirmary: people are treated in the mud in tents.

The squads cause a lot of injuries.

Lots of deep grenade shrapnel wounds.

Feet and legs.

Darmanin must calm the aerial shooters.

Roland Dorgeles had not done better to describe the wounded of Verdun.

On the other hand, the gendarmes affected were not entitled to the same lyricism from the tribune.

But beyond the verbal overflows and the ink on the fire, there was more serious: the physical presence of Rebellious deputies in the middle of a prohibited demonstration and which one knew in advance that it would be very violent.

This is how, among others, LFI deputy Clémence Guetté boasted, also on Twitter, of being among the outlaw rebels.

If there still exists a Republic and a State, it cannot be understood that they do not manifest themselves.

But there again, their weakness was announced in advance, since one of the first acts of government of the President of the Republic, if one dares to say, was to give satisfaction to the violent zadists of Notre-Dame-des-Landes, in defiance of a popular referendum.

It is necessary to understand the goal of the Insoumis: In the short term, and after the filing for bankruptcy of the macronie, to embody the opposition without restraint next to the National Rally and to hope, that with the ideological benevolence of the media power at its disposal, a fancy sanitary cordon, a shoddy republican front can still do their work.

Decidedly, the street belongs unchallenged to the left.

Gilles-William Goldnadel

And then, another goal, never lost sight of, the great revolutionary evening, with if possible the support of the most radical of the Islamized suburbs.

After therefore the moral impunity of the extreme left, let us recognize the triumphal victory that I announced last week of its economic theme to the detriment of the societal fight.

This is how the government has postponed its immigration law indefinitely.

Illegal and massive migrations will be able to continue without untimely problems.

The diversion worked well.

The saddest farce is that for the same price, it was the undocumented and their left-wing supporters LDH, Cimade and Insoumis who came down to protest on Sunday against these laws, which had nevertheless been put away.

Decidedly, the street belongs unchallenged to the left.

But this time it would be unfair to incriminate him.

It's not his fault if the French on the right or simply ulcerated by invasive immigration don't want to bother to walk.

Source: lefigaro

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