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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler: trapped in a mysterious murder and fans of The Son of the Bride and Don't Cry for Me Argentina


Capo-comedians both, come together again in an action comedy, Mystery in sight, which Netflix premieres this Friday the 31st. They told Clarín how they see their characters and their "silver" likes.

And finally, the people at Netflix give us the ok, they press


and there they are, on the other side of the zoom, somewhere in Hollywood, Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler, ready to talk about

Mystery in Sight

, the romantic action comedy which from this Friday the 31st can be seen on the red


grid .

They are seen relaxed, jodones, accomplices and an assistant is seen telling them that the one on the other side is a journalist from


, from Argentina, because immediately Adam waves his hand while exclaiming

"Oooooooh, Aryentina"

and the chronicler gets excited...

It is that they have assured us few minutes of talk -this afternoon of horrific heat, for us, Jen (as they call it in


) and Adam have to promote their imminent premiere with representatives of the press from

all over

Latin America-, in addition to reminding us that You can only talk about

Mystery in sight.

A break in the filming of "Mystery in sight".

The chronicler is enthusiastic because it is known that towards the end of the year, in the midst of the World Cup euphoria with La Scaloneta, Messi and his


, the shock wave reached the glamorous Hollywood, and there it is, if not, the son of Julia Roberts celebrating, the hysterical screams of Eva Longoria, until arriving at Russell



So, why not, this is a good opportunity to find out if Adam and Jen also had their soccer moment,


would have to be said in their case.

But not.

Jennifer and Adam start talking about what for them is the most important difference between the first and second part of this story.

The first part

It is that before

Mystery in sight 

there was a first part,

Mystery on board

, released in June 2019. It told the story of a New York police officer who "keeps his old promise to take his wife to Europe."

However, everything changes when "on the flight, a millionaire invites them to an intimate birthday on a yacht, and the two end up being suspects in a murder."

The beginning before the beginning

This is the third comedy they've done together, but Jennifer and Adam have been friends since high school.

Curl the curl

, what they say in Spain: before

Mystery on board

there is a story of friendship that not many know.

Jennifer and Adam have known each other since high school.

"I knew he was going to be friends with her; what we didn't know is that we would make movies together."

Well, there are three:

Just go with it


then came 

Mystery on board

, Netflix bombing in 2019, and now this one,

Mystery in sight

, with which Netflix is ​​betting to break it again.

And the film has all the ingredients to achieve it.

Especially if it is about sitting in the living room of the house and pressing


on the control.

Prepare the popcorn!


And last?

Correction, first paragraph, near the end: where it says "romantic action comedy" it should say "romantic action comedy", or in García Ferre code, one of many, many "shots, messes, cosha golda", as


said Oaky (post 80s generation,





Nick and Audrey Spitz

are now full-time detectives trying to get their private investigator agency off the ground. When one of their friends is kidnapped during their own wedding, they will be involved in an international case," Netflix tells us about this new story.

But what do they say about the film Adam and Jen?

When defining their old characters, they say:

Adam Sandler:

Mine is taller than hers (he starts, like fuck:



Paris is among the many foreign locations.

Jennifer Aniston:

Well, we come from a marriage of 15, 20 years, who knows, and here we are, involved as two detectives in a murder mystery.


Twenty years old,


, not just anyone...


Well, let's tell the truth, like any couple we've had our 

ups and downs 

(ups and downs)... 




clears his throat

), surely you are telling our friend

from Aryento

about that break you took with a skinny guy I don't want to remember...


.. (

cri cri, cri cri



It's true, it was only four months, right?

A time in which to say it, preferred to look the other way -sometimes it happens!- and then we got back together, as you'll see.


You did well, Adam.

You told me that in life you always have to do what you want.



(cri cri, cri cri).


And well... I needed a diversion;

he is one of those husbands too...

calm down

, do I understand?

(ironic, her).

"I'm good at some things and he's good at others, we're a perfect mix," she says.


Better put it like this: after the affair we became a couple again and since then we started working together in this detective company.

By the way, do you think it's good for couples to work together, Jen?


Well, some can put up with it, others don't, but I think we are one of those who do.


Absolutely, and we do it very well;

more than good, great!


As you'll see in the movie, I'm good at some things and he's good at others, which makes for a perfect mix.

Teamwork they tell you.

-If the


tells you Argentina, what is the first thing you think of?


Don't cry for me, Aryentina! 



And I think of a movie that I love,

The Son of the Bride

, remember, friend

from Aryentina


-Of course, how can I not remember her, that of Juan José Campanella, and an Oscar candidate...


Unfortunately, I have never been to Argentina, but I would love to go...

Nick and Audrey Spitz are now full-time detectives trying to get their private investigator agency off the ground.


Me too, obviously.

-We are running out of time: How would you differentiate it from the first part?


Well, definitely, there's more action here.

And Adam is more... taken out.


It's just that I'm a stronger man now, you'll see...


A real man, I would say.

He gets into some sticky situations.

There are many unforeseen and dangerous fights... 


Look who's talking!

I remind you,


, that you kill several people.


Ok, stop, let's not spoil.

You're going to ruin the movie.

No, seriously, the film doesn't give you a break: lots and

lots of



And it looks really cool...


And we are in beautiful places.

-Now yes, the last one: the last thing you saw that broke your head?


Everything everywhere at the same time 


The triangle of sadness.


Oh yeah, I heard she's fabulous...


Ahhhhhhhhh, and I also loved a series,

The White Lotus.


look also

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Source: clarin

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