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Léa ("Married at first sight"): "I was reassured to be faced with a man who dares to show his fragility"


INTERVIEW – Victim of abuse during her previous relationships, the 28-year-old Castraise, single mother of a 3 and a half-year-old son, approached the experience of the M6 ​​program with her doubts and her wounds. She tells us about her meeting with Emanuel.

Estimated to be 81% compatible with Emanuel by the experts of

"Married at first sight"



has a chaotic sentimental past.

This audioprosthetist assistant of Polynesian origin was first marked by the separation of her parents and her conflicting relationship with her mother during her childhood.

Having moved to Tahiti, she had a toxic relationship there with a man who had become the father of her son.

Back in mainland France, alone with her child, Léa has since suffered the repercussions of these difficult years, to the point of having lost confidence in her ability to accept a male presence in her home.

A few months ago, she followed the process of the M6 ​​program produced by Studio 89 and met, in Gibraltar, Emanuel.

The 31-year-old manager of a beach bar is a single father of two children aged 6 and 8.

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- Why did you take part in this new season of “Married at first sight”?



The trigger for my registration came from my grandmother who has always been a fan of the show.

She was tired of me coming across men who didn't suit me.

She wanted me to stop focusing on looks in the first place.

I needed this type of experience to help me take this step.

I was aware that I should not repeat the same mistakes again.

What does your romantic past look like?

I had three sincere relationships: my first love, the second and the father of my son.

With the first, I was only 16, he was very nice, Polynesian like me.

But, at 18, we no longer had the same aspirations and each took a different path.

I wanted to go live in Tahiti and he became a professional rugby player.

In Polynesia, I met my second love, someone with a good background but we didn't match.

We didn't know how to manage our feelings, he was jealous and possessive.

I had too much of a tendency to listen to him and forget myself out of love to stay with him.

Why did your relationship with your son's father end?

It is a story that I want to preserve because it is also that of my son.

I would like to be able to explain to him one day in my own words, with kindness, when he is old enough to understand.

He is only 3 and a half years old.

With his dad, my relationship was very complicated.

So much so that I had to leave home and take refuge with my family in France.

It was no longer possible...

"I felt like I wasn't fully accomplished until I lived in Polynesia"

Léa, candidate for season 7 of "Married at first sight"

Your childhood was marked by the separation of your parents...

I first lived with my mother.

She, like me, we were touched by this divorce.

I missed my father a lot and once I moved in with him at the age of 13, it was good for everyone.

I saw my mother less but, when we met, we spent good times together.

As for my father, I admire his calm and his wisdom, he is very inspiring.

He's someone I can lean on, I feel safe with him.

Why did you move to Tahiti when you were 18?

As soon as I had my baccalaureate, I left to join my paternal family.

I am very attached to my roots and close to my culture.

I do Polynesian dance, it was my first job, I was a performance worker.

I felt like I wasn't fully accomplished until I lived there.

I had this need since I was little.

How have you evolved professionally?

Today, I am an audioprosthetist assistant.

After my first job as a dancer, I did several little things in Tahiti.

I have always been active.

I was notably commercial for Vodafone.

When I returned to France, I had different jobs, I was even a butcher.

Until I found the job I currently have.

What is the meaning of each of your tattoos?

My favorite is the first one I had done on my back, a Polynesian Tiki with angel wings.

It refers to my maternal grandmother whom I never knew, she died at the age of 28.

I have his middle name.

I always have a picture of her on me, my father looks a lot like her.

I've always wanted to know his story and that's also why I left to live in Tahiti.

My father was adopted despite all the love she had for him.

I wanted to know what happened.

On my right forearm, there are braids that symbolize family ties.

Once in Tahiti, I finally felt complete and wanted to mark it on my skin.

And on the right shoulder, a symbol of the moonrises that I

The tattoos of Léa, candidate for season 7 of "Married at first sight" Julien THEUIL / M6 (editing)

“When I discovered Emanuel, I immediately found him very charming”

Léa, candidate for season 7 of "Married at first sight"

What opinion does your father have on your engagement in "Married at first sight"?

He was saddened by my past stories, he never understood why I let myself go when, in life, I am a bubbly woman who has confidence in herself.

This misunderstanding frightens him, he has the impression of not knowing me completely.

He is afraid that the pattern will repeat itself with another man.

He had a lot of trouble at the start of the experience, he didn't understand that I was getting involved with a stranger.

I had to reassure him and explain the process to him.

During your wedding ceremony in Gibraltar, your brother Enzo expresses his doubts several times...

My brother is a bear, he doesn't usually talk.

I am very surprised to hear him express himself in “Married at first sight”!

(Laughs.) He explained to me that he felt great pressure when he saw Emanuel arrive, he suddenly realized that his sister's marriage was concrete.

You should know that, when I returned in emergency from Tahiti with my son in my arms, my father and my brother knew nothing of what I had experienced there.

When I told them everything, they felt helpless, powerless... Since then, they've been even more protective of me, they don't want it to happen again.

So when Enzo saw Emanuel in a state of great stress, he was not reassured.

He put himself in my place.

How did you imagine Emanuel before discovering him?

I imagined it a lot, even in my sleep.

I had nightmares!

(Laughs.) I was too inclined to perceive it according to my usual physical criteria and the work of Gilbert Bou Jaoudé was important for me to detach myself from that.

During the tests, I asked to step out of my physical comfort zone and focus on moral values.

I knew it was going to have to go beyond appearance.

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The marriage of Léa and Emanuel in season 7 of "Married at first sight" M6 screen capture

How did you feel when you discovered it?

The more I walked towards him, the more I saw that he didn't have the imposing size of my past relationships.

I reassured myself by remembering the 81% compatibility.

Seeing his face, I immediately found him very charming.

I wanted to give our relationship a chance and get to know him.

I saw that his family was united and that reassured me.

Whether it was me, my brother or my father, we were all aware of the complexity of the situation and we faced it at the same time.

There is fear in me but above all the will to move forward concretely in my life.

Were you touched by the stress displayed by Emanuel at that moment?

Yes, I was reassured to be faced with a man who dares to show his fragility.

He dares to assume his feelings and that was part of my expectations.

I didn't want someone who was a heartless block of stone.

I wanted a man who knew how to express his feelings in complete transparency.

Unlike my brother, I was reassured by his attitude.

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