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Neither from me nor from me: Tali Gottlieb's worst makeup mistakes - voila! Sheee


We asked Gili Elgabi from Afar Al what are the makeup mistakes that Tali Gottlieb makes (as if we didn't know), and we got a breakdown, and along the way full of great tips on why and how to do it

After sleeping alternately on the couch in front of the TV, because I just couldn't stop watching this amazing thing that happened here, today I woke up in the morning with a critical question that I hadn't asked, and that is - how is it, Four Crying Out Loud, that as a section that also deals with beauty, we also did an item on Tali Gottlieb's makeup mistakes?

After all, the writing is on the wall every frame, every raider and every episode of a wonderful land.

The excessive lipstick, the purple shadows, the bad assumption of the make-up, the unrelated blush - after all, Tali Gottlieb makes all the make-up mistakes that are written in the books and also those that are not written in the books, and creates, in every meeting and re-interview, a look that can only be called by the words she herself says (or Her figure, I don't differentiate) is so beautiful - neither mine nor mine.

So I called the bravest and funniest makeup artist I know, the former "Race to the Million" star, to bring you his learned opinion that has seen some serious mistakes in his life - Gili Elgabi, who just launched a new brand called KANDY.

Awake, I haven't been this awake for years: is this how a "wave", "volcano", or "avalanche"

will change tonight ?

Gali What kind of orgasm do you experience

"Israelis give a score to every woman who goes over the ass and the tit"

No blush, contour (Photo: Reuven Castro)

"Well, I'll start by saying that people often have something to hide from many people with makeup. They are sure that if they put on colorful clothes or avant-garde looks, it will obscure what is happening inside them. There is a whole study of this in psychology. Besides that, most of her

performances Really stands out in some things that can only be characterized as signs of bad Disney characters - note - an evil character will always have a thin eyebrow, a pale face - to convey something cool, and always either the eyes or lips will have a cool pinkish or oval color. And Tali Gottlieb has it all - an eyebrow A minute, a white face and ultra in the eyes."

Well, I hadn't thought of that myself, but you're right.

It could be that she's wearing make-up like that on purpose to scare me.

But let's assume not - there are some really classic mistakes she makes, like bold eyes and lips at the same time, right?

"Let's start from the beginning. A. The color of her face does not match her body color - the make-up is wrong. B - I have never seen a woman with such black hair and light brown eyebrows. C, in the picture here she has purple-pink eyes, and red lipstick with under An orange shade. In principle, it is desirable that the shade be from the same family - that there should be a connection between them. There is no synchronization between anything and anything happening inside. There is no balance. And the worst mistake that can be is that she powders her skin in a very excessive way, which makes her make-up look super heavy And not reliable."

In her case Moore is Moore?

"Unequivocally. What's more, the two biggest trends in the world right now are no make-up make-up, which is the most natural makeup, and in general there is a return to naturalness and a return to realness. No one is saying stay with the flaws if you want to hide them, but know how to hide it and leave something real from you.


We understood what we didn't - what would you do in her place?

"First thing I would get a haircut and give some shape to the hair beyond long and black, second thing I understand that the color of the hair and eyebrows should be the same, i.e. darker. Besides, and very very important - enough with the bleaching, because it makes the skin - any skin - look bad" .

What about the shadows?

"To immediately say goodbye to purple and ultra pinks, it has nothing to do with the colors that suit her - which are browns, grays, peaches of all kinds, which give a more harmonious look and blend better with the skin of the face. And you can also just put on mascara."


"In terms of lipstick, I would recommend a more nude and brown lipstick, and on top of that put something with more shine, for affairs."


A softer shade, peachy.

Or without blush at all, and learn to make a good contour for herself."

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