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The pulse between Podemos and Yolanda Díaz distances the agreement for Sumar's candidacy


Pablo Iglesias affirms that "some sectors of the left" want to end the party and the leader of the IU, Alberto Garzón, calls for "abandoning the policy of confrontation"

There are six days left for the official presentation of Yolanda Díaz's candidacy for the next general elections and the negotiation for Podemos to be part of that project, with the new brand Sumar, is blocked.

Contacts continued over the weekend, which ended with harsh accusations crossed on Sunday night: with Podemos lamenting that Díaz flatly rejected his latest proposal and the Sumar team replying that it was Podemos who had "left the table". .

This Monday, the dynamic was the same and already in the afternoon, sources from the party led by Ione Belarra made the discrepancy public again by accusing the vice president's team of refusing "to date" to "close an agreement" with them. to hold those open primaries.

Díaz's entourage defends, however,

that he has communicated to Podemos that there may be a "political declaration" with this formation, but in which it must be stated that the agreement to hold these votes must be "multilateral", counting on the rest of the forces.

Throughout the day there were new conversations between the party's Organization secretary, Lilith Verstrynge, and the chief of staff of the second vice-presidency, Josep Vendrell, the main people in charge of the negotiation, but without any progress.

The positions, at this moment, seem irreconcilable.

and the chief of staff of the second vice-presidency, Josep Vendrell, the main people in charge of the negotiation, but without any progress.

The positions, at this moment, seem irreconcilable.

and the chief of staff of the second vice-presidency, Josep Vendrell, the main people in charge of the negotiation, but without any progress.

The positions, at this moment, seem irreconcilable.

The federal coordinator of IU, Alberto Garzón, who from the beginning has supported Díaz's plans, has uglyed early this Monday the behavior of Ione Belarra's party: "You have to talk about politics, be discreet, negotiate, be willing to that agreement and abandon that logic of the policy of confrontation, of the constant search for who are the loyalists and who are the traitors", he criticized in an interview on RNE.

On the other side, Pablo Iglesias, founder of Podemos and still a very influential figure in that party, has stated that Podemos "is giving in on everything" in this negotiation.

He has accused "some sectors of the left" of wanting to end the party and has once again suggested that the agreement with Sumar is not closed because Yolanda Díaz does not want to commit to drawing up the electoral lists through primaries open to the citizenry, a accusation that Sumar sources deny.

The problem, as Sumar insists, is not the primaries, but the "bilaterality" that Podemos demands and with which it intends to marginalize the rest of the forces in this space.

“The proposal is very simple: primaries open to all citizens, transparent and with guarantees.

As soon as that is accepted, we will close the agreement”, the co-spokesman for Podemos Pablo Fernández insisted this Monday at a press conference.

Just a few hours before, on Sunday night, sources from the formation conveyed to the media their anger at the refusal of the team of the Vice President of the Government to sign a political declaration committing to those primaries "agreed between Podemos and Sumar", that is to say , bilaterally.

Although in public Fernández has maintained that the party is "focused" on closing that agreement "as soon as possible to cover" Díaz in its launch on April 2, party sources privately question whether the vice president actually finally accepts those primaries.

“We wish and hope that this week the conversations and dialogue with Sumar will continue.

We trust that an agreement can be closed now", the spokesman reiterated, for whom this model of primaries, on which many details would still have to be discussed, is the "essential premise for the massive mobilization of citizens".

Díaz's team in Sumar replied on Sunday that "contacts with Podemos" had intensified over the weekend.

"We have exchanged several proposals that have been rejected so far and right now they have left the table," they said, before advocating "continue working" in the dialogue.

The vice president has not had any appearance this Monday, while the federal coordinator of IU, Alberto Garzón, has entered the debate with a direct message to Podemos, stressing that "the important thing" is to "understand the political process" underway.

“We do not want to win space on the left, we want to win the country.

We are addressing the entire population and that is why it makes no sense to continually talk about our lists, our negotiations.

And yesterday [por el domingo] when someone, probably from Podemos, leaked that there was a disagreement and that Sumar did not accept his conditions, that person is working against the agreement, ”he has questioned harshly.

“Everything that at this moment is making noise, wearing down Yolanda Díaz, who will predictably be our candidate for the general elections,

Garzón has also been in favor of the method of primaries as a formula to decide the lists — "There are many formulas to specify and reach an agreement," he said — and has vindicated the role of Izquierda Unida by insisting that its formation, "with more than 35 years of history” and “a lot” to contribute to the process, it has not put “not a single condition” to attend the Sumar launch event next Sunday.

For his part, Enrique Santiago, parliamentary spokesman for the IU and leader of the PCE, who does not see "differences" between Díaz's proposals and those of UP, has stated: "It is essential that all forces be present, I do not see that there is any reason so that they do not participate”.

Faced with the reluctance of Podemos, most of the political forces called to form part of a future coalition in the general elections around Sumar have already confirmed their attendance on the 2nd. This Monday, Más País has announced that its leader will be there, Íñigo Errejón, who left Pablo Iglesias' party in 2019 after a battle that split the organization in two.

The apparent closeness between him and Yolanda Díaz still stings today in the training and Iglesias himself — who was the one who designated Díaz as his successor two years ago — has summarized it like this, in an interview on Rac1.

"It is evident today that Yolanda is much closer politically to Más País than to Podemos, and that is perfectly legitimate."


Faced with a crisis that could condition the outcome of the next general elections, the PSOE is very cautious and measures words.

The spokesperson for the federal socialist executive, Pilar Alegría, has called for "responsibility" to the different forces and sensitivities that Yolanda Díaz aspires to unite, but avoiding the slightest pressure, reports José



"It is important that those parties that are to the left of the PSOE can reach [the general elections] within the umbrella of unity," said Alegría, who has expressed his desire that the different parties, platforms and movements of that space "show off a responsibility that would be highly valued."

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