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What did the latest polls say about Mauricio Macri: could he win the 2023 elections?


Clarín analyzes numbers from six consultants. Floor and ceiling of votes, and his numbers for the inmate.

With a somewhat exaggerated but attractive title ("What do Argentines think and feel about the current political situation in the country"), the consulting firm


published its latest

"National Monitor"

a few days ago .

It is a firm already established in the world of politics, generally reluctant to publish electoral forecasts.

But in this recent study

he addressed the issue of the presidential election in a particular way


On page 12 of the report, the following statement appears: "Taking into account the following political leaders,

do you think they should run for president?


With three response options ("yes, definitely"; "yes, it can be"; and "no, his time has passed"), those who had to go through the filter were

Cristina Kirchner, Alberto Fernández and Mauricio Macri


The current president fared worse than all:

 he finished with





In this category, it was followed

by vice

, with

70.5% rejecting it

but with 19.4% saying "yes, definitely."

Macri's thing was slightly better


65.8% thought that it should not be presented

, against 9.4% of strong support and just under 25% of "yes, it can be."

The latest national Taquion survey.

Most want Cristina, Macri and Alberto off the lists this year.

These numbers, which

bring Macri quite close to the Fernández

, come from the recent decision of the founder of the PRO to withdraw from the 2023 presidential race. The congratulations and relief shown by the opposition leadership for the announcement (

except for Miguel Pichetto and a a handful more

, who kept asking him to introduce himself) seem to coincide then with a broad sector of society.

But the data collides in some way with the story with which the macrismo sought to decorate the landslide.

According to what the former president himself conveyed in private, if he ran as a candidate

"he would comfortably win PASO and in a ballot with Kirchnerism he would also prevail

. "


did the polls really say that?

 In addition to the


study , Clarín analyzed

about a dozen polls from six consultants

that evaluated Macri's electoral potential at the national level and also made cuts in the main districts such as CABA and the provinces of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Mendoza and Santa Fe. .

The results of these surveys do not support the Macrista hypothesis.

The former president, in general, appeared below the most competitive PRO options such as Horacio Rodríguez Larreta or Patricia Bullrich.

And he had a strong rejection ("I would never vote for him") that questioned his competitiveness in a second round.

With an

important asterisk in favor of the ex-president

: pollsters and Macri's own rivals agree that if he had effectively launched himself, other leaders would have dropped out (María Eugenia Vidal for sure, Bullrich perhaps?) and the internal rearrangements would have forced re-measure, possibly with the much better positioned PRO leader.

It will remain in theory: the reality is that the polls that have been released in recent months (many commissioned by Larreta, by the way) did not do so well for Macri and he finally decided to get off.

In the national government


they had even stopped considering him as a candidate since the beginning of the year

, as if they were already certain that he would not run.

They do continue to evaluate his image and, according to all the polls, Macri clearly has more negative than positive.

PS: Nor do they usually measure María Eugenia Vidal in La Rosada, as if they sensed that the fight would actually be between Bullrich and Larreta.

Macri floor and ceiling

One of the surveys that circulates in the Buenos Aires government and measured

the electoral potential

of the main candidates, had


with a

"sure vote" of 10%

and a

"probable vote" of 22%

, which gives him a

ceiling of 32 points


The limit is set by the rejection, the "I would never vote for him", which exceeds 60 points.

The latest national survey of Opina Argentina.

He measured floors and ceilings of the main candidates and Macri was last.

Opina Argentina

, another consultancy that measures for Larreta and also has clients in the ruling party such as Juan Manzur and Axel Kicillof, published another face-to-face survey days ago.

There he also evaluated floors and ceilings and

Macri fared even worse: he finished last, with 6% "sure vote", 19% "probable vote" and 73% "I would never vote for him"


In this category, the most uncomfortable, he surpassed Cristina and Alberto, who were left with 68% against.

The latest CB survey in Mendoza.

He measured presidential STEP.

The latest CB survey in the province of Buenos Aires.

He measured presidential STEP.

The last CB survey in Santa Fe. He measured PASO presidential.

Another pollster that has been measuring a lot is


, with clients in the interior, like Juan Schiaretti from Cordoba, and also in Buenos Aires, like Larreta. 


was publishing last week its polls for a presidential STEP in the five districts that define the election due to their size: the two Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Córdoba and Mendoza.

In no Macri led the inmate of Together for Change.

In Córdoba, the former president was second below Bullrich and third in the other four, also with Larreta on top.

The latest CB survey in Córdoba.

He measured presidential STEP.

The latest CB survey in the City of Buenos Aires.

He measured presidential STEP.

A consultancy that circulates more in the official media, called


, also evaluated it in a Buenos Aires presidential STEP, in two scenarios, with and without Cristina: in both Macri appears relegated.

The last survey of Circuits in the City.

Measured presidential STEP.

The last survey of Circuits in the City.

Measured presidential STEP.

The last survey of Federico González in the province of Buenos Aires.

Measured presidential STEP.

And the most recent is another study by a firm closer to Peronism, led by the analyst

Federico González


In this case, he evaluated primaries in the

province of Buenos Aires


Macri is also third in JxC there

, behind Bullrich and Larreta.

Although, as explained, these were

improbable scenarios

(with four PRO candidates, for example) and

still far from the election

, in general the numbers did not sit well with the former president.

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Source: clarin

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