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"Always Iberian in the 'jet': the second season of 'Soy Georgina' crosses luxury, traditionalism and mourning


The new installment of the Netflix 'reality' starring the model, businesswoman and partner of Cristiano Ronaldo orbits between the 'sitcom' format and involuntary humor

Every sequel is bound to be more than its predecessor.

That's why the second season of

I'm Georgina,



reality show that follows the adventures of Georgina Rodríguez around the world, offers more of everything: more money, more drama and more 'Darlings'.

While the first season focused on the overcoming story of Rodríguez, a girl from Jaca who dreamed of a life of luxury and achieved it through her relationship with the most famous soccer player on the planet, this second installment is committed to the format


by dividing the spotlight among her group of friends.

There are guest stars, from Sebastián Yatra to Rosalía, but the most dazzling of all, Cristiano Ronaldo, this time acts as an extra: throughout the six episodes, there are more shots of Iberian ham than of CR7.

The first season of

I'm Georgina

had a lot of viewers but hardly generated any memes, which is how Netflix also partly measures its successes.

The most commented on networks was Georgina's almost sexual obsession with acorn-fed ham: nothing about it seems to excite him so much and nothing about it awakens him from his permanent robotic state like a good plate of Iberian ham.

She noticed, of course, and in this second season she stretches her joke until it's funny.

"A good Iberian ham means joy to me", "I couldn't live without Iberian hams", "I declare myself a total Iberian addict", "The best of Spain is Rosalía and Iberian ham", "Everyone has their priority, ours is to eat sausage".

Georgina eats ham even while getting a tattoo in honor of her deceased baby.

Georgina Rodríguez toasts with her partner, Cristiano Ronaldo, relegated to an extra in this second season to the detriment of another emerging character: ham.Netflix

She is aware that, beyond the joke, her passion for the Iberian people humanizes her.

She turns

Soy Georgina

into a

Las Kardashians

directed by Bigas Luna and reconnects with her Aragonese origins, which in this season have much less weight than in the previous one, except when Georgina fondly remembers her childhood Christmases (“since we didn't have money, we went to the quarry to pick chestnuts and moss"), before going back to her millionaire present and explaining that every Christmas she hires a company that rents her the decorations, they put it up in December and take it down in January.

"It's very comfortable."

Of course it is.

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"Nobody has ever come back from TV": why in Spain cathodic fame can be a sentence

Although the program does not stop betting on them, it is this type of contrast that reinforces it: a photo of two girls next to a tiny tree in a corridor with gotelé walls (a happiness that money cannot buy)


a vacation in Lapland (a happiness that only money can buy).

All those millions, in any case, can't afford an aurora borealis, which resists appearing because Mother Nature doesn't care about Netflix's actions.

Disappointed, Georgina proposes a business idea: “They should do a Northern Lights drill, like they do fake snow.”

And it is in these casual comments where Georgina portrays herself: she does not need to see the northern lights, she is worth it if she seems to.

The content is irrelevant if you can buy the continent.

"I feel that my role as

a driving force

is closer"

You have to squint a lot to find clues as to what's going on in Georgina's head.

But there are.

For example, her face twists slightly when a clerk tells her that she lives in her old building: "The neighbors still talk about you."

Or when she goes out onto Valverde street, she explains how much she likes the Gran Vía and then exclaims: "Let's see if they're going to rob me!"

This is a concern that Georgina lives with every time she steps into the real world: she cannot enjoy a gondola ride through the canals of Venice because she is afraid that some tourist will spit on her from a bridge.

They are moments of ephemeral self-awareness, like when she is offered a role in a movie and she celebrates being closer to being a


the contraction of model, singer and actress coined in the song by Ojete Calor.

Any other program (one from the golden age of Cuatro, for example) would have inserted the lyrics: "I have come far because of my talent, not because of the one I have but because of the one I invented", "I only want luxuries, give me big dough, but don't offer me a job that tires me”, “I don't know how to sing, I don't know how to pose, I don't know how to act, I live happily”.

That Georgina boasts of being

a mocatriz

suggests that she or she has never heard the entire song or has an ironic backlash that, of course, the

reality show

doesn't show at all.

“The bidet is essential.

For the Polish bath and the Czech bath”

The outbursts of vulgarity in

I'm Georgina

are as calculated as her fingernails.

Georgina doses them, such as when she insists on how important it is for her to install a bidet "for the Czech bathroom" (for those who don't know, it consists of washing the crotch making the "Czech, Czech, Czech" noise with the water) or when he confirms to his friend Iván that millionaires shit too.

"And a lot," she adds.

Rosalía, one of the star cameos of the new chapters of 'I'm Georgina'.Netflix

These colloquialisms do not stop working.

Georgina enunciates them without breaking character, with the same android diction with which she recites everything else: her eyes widen as if she were concentrating (or as if she were reading a prompter), her perfect girlish


does not move an inch who went to ballet class and intones the words on a run as if he had memorized them.

Have you talked to the lawyer?

The one I have hanging here!”

Unlike other

reality shows,

Georgina is not an employee at the mercy of the producer or the platform.

She is an executive producer of

I'm Georgina,

so it chooses what is issued and how it is issued.

This explains the constant presence of her group of friends, calling themselves 'Las Queridas' in honor of her WhatsApp group, holding conversations on topics such as the fact that Ivana, the star's sister, has resumed her Translation and Interpreting studies.

The Darlings adore each other, but when they talk there are silences between sentences that make it seem like they've just met.

They also aren't quite comfortable between their role in Georgina's life (being like her family) and their role on the show (constantly talking about Georgina, agreeing with her about everything, watching her try on clothes, watching her open boxes, goofing around). while she spends thousands of euros in a store and they don't).

At one point, a friend spreads moisturizer on her legs.

In other,

Georgina asks her friend to wear boots that hurt her, give them away for a few days, and then give them back.

And she gives you these instructions as if you were working for her and not as if you were doing her a favor.

The accumulation of scenes with the Darlings make

Soy Georgina

the portrait of a culture in which nothing is the new everything.

As if an artificial intelligence generated a


show about a group of people based on the

most used

hashtags on Instagram:

#puravida #aquisufriendo #estamoslocas.

After several minutes watching them go down some water slides, one wonders what the scenes that were left out would be like.

The real issue of

I'm Georgina

therefore seems to be how a platform reacts when delivered content that contains nothing.

“I always lack time, I have many jobs”

This season includes a new adjacent signing: Georgina's manager, Ramón Jordana.

Doctor Frankenstein of all this and 'La Ramona' for friends.

Jordana utters a phrase that blows up TV and the term "reality TV": "I'm going to find you a


so you can bill more."

A hoop through which the spectator simply cannot pass.

Georgina presents herself as a super mom with a large family like any other (“how do I organize myself to travel with so many children? I have no answer. When I return I need three days to recover”) and the public accepts the illusion that Georgina lives alone with her five children, as her photos on Instagram and the

reality show convey:

it is a suspension of disbelief that the audience already generates automatically.

For this reason, when Ramón proposes to "hire a


", he ruins the magic of TV: it is one thing for the viewer to choose to believe the illusion that Georgina has no help at home and another to be willing to be laughed at for her intelligence by try to make him believe it's true.

Georgina with Mateo and Eva Maria Dos Santos Ronaldo, two of the five children that, according to the series insists on making believe, she takes care of without any help because she is a supermom.Netflix

"I have six children"

Motherhood is the most important thing to Georgina.

The scenes with her children are the most natural in


she seems comfortable and has no qualms about embodying all the stereotypes of traditional femininity, such as when she says she is inspired by Audrey Hepburn because she loves, she clarifies, movies and diamonds: that is, it is not so much inspired by Audrey Hepburn as it is by a poster of Audrey Hepburn in

Breakfast at Tiffany's


Her newborn daughter's name is Bella Esmeralda, after her two favorite Disney princesses, perhaps a nod to her inner child's dreams.

That innocence collides with the darkness of the start of the season.

Dedicating the first two chapters to the death of Ángel, Bella's twin, shortly after giving birth is a difficult decision for television, but humanly inevitable.

If the first season proposed a story of class improvement, this one presents a duel of resignation in the face of trauma: Georgina must learn to live "without a piece of my heart."

Just a month after giving birth, she walks the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival in a dress of 120,000 Swarovski crystals, trying to ignore the pitying looks and sorrowful silences.

"Whenever I look at Bella I wonder how Angel is doing," she confesses.

“I have six children.

Ángel is a son, a nephew, a brother and a cousin”.

There are few images in the entire Netflix catalog as devastating as Ivana, Georgina's sister, rushing to remove half of all the objects that were even (two bears, two cribs, two carrycots) from the babies' bedroom and undressing the room any hint of blue before she gets back from the hospital.

The logistics of the unnamable.

"I share the values ​​of the Grammys: solidarity, search for talent and support for music"


am Georgina

lacks someone to act as a court jester: someone who represents the voice of the viewer, winks at the audience (curiously, in

La marquesa,

the other



, that role was played by Tamara Falcó herself ) and point out the tensions, paradoxes or absurdity of the life of Georgina Rodríguez.

Someone to ask questions like: what the hell is she doing presenting a Latin Grammy?

Or comment on the detail that, when Georgina visits an orphanage and the children give her a plant and a painting with painted hands, clearly when saying goodbye to her it is seen that she has left both things behind and that she has no intention of taking them with her .

Or that she remembers the environment when she charters the


private only to bring the cousin of her friend Mamen from Linares to get a tattoo.

In a metanarrative exercise, the season begins with Georgina and Cristiano in Dubai, a city that is to urbanism what Georgina Rodríguez is to the human species, to celebrate the premiere of the first season with an advertisement projected on the tallest building in the world.

Georgina describes

I am Georgina

as “the most important project of my career”, and of course: she is an artist and living her life is her main talent.

By the time the viewer wonders if she's good at it or not, four episodes will have passed and well, that's all.

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