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Discover the 5 smallest birds in the world


Small but not invisible. Despite their size, some birds, by their colors, their songs or their way of being, have made a place for themselves among their other congeners. What are the smallest birds in the world?

Despite an XXS size, these XXL-beautiful birds know how to get noticed

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Elena's Hummingbird (Mellisuga helenae)

The flapping of Elena's hummingbird wings is reminiscent of the sound of a bumblebee although it is only two centimeters long and weighs a maximum of two grams.

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From the trochilidae family,

Elena's hummingbird

is a sedentary nectarivore that feeds on flowers growing in the woods and sometimes on small insects that it hunts with its short, black beak.

It is recognizable by its bright colors such as green or turquoise on its back.

The beating of its wings, up to 80 times per second, reminds the sound of a bumblebee. 

Elena's hummingbird is only two centimeters long and weighs a maximum of two grams.

This bird which can be observed in the plains, forests and edges as well as the gardens.

South of Havana, it is considered a Near Threatened species.

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The crested kinglet (Regulus regulus)

The crested kinglet and its "puff" on the head evolves in Europe and Asia.

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This sparrow belonging to the Regidae family is distinguished by its kind of bright yellow puff on the top of its head, surrounded by two black bands on each side and the olive green color of its plumage, as well as its small black beak and pointed and two white wingbars on its wings.

The weight of the

crested kinglet

does not exceed seven grams, and its size nine centimeters.

Evolving in the forests and parks of conifers and in the gardens of Europe and Asia.

It is very active and feeds mainly on insects such as aphids.

Black cheeked warbler (Parula pitiayumi)

Black-cheeked warbler, a two-tone bird.

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black-cheeked warbler

measures on average between eleven and fifteen centimeters and a weight more between four and eight grams is from the family of parulidae.

This bird is identifiable with its turquoise blue back, head and wings with two white wing bars at the ends, its bright yellow belly and throat and its black eyes like two small marbles.

Males have a triangular, olive-colored patch on the upper back.

Forests, clearings, edges are its dwelling places in part of Central America.

The Black-cheeked Warbler feeds mainly on insects and invertebrates.

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American goldfinch (Spinus tristis)

The American Goldfinch is, as its name suggests, mostly bright yellow in color on its upper back, belly, throat, and part of the top of its head.

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Found in forests, meadows, gardens, orchards and roadsides, the

American Goldfinch

is, as its name suggests, mainly bright yellow in color on its upper back, belly, throat and part of the top of its head.

It also has patches of black, gray on its tail and belly, as well as white wingbars on its wings and a short, tapered beak.

Not exceeding thirteen centimeters in length and weighing between ten and twenty grams, this gregarious bird of the finch family feeds mainly on seeds.

Good to know

This bird is found in the United States, in the southern part of Canada, the northern Gulf of Mexico, in British Columbia and on the island of Newfoundland.

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The brown gerygone (Gerygone mouki)

The brown gerygonium, an insectivore visible in the forests, plains and maquis of Australia.

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brown gerygone

is a small bird of about ten centimeters.

It has a brown back, tail, and top of its head, while its belly, throat, and bottom of its head are off-white or light gray.

From the Acanthizidae family, this sparrow is an insectivore that lives in the forests, plains and maquis of Australia.

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