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From Gallant to Messi: not the children - mothers are the best screenwriters - voila! Sheee


Gallant's mother managed to steal the focus of a burning and torn country, and not for nothing. In fact, stealing focus is a specialty of mothers, and we have some examples to prove it

Yoav Galant talking on the phone with his mother Fromma (Instagram)

Among everything that has been happening here in the last few days and while the country is burning all around, the one who managed to steal the show for a few good moments was the mother of the fired Minister of Defense, Yoav Galant, who called him after the announcement of his dismissal came out and said to him: "You have intelligence and courage and I love you very much. I hope everything will be alright".

"Everything will be fine, mother," Gallant answered her.

"The main thing is health and everything will be fine."

"good good".

She answered and ended with the immortal sentence: "When something good happens, call me."

that's how it is.

No matter how old you are, what your role is and what achievements you have already reached in life, in the end, we are all children and mother's childhood, and when something good happens we all want to "ring her", get her approval and make her proud of us.

And she is proud, of course she is proud, but I have a feeling that with all the pride in the world, our mothers enjoy being the center of attention just as much, and you can't blame them.

So, inspired by Fromma, Gallant's sweet mother, here are a selection of situations where the "mother of" stole the show and enjoyed every second of it:

LeBron James does the "Galante" after winning the NBA Cup

Not only Gallant talks to his mother after significant events, also the basketball player LeBron James left everything after winning the NBA Cup in 2020, lay down on the floor somewhere in the hall where the game took place, and with a cigar in his hand and sunglasses on his face, did face time with mom.

He told her that after everything she's been through and everything he's seen, nothing can stop him, a statement to which she responded like a real boss with "God is good".

LeBron added that he hoped to continue to make her proud, and Mama Gloria had already started to open burners and yell at him that there was nothing he could do that wouldn't make her proud of him, but the beautiful flow of her words was interrupted by one of the other players on the team.

This conversation is just a small example of the relationship between LeBron and his mother, which occupies a large place in his career.

He dedicates all his winnings to her and talks about her a lot, and she comes to all the games and steals all the focus in them.

Years ago, for example, a player from an opposing team fouled LeBron, and somehow it happened right next to where his mom was sitting.

She immediately jumped to her feet and even tried to separate, then grabbed her son and shouted: "Mom, sit down."

After that, and with her temperament, I would also bother to make facetimes after every win.

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MK Gadi Barkan kisses his mother's feet

In 2019, when Knesset member Gadi Ybarken from the defunct "Blue and White" party arrived to be sworn in at the Knesset, he was so excited to see his mother enter the tabernacle that immediately upon her entry he went up to her and kissed her feet.

At the same time, the act itself stole the show and moved the entire country, but as for the mother of the MK herself? They didn't even bother to write her name and were content with "mother of". I inquired - her name is Ngosa Ashtia

. Not a Prairie species at all, and Ngosa Ashtia should have had the right opportunity as well. After some digging, I found a record of an interview with the mother and son, the second time Barkan was elected to the Knesset. This time, when he was already used to the position of MK, Barkan claimed that he was no longer suitable to do this whole foot-kissing event again, but his mother was quick to clarify that MK or not, regular or not, he still kisses her feet, even if this time he did it outside the tabernacle.

Later, when the interviewer asks her if she ever thought he would be a member of the Knesset when he was little, Vingosa answers first of all with a hand gesture of "Well, I don't like to say it, but what's wrong."

But then, like a seasoned politician herself, she realized that she had revealed an unwanted truth and immediately made a spin and said that for her he was supposed to be a case, that is, a spiritual leader of the congregation, and not a politician.

The interviewer concluded with the word "deterioration" and all three laughed in agreement.


Lakers' LeBron James to Gloria James after winning fourth title: "There's nothing that can stop me. This s—- right here is nothing compared to the s—- you had to go through. God is good. I hope I continue to make you proud, mom."

— Ben Golliver (@BenGolliver) October 12, 2020

The actors who take mom to the Oscars

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A post shared by Irina Shayk & Bradley Cooper (@_itsleeas)

For years, Leonardo DiCaprio has made it a point to take only his mother to the award ceremonies where he is nominated, and leave at home (with a babysitter, I hope) the young women he dates.

This of course brings up dozens of theories about his difficulty in bonding and his lack of commitment, but alongside this there are quite a few people who also appreciate his strong bond with his mother.

Or at least they did, until a photo of her as a young mother with an unshaven armpit was published a few years ago, which, as we know, automatically makes her the enemy of the people.

But Leonardo is not the only one who takes his mother so that she can see how successful he is.

Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and even Justin Timberlake have also done it, and this is only a partial list, but the one who may have ended up regretting his mother's invitation to the ceremony is probably Bradley Cooper.

In 2019, when Bradley and Irina Shayk broke up, it was only a few months after the Oscar ceremony, to which Bradley insisted on inviting Mom too.

I know the rumors say that the breakup was related to the movie "A Star Is Born" and Bradley's relationship with Lady Gaga, who starred alongside him, but there were also rumors that his mother couldn't stand Irina, and in life - look how she doesn't let go of his hand.

The woman came not only to steal the show, but also to steal her son back.

Kahlon's mother

If there is a mother who understood a thing or two about stealing focus, it is probably Misa, the late mother of Moshe Kahlon, the former finance minister.

By the way, when you write "Kahlon's mother" in Google there are over 155 thousand results - any mother in this item would kill for such attention.

She was a mother of seven children and a social activist, one of the founders of the canteen of the Committee for the Soldier at the Olga intersection, where she would cook Tripolitan dishes for the soldiers.

They called her "the mother of the children on the street", Kahlon talked about her at every opportunity and he really had reason to be proud.

But if there's one thing other mothers can learn from her, it's to go all out.

Not to be content with 15 minutes of fame because of an update/thank you call or an invitation to the ceremony/swearing in, but to be remembered forever as a kind of Israeli "Mother Teresa", who was invited by the Hadera municipality to light a torch and Shakot in Israel was named after her.

Her son, on the other hand, is mostly remembered for the problems of "price per tenant" and not the benefits of the cellular revolution.

Totally stole his thunder.

The mother of the Super Bowl

The sweetest surprise for her boys.


Travis and Jason Kelce's mom, Donna, delivered cookies before #SuperBowlLVII.


News (@enews) February 13, 2023

And speaking of sports, let's go back to the last Super Bowl, which somehow, with everything that happened in it, and I'm talking of course about Rihanna, because who cares what really happens in the game, the one who managed to steal headlines was a woman named Donna Kelsey, who is the mother of two football players, each playing in the opposing team.

Donna, of course, was not satisfied with encouraging the boys modestly, but made a show of how torn she was between them (as if she was also interested in something besides Rihanna), waved two signs with the faces of each of them, and starred in the tweets of all the sports networks, which recorded her hugging both of them and giving them A box of cookies.

Tsumi patient, that.

Messi's mother in the mother of the groom classic

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A post shared by @lionelmessifanpage29

Look, not inviting your mother to the wedding is really a bit extreme, but when you invite your mother to the wedding you have to be prepared for the fact that sometimes she will do everything she can to overshadow the bride.

This is exactly what fans from all over the world claimed that Messi's mother tried to do at her son's wedding.

What can I tell you, in my eyes her dress is more silver than white, but since here too there are rumors of bad relations with the bride and since Harharar Riv is something that has been a little lacking here lately, I will join the fans and say: Shame!



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