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Jey Mammón broke the silence after Lucas Benvenuto's complaint: "He lies in age"


Ángel de Brito read on LAM the WhatsApp messages that the comedian responded to when he consulted him on the subject.

After reading

Lucas Benvenuto

's full complaint against

Juan Martín Rago

, known in the artistic environment under the pseudonym

Jey Mammón

, for sexual abuse when he was a minor,

Ángel de Brito said that he had communicated with the driver

, who sent him several texts via WhatsApp when the topic exploded.

"When on Thursday I heard

Jorge Rial

tell on the radio with his first and last name that the complaint that this boy had made anonymously on television referred to Jey Mammón, and he said he had part of the complaint, I wrote to Jey


As I was not on the program these days because of Lizy's wedding and the move I made on Friday, I wrote to him on Thursday," the journalist said.

"I asked him how the issue went and I am going to read what he answered me verbatim. Beyond the fact that he asked me not to say that I spoke with him. I do not care about his request. I am going to read

the verbatim that he sent me

, "he added, angry with the situation and the humorist's attitude.

Ángel de Brito read messages that Jey Mammón sent him.

TV Capture


'You lie in your age',

was one of the things he told me. All the messages were with questions from me that I had no answers. Despite the fact that I know him from his birthday, from having shared years of channels, programs, talks, a dancing that we share. He came to


thousands of times

and even presented a boyfriend in the program. We have talked thousands of times about private issues, "Ángel was honest.


He never ever told me about a 14-year-old boyfriend

, because obviously he would not have followed that talk.

He never ever told me about an extortion complaint

, which has not yet appeared and he, very badly advised, puts it in a statement," he continued, doubting the strategy of Jey and his lawyer, to go against the plaintiff.


Brito, he read texts from Jey Mammón again

, clarifying that when he sent them, Telefe's statement had not yet been known nor had he been kicked out of

La Peña de Morfi

: "The complaint appeared while I was making

Los Mammones

in America.

I am very bad and I'm not seeing anything of everything he says


The journalist even added that when he had this exchange of messages with Jey, he still could not believe the accusation.

They even talked about going to Lizy Tagliani's wedding.


We were organizing a combi to go to Berazategui with El Chato Prada, Fede Hoppe, with Paula Chaves, Jey Mammón

, and finally that plan was not carried out. I had spoken with him the Sunday after

La Peña

's debut to congratulate him."

Ángel de Brito released Jey Mammón's hand.

TV Capture

"Then he told me

'There's nothing to hide when there's nothing to hide'


but he hid.

At another time he told me that they had leaked his number and that he couldn't use his phone. That's when I felt like he didn't want to talk anymore and that they were just excuses," Angel added, angry with Jey.


He also added that he was going to do the program on Sunday.

Immediately afterwards, in the afternoon, Telefe fired him because, although they did not fire him, the channel spoke with him and agreed that he should not go. Obviously there is no going back in terms of work and other his works such as advertisements and the record he had recorded", the journalist stated.

"The company went down the line and made a request to the channel's drivers. At Lizy's wedding,

Jésica Cirio was scared and did not know how she was going to do the program on Sunday.

Georgina had not yet been determined. She also did had on his show selling

La Peña

before the debut," he said.

Then the


driver confirmed that it was true that Jey Mammón's cell phone number had gone viral, and that is why he did not want to use his phone, but explained that "If you want to

talk to someone, take another phone and call.

Because I know that From Thursday until now, he was talking with Burlando, for example, and with other friends of his."

Jey Mammon was denounced for child sexual abuse by Lucas Benvenuto

Ángel de Brito sided with Lucas Benvenuto

After reading Jey Mammón's responses, the


driver took a position.

"At the wedding the subject was Jey and Burlando told me the same thing with the subject of age, that it seemed that he was not 14 but another. But they had not yet spoken. He was his lawyer and signed when the prescription of the cause

was And a week later he presented him in

Los Mammones

as the best lawyer in the world


"All that time that he knew about the cause, he kept it to himself. He never spoke to any of the mutual friends we have. He never said

that there was a crazy person extorting him, or suing him for something that did not happen.

It is common for him to appear "Someone to create a legal problem for you by inventing a story. But if that happens, you tell it, you report it, you go to the programs to tell it. But he never said anything," the journalist analyzed.

"And he's not someone who doesn't talk about his private life in the media. When it was his father's illness and he finally passed away, he talked about it everywhere.

When he had a Venezuelan boyfriend for two years, he introduced him on the show

. That's why I don't understand Jey Mammón's attitude since Thursday.

I am 100% on Lucas Benvenuto's side

, "said the driver.

"What Jey Mammón did is not only improper and outlawed.

The prescription sucks me an egg. The facts are the facts and for me Jey Mammón was, in every way.

And I say this in a personal capacity", " Angel doubled the bet.

"He will have all the time to explain it. Burlando says that they are going to do a trial for the truth to clean up Jey. Hopefully this trial will be done for Jey and Lucas. Hopefully we know the truth and it doesn't end in nothing like other cases.

It doesn't matter to me if the kid was 14, 15 or 16. There is marijuana, alcohol, a kid who goes to sleep and the next day wakes up bleeding the next day,

"he described as part of the horror that Lucas experienced.

"Also, if you had a relationship with a minor for so many years and you knew the story behind it, how do you move on?

Obviously, he knew that this relationship was wrong, because he never told anyone about it

, "he wondered, indignant.

"Beyond the fact that there has been an extortion, Jey that's it. Make sure it's not a loophole to get out and there was that or some threatening message, it's the least a victim can do like Lucas Benvenuto was damaged. It's a topic finished from

what Morality and the explanations of Jey or Burlando matter little to me.

An innocent person does not have this attitude. On the contrary, he exposes everything in the media, "he closed his analysis.


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