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The intern burns in the Conurbano: La Cámpora has no candidates and Evita presses with a million-dollar box


El Cuervo Larroque, who resigned from his position as Secretary General of Máximo Kirchner's organization, admits that they forgot about the middle class by criticizing their colleagues. The Persian movement gains ground.

We must recognize the self-esteem and appreciation that Máximo Kirchner seems to feel for himself.

He is a National Deputy and President of the PJ in Buenos Aires but

he does not need to take care of the manners

like when he organized an act and decided to get on a paravalanche to shout while almost all the leaders were waiting for him on stage.

The fact itself is not relevant, but two people who frequented and frequent him point out that this type of behavior

says a lot

about this stage of his life, personal and political.  

Cristina's son has just turned 46, he made his mother a grandmother twice and already has several gray hairs.

As a host in another act, he received governors and mayors in

frayed Bermuda shorts. 

A couple of days before he had gone on television to speak like a statesman about the future of the country and rant against the President that his mother enthroned, dressed in an old Racing jacket.

El Cuervo Laroque is one of those who, formerly the mayors of the GBA, allows himself to criticize Máximo Kirchner for, according to what they say, "forgetting about the middle class and leaning on the piqueteros and the extreme left."

Those who know him well assure that Máximo does what he does to feel

rebellious and incorrigible.

"The issue is when

it skids. It becomes

 dangerous and irresponsible. Let's remember that it almost turned the government upside down like when it ordered the resignation of half of Alberto's cabinet. Or when without warning it resigned from the leadership of the official block, generating another shock. Maxi does not understand that the consequences of these outbursts of fury


the worker, especially the poor because in a country on fire they will be even poorer", they describe close to them. 

Lucia Cámpora, on the left, is the figure that Máximo chose to replace Larroque as Secretary General of La Cámpora.

Indirectly, or not so much, Máximo is also the

top administrator

of a good amount of money that the country spends.

The tentacles of his group, through different ministries and organizations such as PAMI or ANSeS, protect six out of every ten pesos that the State collects. 

But in politics, the talent for amassing power and money doesn't always translate into popular support.

This is what

seems to happen to La Cámpora in the Conurbano


There is no survey carried out by the pro-government or opposition mayors that does not return an image of La Cámpora on the floor. 

Máximo Kirchner and Wado de Pedro, created La Cámpora in 2006. Despite the resources and financing of the State, they did not manage to have their own candidates to face the Mayors of the Conurbano.

Photo Juan Manuel Foglia

In this 2023, the group will be

17 years

old .

It grew fast, seducing many young people.

But it was difficult and it is difficult for him to present candidates who



To such an extent that, with the exception of Walter Festa (Moreno) and Mayra Mendoza (Quilmes), almost none of its members won an election in the Conurbano as


of the list.

"In the second cordon and especially in the third, Cristina continues to have a high floor. But many who support her

do not

feel the same for Máximo and La Cámpora," says a Peronist GBA chief who, at least publicly, always shows affection for the Son of the Vice President.

It is

as if there were plenty of militants but no leaders who could dispute power with the Peronist mayors


"With Néstor or Cristina as presidents, it was very difficult for

us to refuse

to give them places on the lists. But now, they themselves know that they missed the train and have almost no power to damage," describes another experienced mayor with a position in provincial Peronism.  

Máximo Kirchner, Andrés Larroque and Eduardo "Wado" de Pedro in Ensenada, along with Mario Secco.

Larroque's self-criticism

El Cuervo Larroque is perhaps the most convinced of the


errors that are made in his group.

"For years we have been making a mistake by


about the middle class. The cost we are paying is enormous. The only strategy we seem to have is

to blend in

with the piqueteros and extreme left movements. That is not Peronism," the minister often repeats. of Kicillof.

It is not very clear but perhaps those differences announce divorces.

The concrete thing is that Máximo decided last Thursday "the intergenerational renewal" of his group.

A lot of title for 

a single change


out Larroque as Secretary General.

He is replaced by a feminist former philosophy student, Lucía Cámpora


Her last name is linked by blood to the former president that Perón put in and after a while ordered to resign after returning to the country.


Mayra Mendoza will seek her re-election in Quilmes and there is not much else.

In La Cámpora

they doubt


Martín Rodríguez

, second in PAMI, will dare to fight a STEP against the mayor of Hurlingham Juanchi Zabaleta.

They still regret the video that shows Rodríguez with his partner and his boss in the retirement organization,

Luana Volnovich

, enjoying exclusivity on a paradise island in the Caribbean.

The camper Martín Rodríguez wants to be mayor of Hurlingham and is in a relationship with Luana Volnovich.

Both are the heads of Pami but a video on a Caribbean island affected them internally and they doubt that he is a candidate in a municipality where Juanchi Zabaleta maintains a good image.

For the same filming and a management with more criticism than praise, there are also


who bet on Volnovich competing in Berazategui, where Juan José Mussi intends to be re-elected at 83 years of age.

In La Cámpora they don't put too many chips on

Facundo Tignanelli

either, Máximo's reference in La Matanza and president of the block of PJ deputies in the provincial legislature.

The Frente de Todos already has an open conflict in La Matanza with Fernando Espinoza, who will seek his re-election, and the Evita Movement, which he assures will compete with him in the primaries.

Daniela Vilar,

from Lomé

, is Kicillof's Minister of the Environment.

And although she was a member of Máximo, they doubt her DNA

 From her 100% camper

From her.

She is in a relationship (and in a political column) with Federico Otermín, president of the Buenos Aires Chamber of Deputies and soldier of the mayor of Lomas de Zamora, Martín Insaurralde.

José Lepere

claims to have autonomy in Almirante Brown as the local leader of La Cámpora.

He seconded Wado De Pedro in the Ministry of the Interior.

But not even with the mayor Mariano Cascallares on leave, Lepere applied to fight for his re-election.

Neither did Juan José Fabiani, in charge of the Commune, who also recognizes Cascallares as a


in the municipality.

Something similar happens to

Walter Beltrán

, director of ANSeS in Merlo, with the head of that commune, also on leave, Gustavo Menéndez.

Everything allows us to envision that in the GBA, La Cámpora

will mutate

its roar of "let's go for everything" into a soft breath in search of survival.

She will present almost


candidates in the PASO and will try to negotiate places on the lists, with a power of discussion that is


(and a lot) if Cristina is not a candidate.

Evita's push

Those who are enthusiastic are the militants of the

 Evita Movement,

a group that was also blessed by the Government and that Alberto Fernández empowered with a lot of money.

In the Ministry of Social Development alone, the piquetero/civil servant Emilio Pérsico manages around

$700,000 million

a year.

El Evita has references in almost all municipalities, with councilors, provincial legislators and even a


like Mariel Fernández de Moreno.

The base of their power is in the Conurbano, almost exclusively in the humblest neighborhoods thanks to the thousands of plans that they assign and manage. 

They challenge

the municipal government by fighting them in the PASO.

They have just launched their own political space and their ultimate goal is to banish the Peronism that has governed La Matanza since the return of democracy.

Emilio Pérsico's wife, Patricia Cubría, will face Espinoza, who is uncomfortable with the onslaught of piqueteros


But as it happens in La Cámpora, in Evita there are also


leaders with projection who could worry the Peronist or opposition mayors as candidates.

Pérsico pushes 

Federico Ugo

in Tigre, where Sergio Massa's wife, Malena Galmarini, announced that she will go to a STEP against Mayor Julio Zamora.

There are also

Joaquín Noya

, president of the Frente de Todos block in Vicente López, the national deputy 

Leo Grosso

in San Martín, 

Lis Días

in Tres de Febrero and

Nataila Peluso

in Ituzaingó,

Máximo and Pérsico know better than anyone that the mayors


the PASO.

Not because they are going to lose them, but because of the damage they could cause them.

Local bosses hate having to


power in their own political space.

In addition, they believe that the Primaries "do not work in a municipality as in the candidacies for President or Governor. In the communes, the PASO do not order anything, the campaigns can become bloody and generate more problems than benefits," warns one of the Justicialist leaders .

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