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This is how a remake is made: the review for Resident Evil 4 - voila! The gaming channel


Capcom does it again and manages to present a modern and modern adaptation of one of the action-horror games that defined the genre

Resident Evil 4 Remake (Capcom)

It is very difficult to imagine the horror genre without the Resident Evil series, which has already become a cult, and is considered a very significant milestone.

In recent years Capcom tried to restore (with great success it must be said) Resident Evil 2 and 3 with new remakes that help them overcome the test of time and the technical and graphical obstacles that have accumulated over the years, and make them accessible to the modern player.

Of course, it was only a matter of time until we got a remake of the fourth game in the immortal series, which is also considered to be no less groundbreaking.

So did Capcom get it right the third time around?

The answer is yes.

succeeded in a big way.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (photo: official website, Capcom)

The plot of the game will put you in the shoes of Leon Kennedy (whom you will surely recognize from the second game in the series) several months after the traumatic events in Raccoon City.

Leon is sent by the President of the United States government to save his house, Ashley, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious cult in Europe called Los Illumindos. Once Leon enters the village the action will begin and he will discover that the local population is controlled by a mysterious mutated virus (how fitting for a Resident Evil story at the time ) and causes chaos and chaos.

The remake makes several changes from the original, and in some places it feels like it takes itself and its story much more seriously. The whole atmosphere, for example, is much more real and less campy. The opening scene where the villagers attack Leon was very intense compared to the original, And made me remember the stressful opening of Resident Evil 8. You can also notice the changes in Leon since the second game, and he feels like a much more experienced character who went through hell and managed to come back from it.

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Resident Evil 4 Remake (photo: official website, Capcom)

You will notice that the developers were able to learn from other games from recent years where characters accompany the players, and drew inspiration.

Ashley will be much more responsive to the deaf, and all her and Leon's interaction is much more believable and modern.

The remake may be aimed (mainly) at a new audience that didn't necessarily know the original, but the old players will find here a lot that is familiar and good along with updated and modern content.

The original Resident Evil came out sometime in 2005, and for its time it was considered very revolutionary.

One of those games that managed to influence an entire genre and other genres.

Since then, this genre (action-horror) has had time to develop and reshape itself.

So the big question is what to leave and what to update.

Unlike the two remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3, the remake of the fourth game remains the most faithful to the original and does not make too many changes to the overall structure of the game.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (photo: official website, Capcom)

All mechanics have been massively overhauled and modernized, one that matches today's gaming experience.

The camera is still placed behind Leon's shoulder (the so-called Over the shoulder perspective) in third person with an emphasis on shooting and face-to-face combat.

The main difference, just like in the previous two remakes, is that your main character no longer feels like a tank.

Leon is much lighter on his feet and much more comfortable to manipulate and play in every aspect of the new remake.

And finally you can change weapons without opening a menu, or load the weapon without aiming it first.

Another refreshing change that I don't understand how it wasn't in the original game is the Stealth option where you will kill an opponent who hasn't noticed you yet with a knife.

You will also be able to parry attacks from opponents by pressing a button, and if you are accurate enough at the times, you will also be able to thread Leon's famous spinning kick there that would have made Chuck Norris jealous.

This move also works in boss fights and it delivers every time.

Many small additions and tweaks that make the gameplay much smoother and more fluid.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (photo: official website, Capcom)

The whole world and environment feel much more alive and responsive.

An element I didn't necessarily remember in the original.

For example, if an opponent holds a Molotov cocktail in his hand, you can shoot him and set him on fire first, or even shoot the dynamite sticks that the locals have.

I even had a moment where I threw a grenade that hit an ax aimed at me, causing it to change course.

Of course I had to take cover because the grenade fell too close to me.

I may have wasted a grenade, but I was enthusiastic about the technology.

It gives volume and dynamism to battles that you don't see much these days.

Keep in mind that Resident Evil is a tough game.

At least in its harder levels.

This is a proper survival game where your resources are limited and the bullets are counted.

So plan your steps accordingly.

There is something very satisfying about failing and dying just to try different tactics that work.

And that's because you've taught yourself to be more efficient in your interactions with the environment, more accurate in your shots, or you've learned to use Leon's move to your advantage.

Definitely satisfying.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (photo: official website, Capcom)

That doesn't mean everything is perfect.

The combat and survival system does the job, but seasoned players will find some slight changes here that may affect their experience.

Some of the weapons were nerfed (lowered) like the Red 9. I think they did it to balance all the battles, because in the original game a fully upgraded Red 9 is considered an overkill which makes the whole game much easier.

The same goes for the Magnum Betterfly gun, which suddenly feels like a shotgun and less like a magnum.

And although most of the game has been renovated and updated, there are still at least two boss fights that, beyond the visual upgrade, haven't exactly changed their format. For better or worse, it's up to you . Some will like exploring the map and solving environmental puzzles but at this point it has already become standard. Again: for better or worse, it's your decision. For me it's tiring.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (photo: official website, Capcom)

There's tons of new side content like shooting ranges and side missions.

The whole thing took me about 20 hours the first time I played, and it can get exhausting towards the end.

Personally I was expecting a slightly tighter experience, but I can only blame my OCD forcing me to complete every sub-activity.

I think Capcom had a chance to tighten up the experience, but these days you can't justify the full $60-70 price tag on games (60 in the case of the remake) without blowing them up with content.

God forbid you give me a shorter experience at a cheaper price, isn't the gaming industry expensive?

If you liked the graphics of the previous remakes, wait until you experience the graphics of the current remake.

Capcom continues to maintain a high standard here as well, even if it's not groundbreaking.

The developers managed to keep the original vision of the game without compromising anything.

Everything remains as you remember it - only improved.

This is exactly how the game felt in 2005, and it's amazing to see the leaps we've made since then, including the use of sound in a masterful game.

Hearing the screams of the locals or an electric saw that advances in my direction and only puts pressure and vigilance never ceases to surprise and feel effective.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (photo: official website, Capcom)

In conclusion

Even if we are destined to continue to receive from the industry remakes instead of original content, such as the recently released and successful Dead Space, or the upcoming remake of Silent Hill 2 - this is definitely a massive improvement.

Capcom manages to continue to maintain its high standard with its remakes in the Resident Evil series and the fourth game is another masterful example of how you manage to take a game that worked in the original and adapt it to today for a new audience.

The whole thing has undergone a massive upgrade and modern renovations that simply make it a master game for Resident Evil fans, horror and action fans, or the casual players who are just looking for a good and fun game.

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