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Visiting Germany: You have to keep this in mind when King Charles III visits you. crosses the path 


Before King Charles III. and King's wife Camilla land in Berlin and Hamburg at the end of March: Here is the crash course in court etiquette.

Before King Charles III.

and King's wife Camilla land in Berlin and Hamburg at the end of March: Here is the crash course in court etiquette.

Berlin – Although the British royal family expressly does not issue any official rules of conduct when meeting the royals on its own website, that is only half the truth.

A little etiquette never hurts, especially when the odds of meeting King Charles III are increasing.

(74) and King's wife Camilla (75) in Berlin, Potsdam and Hamburg at the end of March.

Because of course there are certain rules that are considered polite to follow - and if you ignore them, you look pretty rude.

Nine rules will help you on the royal parquet.

King Charles III

and Camilla are used to being treated by protocol

There is already a lot to gamble away when reaching into the wardrobe: Miniskirts, Hawaiian shirts, jeans, sandals and shorts are better left lying around.

As a woman, choosing a dress, suit or trouser suit guarantees a mannerly look, while men – depending on the occasion – look good in the appropriate suit.

1. The royal couple enters the room

Assuming you run Charles III.

and Camilla do not cross paths in the supermarket, but are present at a reception, it means getting up when the British monarch and his wife enter the room.

The royal couple has the right of way in everything: when speaking, when eating, when drinking, when saying goodbye.

2. Curtsy, bow, handshake?

Every woman who meets King Charles and his wife Camilla could do a slight curtsy, men can bow, it is enough to bow your head slightly.

It is no longer mandatory, but even the family members adhere to the "Order of Precedence", the rules of the protocol hierarchy.

If you've already bumped into the royal couple that day, you don't have to curtsey and bow again.

Under no circumstances do you shake hands with the couple.

Almost unthinkable since Corona: If the monarch shakes hands first, they can be gently shaken.

King Charles III

– Amazing pictures of his royal life

King Charles III

– Amazing pictures of his royal life

If it goes wrong, no one ends up in the tower - embarrassment should still be avoided

3. Correct form of address

First of all, anyone who meets a king or king's wife should remain silent until he is spoken to.

Then it's "His Majesty", Camilla accordingly "Her Majesty".

Once that's done, you're allowed to move on to "sir" and "ma'am," which is the common English short form of "madame."

4. No touching

It's rude to touch the king.

Not so easy if the British leader allows himself to be persuaded to take a photo together.

When posing for this, avoid any physical contact.

In the unlikely event that you are shook hands, there is of course an exception.

5. Not addressing politics or family

Nobility experts advise not to bring up political or otherwise explosive topics when talking to the king.

A small compliment is welcome, but effusive praise and personal remarks are inappropriate.

Especially at the table or over tea, it becomes obvious who has done their homework


If King Charles wants to dance with Motsi Mabuse during his visit to Germany, it will be difficult for them to comply with the protocol, because the royal should not actually be touched (photomontage).

© Christoph Hardt/Imago & Victoria Jones/dpa

6. Please at the table

Anyone who has the honor of being present at the state banquet in Berlin like Motsi Mabuse (41): only sit down after the royal couple has taken a seat.

Don't start eating until they start.

Remain seated at the table until the royal couple has left, mute or turn off cell phones.

No photos and of course no selfies or autograph requests during the meal.

The meal is finished when Charles III.

put the cutlery aside.

When drinking tea, the little finger is not spread out.

7. With your back to the king

It is no longer about hitting the door blindly and possibly stumbling into stumbling blocks, rather the rule means keeping up with a possible walk.

Don't walk around in front of the king and never turn your back on him, it's considered highly inappropriate.

8. Autographs and selfies

It is not a recommendation, but an official ban: the royal family is not allowed to give autographs.

This is intended to minimize the risk of signature forgery.

Charles and Co. therefore only ever sign official documents.

The royal family also generally rejects selfies – it is better to take a “real” photo of the royals.

9. Gifts

Who Charles III.

or Camilla wants to give something as a gift, should be aware that his gift could be made public.

Royal Collection experts oversee gifts, and Buckingham Palace publishes a yearly list of gifts received by members of the royal family.

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List of rubrics: © Christoph Hardt/Imago & Victoria Jones/dpa

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