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"Erase everything": the special power of the great Sabbath - voila! Judaism


The upcoming Shabbat, the last before Passover, is known to be very unique and has the ability to influence a person. In his lesson, Rabbi Yosiah Pinto explained the behind the scenes of the special Shabbat

Jews praying in the synagogue (Photo: ShutterStock)

The upcoming Sabbath is called "The Great Sabbath" because it is the Sabbath before Passover.

This Shabbat is known to be very unique and has the ability to influence a person.

In his lesson, Rabbi Yosiah Pinto explained the behind the scenes of the special Shabbat.

And so he said:

The power of the Great Shabbat to wipe out the bad habits and natures that man is enslaved to.

The upcoming Shabbat is called "The Great Shabbat."

So the Sages answer and explain to us like this, it is known that the Israelites were in Egypt for two hundred and ten years, the Israelites should have been in Egypt for four hundred years, but God reduced the time of slavery to two hundred and ten years, pain and slavery of four hundred years, God Almighty He pushed it for two hundred and ten years. At the end of the two hundred and ten years, the Israelites arrived at the gates of impurity, which was very dangerous.

Sages tell us that there are 12 zodiac signs against the months and the symbol of the month of Nissan is a ram, the Egyptians used to work for the ram which was their God, their foreign work.

The Egyptians consecrated the lamb to be their God, in contrast to the way we worship God, there are all kinds of peoples who work all kinds of idle foreign works, for the Egyptians it was a lamb because it is a symbol of the month of Nissan and is the head of the months, and they took it and worshiped it.

On the eve of the Holy Sabbath before the Redemption, G-d calls Moshe our Rabbi and tells him to go and tells all the children of Israel to take the lamb and tie it to the foot of the bed.

The Israelites who were slaves of the Egyptians risked themselves and took the lamb that was the God of the Egyptians without fear and tied it to the knees of the bed.

The firstborn were the priests of the Egyptians and were responsible for the foreign work on the lamb which was a symbol of the head of the months Nissan and the firstborn is the head of the family, therefore he was the rabbi and priest of that family to worship the lamb.

The firstborns came to the children of Israel and asked them what they were doing and why they were tying the lamb to the knees of the bed. The children of Israel answered the firstborns that G-d is about to redeem us and you first-borns are going to die. The first-borns heard this and fear entered them, they ran straight to their parents and told them that G-d is standing Kill them all and let's free the Israelites from Egypt.

The parents of the first born did not believe it, they were told that the children of Israel were their slaves and they were not freeing them.

The Egyptians had six hundred thousand firstborns, when they saw that the parents did not listen to them, they stood up and started fighting with their parents and killed them, and this is what we say in the prayer "to strike the Egyptians with their firstborns" (Tehilim Klu, 10) The firstborns beat the Egyptians and their parents.

On that Sabbath, all their faith and the concept of the Egyptians that their G-d is the lamb and the first-born are their priests and rabbis, fell and crashed in an instant.

The firstborn killed their parents and stopped believing in the lamb, in their foreign work.

After a few days there was a plague of firstborns and all these six hundred thousand firstborns all died, and the next day there was an exodus from Egypt.

On the great Shabbat a great foundation happened, something that the Egyptians believed in and sanctified with the greatest holiness collapsed and after it collapsed, came the great deliverance of the Israelites.

That's why the Great Shabbat has a great power to erase all superstitions, the unreal things that are inside a person.

We live in a world where every person dedicates something to himself, there is a person who dedicates money to himself, there is a person who dedicates to himself spells, there is a person who dedicates to himself the love of a certain thing, all the loves and things that a person dedicates to himself, there is power this coming Shabbat to erase everything from a person's heart.

Idolatry is not necessarily bowing down to a statue or the sun, Idolatry is when a person takes something foreign to God and enslaves himself to that thing.

A person who runs all his life after money and money for him like God, is called an idolater.

A person who gets up in the morning and lives lust, lives things that are not good and decent, for him this is foreign worship, a person's faith and connection in life should only be in G-d. The power of Shabbat Gadol is to erase from a person foreign work, the unreal thing that a person is enslaved to

. This year a person who is used to a certain thing finds it difficult to break away from it, day after day and the nature becomes stronger, the person becomes "the yoke of the idea" who enters into some idea and it becomes a burden on him and like a weight on his head weighing on his soul and it is difficult for him to break away from it because the habit has already become part and parcel of nature from the person and it is difficult for a person to free himself from such foreign jobs.

During the year to come to a person and tell him to stop the nature he is doing, to stop behaving this way and that, it is difficult for a person to detach from it even though he knows he is wrong and doing something bad, even though what he is doing will lead him to hell and a bad place, but it is difficult for him to detach.

The power on the coming Shabbat, the great Shabbat, to erase all kinds of passions and natures that man has become accustomed to during his life, to erase in one Shabbat.

David Berger, in collaboration with Shuba Israel

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