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A "divorce coach" reveals: the 10 signs that he is cheating on you - voila! Sheee


If your man has been acting strange lately and you're not sure why, consider that he might be cheating on you. We spoke to divorce coach Sarah Woodward - 10 things that might mean he's cheating

Divorce coach Sarah Woodward details the behaviors that, in her professional experience, can indicate that a man is cheating:

"There are several indications that the partner may be cheating. But of course, everyone should notice changes in their behavior and in the relationship in general, and above all, trust our gut feeling, which is right Often, and our stomach is known as our second brain."

She notes and continues, "Maybe it's not even something obvious, but you just know something is going on, and you notice subtle changes in behavior or even something you can't put your finger on. At the same time, just because you may have noticed one of the things on the list - don't jump to firm conclusions . It is better to consider all the data together - and reach responsible and serious conclusions based on your acquaintance with your partner."

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This text is written in the masculine, because statistically, men cover their tracks less well than women, and therefore are caught more, but it is addressed to the second the sexes equally :)

She is constantly on the phone, at odd hours (Photo: ShutterStock)

He dodges

If you and your partner are spending less time together, this may indicate that your partner is doing something else in their free time.

Sarah pointed out the warning signs that you should pay attention to: "Maybe you stopped doing things together, focusing on activities that you always enjoyed doing. Maybe he started going out with friends a lot, suddenly he has a new friend that you don't know that he spends time with all the time, or maybe suddenly He mentions the name of someone from work a little too many times, there are fewer expressions of love and affection and more falling asleep in another room."

He is getting dressed

According to Sarah, if your partner is suddenly more interested in his appearance and the way he dresses when in the past he barely looked in the mirror and grew a belly to glory, this can definitely be a red flag that can indicate a loyalty problem: "Maybe he spent a lot of money and bought new and fashionable clothes or just Different from his usual style, he is much more careful about how he dresses and takes more time to get ready - all this could mean he is trying to impress someone new."

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he is training

If your man shows a lot more interest in his body and suddenly goes to the gym a lot more than usual, this can also be an indication of cheating, especially if he joined a gym for the first time, worked out a lot more than usual, or hired a personal trainer.

If suddenly he is terribly worried about his weight and is careful about his diet in a really uncharacteristic way, when before he would not have given it a second thought, it is worth checking what is happening with him.

Excessive affection is also a sign (Photo: ShutterStock)

He is an excellent worker

If your rather lazy partner has suddenly started working longer hours and going on 'work' trips that were previously not part of his professional routine, this could indicate that something is going on behind the scenes, especially if there has been no change in his official role: "It feels like he doesn't want to Spend time at home. When he's at work you don't hear from him, and when you try he's always unavailable and has to get back to you. If for long periods, day or night, you can't reach him for no apparent reason, or you get a switched off phone when you try to call, worry. "

He follows

Not after you, after your movements - suddenly he wants to know what you do and when you do it, when you are at home, and most of all - when you are not at home.

According to the divorce coach, excessive interest in your schedule is often

another indicator that your partner may be putting someone else on his schedule: "There is a chance that he is trying to find out when you are away in order to plan at that time to meet without interruption with someone else while you are Not around, because it saves him the need to find excuses."

He is in the Shin Bet

Suddenly, for no apparent reason, the man you live with becomes a very secretive man.

If he is also mysterious, also hermetically connected to his phone and changed the password - something bad may be happening.

In general, when it comes to the phone habits of a cheating man, these, according to Sarah, are the signs you should be aware of: "Unlike before, he takes the phone with him everywhere and when he is with you, he keeps it next to him or at most upside down on the table. In addition, if he receives Conversations at odd hours and going out to talk - it doesn't look good."

It is diverse

This boring guy who is not even willing to check an option for a new position, suddenly became bold, wants to diversify, and in general, suddenly feels different to you in bed.

Broadly speaking, if there is a change in your sex life - in frequency, form, intensity, and even unusual overinvestment - this may be a problem: "If you had an active sex life in the past that has decreased recently, or your partner shows no sexual interest in you and makes strange excuses, and even if a son The couple suddenly wants more sex and becomes more adventurous."

Strange charges at the bank? (Photo: ShutterStock)

He is a spendthrift

Whether you're dating a chronic miser or a man with a light hand on the wallet, a new romance is sure to change his spending habits one way or another.

So especially if his expenses seem unusual or strange, or even come to your attention only by chance - worry.

If he spends more or differently than usual, and he doesn't have a satisfactory explanation for it, maybe you should start asking questions, because according to Sarah, this "could be a sign of more meals, buying gifts or paying for hotels in cash."

They are caught

By lies, I mean.

If you found out that your man lied to you, even if you caught him in a seemingly insignificant lie, it could be a sign that he is lying about other things, and also that he is unfaithful.

Sarah explains: "Sometimes to cover up the betrayal, people spin explanations that extend beyond the specific moment in which the betrayal takes place, and will give much more details than is necessary to try and make strange stories believable. These complicated lies can bring them down. So if the explanations don't resonate with you, and when you asked you got A defensive and angry reaction, try to check if it's an authentic reaction, or if he's just gaslighting you to convince you that it's all in your head."

He compensates

According to Sarah, if your man is putting more effort into you than ever, even if it's fun, it can be a bad sign.

The trainer explains that the affection can also be genuine "It may be that he showers you with more attention than usual, helps more with the housework, or suddenly buys you flowers and gifts for no reason - perhaps it stems from feelings of guilt. By the way, even if the guilt and regret are real, and perhaps implying that Being on the sidelines is already over - if the display of affection is a significant change in his usual behavior, that's a red flag."

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