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For 30,000 shekels, Esi and Adi Bozaglo will teach you about relationships - voila! Sheee


Esi and Adi Bozaglo enter the field of lectures and put on a joint show that will discuss their relationship, under the slogan "It's easy to break up a relationship, we chose to fight for it"

There are many insecurities in my life - my rent, the legal system, knowing if a certain road is going to be blocked... but one thing is for sure - the boozeglass will always be there.

On their TV show, on Instagram, in various reality shows, in interviews with the media, at free parties for Ukrainians... like the Kardashians, the Bozglos also understood the method - everything can and should be talked about, no matter how silly or esoteric, provided that you can issue an invoice for it later.

The new move from the house of Adi Vasi Bozaglu, the second couple in line for the yellow royal crown, who informed us that after the reality shows and the plastic surgeries, they are going to put on a joint show.

No, not dance, not even comedy - a show called "Couple Therapy", whose subtitle is "Breaking up a relationship is easy. We chose to fight for it" and in which they promise to reveal the hidden secrets of their relationship.

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A post shared by Asi Buzaglo (@asi_buzaglo)

The show is not yet available to the general public but only for private events for the meager sum of NIS 30,000.

Just like Beyoncé, only that instead of making the audience dance, they will talk about how they have been together since the age of 16 and despite rumors of betrayals and separations decided that being together is simply more profitable.

Oh, and there's also 15 minutes for questions at the end.

I don't know what will be in the show and if it's going to be interesting or new to anyone, but it seems like a logical step for a family where everything has a price tag.

Especially if you internalized the message of the Kardashians, who taught us that there are things that shouldn't be done for money, but everything can be done for a lot of money.

Still, I admit it's a step that makes me a little itchy.

First of all - because none of us buys the fact that this is a mega healthy and super happy relationship.

Yes, it could be that these two found themselves again, fell in love and decided that from now on everything will be roses, roses and changing diapers.

It can happen - couples who go through difficulties and crises, in many cases manage to come out stronger.

But the thing with such couples is that by investing in it, this partnership becomes so sacred and important that the last thing they will do, certainly after being burned in the past, is to open it to the general public, under the guidance of Tzachi Kuma.

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A post shared by Asi Buzaglo (@asi_buzaglo)

Ask any Hollywood couple and they will tell you that public relationships are a recipe for problems, that love is always better and more felt when it is intimate, and that aggressively butchering a relationship in front of thousands or tens of thousands of people is anything but a fast train to the golden wedding.

Basically, it just smells like they are looking for a new way to make money.

As if they said to themselves - if we manage to sell party tickets, books, drinks, petticoats and good breath pages, why not let followers pay for our "truth" as well?

Everything is for sale anyway, so why not the couple?

And besides - who exactly are Assi and Adi Bozgalo, to teach someone about relationships?

Did they learn anything?

Graduated with a degree in psychology, received a certificate in couples therapy, or at least a printed 4A page that proves they took a workshop at a coaching school?


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A post shared by Asi Buzaglo (@asi_buzaglo)

For me they are just two people who met at the age of 16 and decided to stay together despite many, many problems.

With all due respect to them, it really does not mean that these two have a good relationship with mutual respect, understanding, inclusion and equality.

It could be yes, but it could also be that they are just two insecure people who were just afraid to break up.

The bottom line is that even though we're used to seeing it in coaches, parenting guides, and sexuality counselors, the fact that someone has had some kind of experience doesn't automatically make them an expert in the field.

This hacking, which allows anyone to sell us a workshop, course or lecture just because of the combination of personal experience and followers, is problematic, to say the least.

The right to touch people's souls and give advice in sensitive areas should come with a lot of therapeutic experience, and especially a lot of humility.

Although we all want to hear and see yellow and know what goes on inside the underwear of the famous, the pretense of "teaching" people based on this experience and nothing else, is slanderous and unethical.

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