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Bar is not to blame: the reason why you have a hard time with the sexuality of "mothers of children" - voila! Sheee


"The complaints and retorts Shev Refaeli receives in this post, all of which are against a background of puritanical conduct, are the clearest proof of what is happening beneath her - borderline semi-pedophilic eroticism"

Like every person, of course I also sometimes read the comments and grievances that end with the word "shame."

- with the period after the word, in order to emphasize the level of justification of the writer of the words and the strength of the righteousness behind it.

The web is so full of those that it is not clear how Twitter and Meta have not yet issued a special template for those who click, so that they can save themselves work, and also us heartache, for the simple reason that sometimes we just fall for these gossips without knowing what they entail, and are drawn into a rabbit hole that is all "disgusting" !".

"Horrible and terrible", "She lost a follower!", and my favorite of all "Mother in Israel. Shame".

What all posts of this type have in common is not necessarily their adherence to all the details of the events they are criticizing, and certainly not a balanced view of reality, but a blind rage - the kind that only fools have - so stupid that they have not yet learned to deal with any situation in life without To apply to her some demagogic and deliberate flattening of the subject they are discussing at that moment, with one goal - to get a bitter like from the inferiority complex that share a worldview with them.

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A post shared by Bar Refaeli (@barrefaeli)

And this time - the sexuality of women who are also mothers.

Judging by the reactions Bar Refaeli received about the swimsuit, this is "disgusting" and should take place in the privacy of a bedroom covered in cobwebs, if at all.

Even sitting in the bathtub with your child is no longer possible without a whole herd of lunatics flooding your feed with parenting criticisms, as if who would hear what happened.

What else is forbidden according to the "recent storms on the net?

Eden Ben Zaken wore a bikini when her child was in the picture, Michal Ansky fed the child in a bodysuit, Adele looked good in a campaign immediately after giving birth, and now Bar Refaeli is modeling a bikini from her vacation abroad in a story, and the child even It wasn't in the prime - nor in a nearby mikvah - she just has children, at home or somewhere in the world.

So she has to hide behind huge clothes and belly fat, and if she's really a good mother, she has to cut off her clitoris.

And no matter what - she must not look sexy or, God forbid, be sexual in the public space after the age of 20.

Does it make sense to you that women with perfect bodies in bikinis, who also happen to have families, cause such deep public outrage?

What happened, a mother of children (which means she passed the age of 15 and a half) can no longer be sexy?

Only little girls, as innocent as possible, gaping and smooth are you willing to imagine as a sexual being?

Is there anything you find less sexy than women who have reached full adulthood?

You guys are so fucked up, my mom.

What is most embarrassing is that the complaints and retorts Shev Refaeli receives in this post, all of which are against the background of puritanical behavior, are the clearest proof of what is going on underneath - a very borderline semi-pedophilic horniness that you try to ignore its existence, and of course an automatic tendency to belittle and objectify women - the first time as an object for sexual use , a second time as a womb and a third time as a worn-out housekeeper - the one who comes home to snuggle next to her on the sofa, and that's all, until death do you part, inshallah.

Adele Besplov (photo: screenshot, Facebook)

Every time it amazes me that there are still so many people who think of women in such a narrow and stupid way.

Although maybe I'm the problem.

After all, there are also people who think that all Arabs are murderers, that all gays are deviant, that Bibi is telling the truth this time, and that Ben Gabir is a legitimate minister and not a dirty dad joke that the eighties forgot behind.

After all, what's the wonder that people can't bear in their small brains such complexities as the understanding that sexuality does not contradict motherhood, and that women have a few more things besides a pleasant smile, erect nipples, and a tendency to bursts of crying?

But don't worry, in the state of Judah there will be no place for this nonsense, so there is no need to change.

Now it's really a waste of effort.

The detached iceberg you live on has already started sailing towards the wilderness, away from other civilizations that might disturb you.

Everything is fine, continue to vote as you have always voted, and think that doing the same action over and over again will bring different results, which is the definition of insanity.

And that's what Einstein said, not me.

He was smart, and also a really reasonable guy, so they say.

Ashkenazi, by the way.

This also happens.

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