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Everything you need to know before a date with an Aquarius - voila! Spirit and horoscope


The tarot cards do not only represent lessons and messages - but also types, character patterns and personalities. Today we would like to check how it feels to go on a date with Aquarius - the Queen of Swords

How to find a relationship with the help of 9 swords?

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The tarot cards do not only represent lessons and messages - but also types, character patterns and personalities.

Today we would like to check how it feels to go on a date with Aquarius, aka the Queen of Swords.

Let's remember that although the cards themselves have a certain gender, but because they are archetypes - we can all recognize in ourselves a bit of the King of Cups or a bit of the Queen of Swords for example.

So we set out to find out what it's like to date the Queen Mother.

What she likes, what she doesn't like, what will repel her or make her yours forever (hopefully).

Want to go out with her?

Here's what awaits you:

What type is she?


The Queen of Swords is the first of all "Wow" and why?

Because she is not the usual, pious, modest and polite female type.

She is a force to be recognized.

She can definitely be quiet, pleasant and inviting.

But she is sharp as a razor, intelligent and intellectual and she "cuts to the core" in life.

She is smart, matter-of-fact and she may tend to immerse herself in work because she is so mesmerized by her work, and enjoys every moment of employment, but she definitely needs a warm and accommodating home in order not to overdo it and get sucked into work without control or limit.

It is possible that she will be a scientist, a psychologist, a programmer or a non-profit manager.

She is very passionate about social issues and social justice and she wants to fix the world - whether through progress and technology or changing the face of society.

What is she looking for in a boyfriend or partner?

She is first of all looking for an independent person with his own original and personal thinking.

She is indeed a strong woman but she is looking for a partner and not someone who will chase her.

She wants an independent guy, with ambitions and a cohesive inner world.

Second thing that is mandatory - a good heart.

Caring, empathy, ability to empathize and consider.

This can be expressed in giving to others, but this is absolutely not mandatory.

For her, small gestures are the main thing: a man who remembers that his partner has a hard time getting up in the morning, and sets a clock for her, or brings her coffee to bed every now and then.

Someone who remembers birthdays, who respects his parents and helps his friends in times of need - a guy who cares - that's what she's looking for, and why?

She wants a life partner.

Someone who can be there in hard and easy, beautiful and rainy times.

Internal spine and values ​​- are mast.

She also needs (among us) someone who can argue with her and be a help against her.

Not everything has to go her way, and it's good that she learns to compromise a little.

Aquarius (Photo: Naama Mendelbaum)

how is she on a date

Sharp as a razor even on dates.

Of course she will be nice and welcoming.

But she can be quite direct - "Hi, very pleasant, how's the coffee. Delicious? Do you want a family and children? How soon do you see yourself closing the basta? What are your shortcomings? Do you snore?".

Or in other words, if you want to go out with her you should prepare for some direct bombardments of questions and requests to get information, data and personality graphs.

But it will be worth it.

She is so nice, and interesting and self-confident, that you can't interpret it as "desperation", only as a call for order, and a gentle demand - please don't waste the Queen's time for nothing.

What to watch out for?

You should be careful of extreme insensitivity to social values.

She does not like manifestations of malice and intolerance.

And if other "queens" forgive it or turn a blind eye to small signs, this queen sees everything including everything.

If you are not nice to the waiter?

You got points.

Are you not interested in the state of poverty?


Think only you and yourself exist in the world?

Please just don't start with her, because the date won't be fun at all.

in brief.

She wants a person with a heart, a person, someone who thinks about life - not only in terms of money.

Why do you need her?

Because she is a very serious queen and not only in work matters.

If she sometimes drowns in work and volunteering, everything is dwarfed in comparison to her enormous care, the sparkle in her eyes, the smart and funny conversations with her, and her personal investment in your well-being.

It will push you forward, maybe you will even finally find your calling or the meaning of life itself.

Maybe you will start to see how your productivity increases and you are suddenly much more sociable and caring and helpful to the world.

She will never dump you just like that because she will be bored, she is a very reliable and very sharp partner... You just have to remind her at seven in the evening to relax, close the computer, and have a quiet, funny and fun dinner together.

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The author is Mendelboim Sagi.

Director of the School of Personal Fulfillment, Tarot and Dreams, author of the bestseller "The Guide to Reading the Tarot Cards", deals in classical homeopathy, has 27 years of experience in studying and teaching courses and workshops on personal development, tarot and dreams.

Tarot cards and more - on Sagi's website.

"Sagi Mandelbaum | Personal empowerment, tarot and dreams" - Sagi's Instagram.

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