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The couple of Russian spies detained in Slovenia have had Argentine citizenship for a decade


Ludwig Gisch is the son of an Argentine. The children of the couple are from Buenos Aires.

Although they have been detained in Slovenia since December under the accusation of having spied on behalf of Russia's foreign intelligence service, in a case that was disclosed at the end of January,

Ludwig Gisch

and his wife

María Mayer Muños


Argentine citizens

, even though they were not born. here.

They are because the Government assumes that the entire family

actually has Argentine documents

, considered legal here.

Ludwig Gisch

has been a citizen for 11 years;

his wife makes 9.

María Mayer traveled frequently to promote her gallery Art Gallery 5´14


was obtained through procedures registered successively in the national offices where the DNI and passports granted by RENAPER are obtained.

But also, Ludwig's mother is Argentine,


learned from high sources, although neither her name nor whether she is alive or deceased could be established


Furthermore, the two small children of the couple

are Argentines

, from Buenos Aires, with ID and national passport.

They have a very local Castilian accent.

The four of them were based in the city of Buenos Aires, where they had different addresses, the last one was at O'Higgins 2191. There the neighbors remember them in many different ways, as published by



However, as the days go by and details of the passage of this couple become known, confusion grows about their true life, their true movements and about what the national authorities are going to do, especially with the children, who according to the British

newspaper The Guardian were handed over to the Slovenian social service.

Their names are preserved because they are minor.

The girl was born in CABA in 2013, and the boy in 2015


And according to The Guardian, which investigated the family's life after settling in Ljubljana, in 2017 - they came and went from here at the same time - the children played in the Slovenian garden and spoke in Spanish.

Passport of Ludwig Gisch.

As far as is known, Gisch was born in Namibia, in 1984, and

became an Argentine national in 2012.

He did the paperwork in CABA.

María, born according to the records in Greece, also in 1984, became

an Argentine national in 2014.

He has registered his work activities with the AFIP as

"Computer Services", 

as a self-employed person.

The couple's neighbors at 2191 O'Higgins, where they rented 9th D, with the boys -in the building where several Russian families live-, told this newspaper that Gisch went out every day formally dressed in pants, a

shirt , shoes and backpack like to work.

And that Mayer stayed at home taking care of the children, with whom he frequented the candy kiosk.

The woman has several entries in the records of work activities in Argentina but without registering any specific one.

It was

The Guardian

that revealed his supposed professional dedication to art.

In fact, she appears as the presumed director of the Art Gallery 5'14 set up in the capital of Slovenia.

She is like that, by the way, she appears on her Linkedin, and there also as a collector and art dealer.

And she defines herself as "passionate about the arts". 

Among government officials there is

a panic

to delve into this couple because it shows the weaknesses of the immigration system, entry, exit and obtaining documentation.

In the case of the Russians it is more than lax.

It was during the administrations of

Cristina Kirchner, Mauricio Macri and Alberto Fernández.

These are some of the profiles on the social networks of the Russian citizen detained in Slovenia, María Mayer Muños.

In fact, the case of the Russian pregnant women who come to have their children here, those who were stranded in Ezeiza and the warnings of the director of Migrations, Florencia Carignano, broke out


the Slovenian newspaper Delo published on January 30 the arrest of this couple with "false identification" and that "they posed as Latin American citizens", later it was detailed that they were Argentines.

According to the authorities, some 22,000 Russians came to Argentina in the context of the war in Ukraine and for various reasons.

According to the British press, there are informal talks with Moscow for the couple to be


for other Western detainees who are in prison in Russia.

That, for the sources, is to admit that they were spies, a charge that when facing trial in Slovenia can land them in prison for at least eight years.

The Guardian says the couple's case falls under what it calls an elite Russian spy ring known as "outlaws."

By the way, it was not established if they were really born in Namibia and Greece respectively or that is false.

And what was your initial contact, the reason, to provide your services collecting information around the world in the service of Moscow.

We will know?

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